Oz to Himitsu no Ai SS translations – Airu


The Sixth Key: The Great magician “Airu”
CV: Miyano Mamoru
Release Date: September 24

He uses all kinds of methods to get his hands on the thing he wants, and he holds a grudge against someone who offended him until he can do the same thing back. An extreme sis-con.

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Story 1 “The door of beginnings”

That dressing and that body…. You are a woman, right?
Of all colours… blue eyes… A colour that I hate.

Well, whatever. Raise your head.
……You wanted the key, huh?

Yes I know… Because I am the Great magician… And most likely, I will be able to tell you everything you want to know. But before that, there should be something that has to be done. That is, to clean up the rats. Even if it’s just one… I shall not allow it to infiltrate my castle.

By squeezing your neck like this…. I shall end it quickly. Continue reading