Rejet Shop trip

So what day was it yesterday? 27 August.  AKA FIFTH VOLUME RELEASES OF REJET CDs.

So my grandmother evicted me from her house after seeing all my Otaku stuff and I had to move out.

Just kidding. But it’s bound to happen. I decided to move out nearer the city (which means better internet, I guess?) I was unpacking stuff in my apartment until I went HECK IM GOING TO MY BABIES. And so, I took a trip down to Parco. You know, like going down to see a place before you decide to live there.

Before you read the rest, note that transportation in Japan is expensive, so really, you shouldn’t complain about shipping fees, since form where I lived to Osaka’s Rejet Shop, (only 30-40mins away) it cost me 1800yen (you can do your calculations). And I live in Japan, hello?  Continue reading