Rejet Situation CD – Tokyo Cemetery Vol.1 – Karigai Beruno

Okay I didn’t expect to get so hyped about another series when I haven’t even finished Luciole, but Rejet, with their idols and diabolic mosquitoes is hit-or-miss, and this, is a HIT. 

I have 4 CDs, but hell yaaass I’m gonna buy the other 2.


This series has a very complicated setting, and it might be confusing for people if you hadn’t read through the CD jacket or read the website before, so I’ll do a short intro (which I also did on my master link page) here before going into the review!

Story: There is a “7th Division” in the police force, also known as the ‘Cemetery’ unit due to the special cases that they take on, and the fact that they often work late into the night. Despite being the daughter of the Superintendent General (some high-ranking dude in the police force), you have been assigned as a newbie to this strange unit…  Continue reading

Rejet’s new projects! 2015 Spring~Summer

YAY! THE AWAITED DAY! Wow, we have lots this time round. Nevermind that I missed out on the most important part of the Live Event because I was listening to prof talk about how society has changed, and annoyed people with my tweets :p, here’s what I feel about the new projects!

1- Disappointed that we only have one game and it’s a school theme. (That doesn’t mean to say I’m completely uninterested though) Mostly just disappointed that most of them are school-themed because that’s not up my alley.

2- VERY disappointed that Rejet is continuing to milk Margi#4 and Dialovers. Hmph.

3- Interested that we have many new seiyuus!

4- Going mad with excitement that we have a new Teikoku Star series, and Yoshino Hiroyuki is joining in on Lip On! Continue reading

Tsukiyasha – Reiga translations

Reiga. (*´艸`*) His personality and story is much more lovable than Kirinosuke, being the tsundere he is. He initially dislikes the heroine because of his identity as an Ainu and also because of his past with a human, so he feeds only on animal blood (boar, mostly). But he accidentally goes into a frenzy and sucks the heroine’s blood until she faints in an early part of the story and that’s where their friendship begins. He never bullies the heroine on purpose like Kirinosuke does, and shows interest in her as a woman unlike Kirinosuke.


I think I like Reiga’s chara charm the most, since little Kamui and him is nothing less than cute. Won’t be taking pictures of the CD jacket, since the inside is the same as Kirinosuke’s, and we don’t even get a back cover illustration… Nevertheless, this series seems to have its own personality and is a series worth supporting if you like Wafuu games and stories. Continue reading

Sacrifice ~ Goodbye my Virgin – Serikawa Yuki translations

Omatase~ Somehow this word reminds me of Pash who acted like an Onee in the Senjou no Waltz drama CD from the limited edition. Think i might post a short clip about that sometime soon. (Ishikawa Kaito’s a gem, really) Took me sometime to get started on typing out Rejet’s November CDs: I got lazy because I was replaying some old psp games. I’m gonna leave Code:Realize for New Years… since once I meet my family in Tokyo from this weekend to Christmas, everyone’s leaving the country or going to different prefectures after that, leaving me lonely with my 2D men. Sorry for that long ramble. People just get sad when it’s cold, and there’s nothing in the fridge except that can of alcohol that’s gonna make me even more hungry. I want hot, juicy, salty grilled chicken, like NAU


Them sparklies on the CD!! 

Like I mentioned in some previous post, the packaging and design for Sacrifice’s CD is gorgeous, coupled with the fact that there’s a Continue reading

Oz to Himitsu no Ai SS translations – Airu


The Sixth Key: The Great magician “Airu”
CV: Miyano Mamoru
Release Date: September 24

He uses all kinds of methods to get his hands on the thing he wants, and he holds a grudge against someone who offended him until he can do the same thing back. An extreme sis-con.

**I ask for a very simple thing, Credit if you use my translations on your website, whatever language it is in.**


Story 1 “The door of beginnings”

That dressing and that body…. You are a woman, right?
Of all colours… blue eyes… A colour that I hate.

Well, whatever. Raise your head.
……You wanted the key, huh?

Yes I know… Because I am the Great magician… And most likely, I will be able to tell you everything you want to know. But before that, there should be something that has to be done. That is, to clean up the rats. Even if it’s just one… I shall not allow it to infiltrate my castle.

By squeezing your neck like this…. I shall end it quickly. Continue reading

Rejet’s New CD Series: Sacrifice ~goodbye my virgin~ (2014~2015)

Whoa that was a helluva long title. (^_^;)  レジェさんの純粋愛の物語ですか。。。そうですか。そうですか?

Hello, it’s me again. I planned to do one title everyday but I think someone else has done the introductions for Criminale so you will not hear from me again till 14/15 August. What’s going on?

You’ll see. (・∀・)

So………. Not a very well-boding title for a fairytale-like story. But ‘Sacrifice’ appears to be some kind of group/place(?) rather than the verb of being a hero. And it’s going to be kind of sad: I hope my gut feel.

So the introductions state that it is a pure first love (Fairytale) story with the collaboration of RejetX YutakuII(Eguchi Takuya & Ono Yuuki) X Avex. The art looks like a children’s picture book! I remember seeing this artist somewhere before but I can’t remember at the moment m(__)m

Story:  Continue reading

Oz to Himitsu no Ai SS translations – Shian (Fourth key)


The Fourth Key: The utterly depraved scarecrow “Shian”
CV: Takahashi Naozumi
Release Date: July 23

When things don’t go well, he blames it all on others. When he starts worrying, he has a habit of going crazy and since he takes everything in a negative manner, he gets addicted to things easily. Blood brothers with Tenma.

His character design is my favourite along with Haruto’s, and what do you mean by utterly depraved?! (*´∀`*) (Gyaku Moe!!) Like TeiStar, July is my most awaited month since my two favourite characters from two series are out. And TakaNao is the perfect seiyuu for this character!

**I ask for a very simple thing, Credit Jyuuguchi if you use my translations on your website, whatever language it is in.**


Story 1 “The door of Beginnings” Continue reading

Soubou Sangokushi : Sho Katsu Riou translations

My thoughts about Sho’s track. It’s ecchi. Seriously. Nothing short of R18. I swear. Though it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t understand Japanese… since all you’ll understand are the chu~chu sounds. And my favourite line from hi track is…. “What suits the both of us is not walking under the sunlight together…. But holding breaths in the darkness and entangling ourselves…” It seems so dark and sad.

Please buy a copy of the CD to enjoy it! They are available on a variety of websites including Amazon, Animate Online Shop and other international stores.


The story opens with Sho (Sho Katsu Riou) narrating how the emperor lost his place of power since the whole country was undergoing a period of war, and many Generals aimed to be the next emperor whether they were famous or not. Many of them failed or were assassinated or died from illness. Sho says he admires them since whether they lived a short life or not, they saw dreams and shone brightly. He then says he can’t fight and wonder what he should dream about, and that called ‘the sleeping dragon’, he wonders will he really live sleeping. But one day, a dream appeared in front of him….. Continue reading