Saisho de Saigo no Kiss ~ Sacrifice : Calmera CD Review Summary

(・_・;) ???????

Calmera = 友情エンド The only end where the heroine ends up alive.

Wait, what happened??? Now that we know just who on earth Calmera is, why are they all even dead? We know the reason why Calmera died but just how did the other guys die? Am I missing something here?!?!

How the heck did Calmera even create this world just for her? Through what powers? Is this world for anyone who dies or only people related to the heroine? And how did ‘he’ see through the eyes of the cat anyway?! In the first place, how is he even able to send a carriage to her home in real life since they are from the world of the dead? Someone tell me what’s going on.

Rather than revealing the mysteries, Calmera’s CD left me with more doubts and questions and to be honest, his story was nothing interesting at all. Is this their way of an April fool’s joke?!

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Rejet’s New CD Series: Sacrifice ~goodbye my virgin~ (2014~2015)

Whoa that was a helluva long title. (^_^;)  レジェさんの純粋愛の物語ですか。。。そうですか。そうですか?

Hello, it’s me again. I planned to do one title everyday but I think someone else has done the introductions for Criminale so you will not hear from me again till 14/15 August. What’s going on?

You’ll see. (・∀・)

So………. Not a very well-boding title for a fairytale-like story. But ‘Sacrifice’ appears to be some kind of group/place(?) rather than the verb of being a hero. And it’s going to be kind of sad: I hope my gut feel.

So the introductions state that it is a pure first love (Fairytale) story with the collaboration of RejetX YutakuII(Eguchi Takuya & Ono Yuuki) X Avex. The art looks like a children’s picture book! I remember seeing this artist somewhere before but I can’t remember at the moment m(__)m

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