Rejet’s new projects! 2015 Spring~Summer

YAY! THE AWAITED DAY! Wow, we have lots this time round. Nevermind that I missed out on the most important part of the Live Event because I was listening to prof talk about how society has changed, and annoyed people with my tweets :p, here’s what I feel about the new projects!

1- Disappointed that we only have one game and it’s a school theme. (That doesn’t mean to say I’m completely uninterested though) Mostly just disappointed that most of them are school-themed because that’s not up my alley.

2- VERY disappointed that Rejet is continuing to milk Margi#4 and Dialovers. Hmph.

3- Interested that we have many new seiyuus!

4- Going mad with excitement that we have a new Teikoku Star series, and Yoshino Hiroyuki is joining in on Lip On! Continue reading