Otoko Yuukaku no Tsuyane~ CD Review

You thought that my next post would be about Code:Realize.

Wrong!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



Sorry. (・∀・)

The truth is I’m really tired of Code:Realize because it’s so draggy and felt like abandoning the game a few times. So I’ve been listening to Nojima Kenji as Kagerou talk me to sleep with lap pillow with his young sexy voice. I bought this CD in Tokyo as a ‘trial’ since I preordered the game after I saw its release date (Reverse Harem in the flower district, but of course!!!!) The game started as a keitai game, but it’s made its way to Vita with sexy voices like Kuroda Takaya, Okiayu Ryotarou and Nojima Kenji.

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