The Otogemer’s switch to Vita

To buy or not to buy: that is (was) the question.

Otoges on the PSP were sometimes a horror when the only button you pressed was O, O, O, O, O, O, O, until you went mad reading boring storylines and did OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Well, for Dialovers, you could press the v button as well, and for other games you could press the > button too, but it didn’t make much of a difference in the monotonous cow-chewing-grass kind of gameplay.

After seeing that Otomate was porting their new titles, pure leeches (people who’ve never bought a single game) and half-leeches (buy some, copy some) lamented the fact that they now have to buy a console AND the games.  So who plays Otome games? High school students and university students, mostly. Do we want to spend so much on our 2D men? Not really. Besides, the customs in certain countries slap on ridiculous prices for overseas goods due to corruption and other issues, so it’s understandable why we’d all rather have free stuff on the internet.  Continue reading