Satomi Hakkenden (Hachitama no Ki) – Review

My first Quinrose game. I’ve always wanted to play Alice, but their art somehow puts me off… you know, we pay so much for the games, it just sucks if the CG is something even I can draw. So putting aside my complaints for the first time, I’m playing Quinrose.

My favourite character? The heroine.


I saw her design and I was like “HELL YEAH! A COOL HEROINE!” Unfortunately, she becomes less cool in the CGs where she’s as tall as a 10 year-old kid and the guy is like some paedophile towering over her. BE REALISTIC, QUINROSE?!!


The heroine lives with her father in a small village and she has a dog. Since her mother brought her up as a boy under the impression that girls brought up as boys grow up healthy, she has lived as a boy for 16 years, learning swordfight and all that with two fo her childhood friends, Hamaji and Sousuke.


Hamaji on the left, is the adopted son of the village chief and Sousuke on the right, is the servant of that household. The three of them are good friends but take special care in their dealings with Shino, the heroine, because they know she’s a girl. Continue reading