Rejet’s New CD Series: Sacrifice ~goodbye my virgin~ (2014~2015)

Whoa that was a helluva long title. (^_^;)  レジェさんの純粋愛の物語ですか。。。そうですか。そうですか?

Hello, it’s me again. I planned to do one title everyday but I think someone else has done the introductions for Criminale so you will not hear from me again till 14/15 August. What’s going on?

You’ll see. (・∀・)

So………. Not a very well-boding title for a fairytale-like story. But ‘Sacrifice’ appears to be some kind of group/place(?) rather than the verb of being a hero. And it’s going to be kind of sad: I hope my gut feel.

So the introductions state that it is a pure first love (Fairytale) story with the collaboration of RejetX YutakuII(Eguchi Takuya & Ono Yuuki) X Avex. The art looks like a children’s picture book! I remember seeing this artist somewhere before but I can’t remember at the moment m(__)m

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Rejet’s new CD series! Ookami Kun’chi (2014~2015)

Hmm-?! Ikebukuro and a mysterious mansion! Kuroyuki’s art! Wolves!

Do we sense something mildly yabai?!

Before I type anything else, the tokutens are also mini charms for this series! I suspect it will be the wolf versions…

Don’t you want it? ゚(゚´ω`゚)゚。

The CDs are available on a variety of websites that do international shipping, so do buy one of the character you’re interested in to support the Seiyuu and all those involved in making the CDs!


“We gather together for survival because we know the painfulness of living. That is why, holding the pride of having allies, we move forward no matter how much liabilities we have.” Continue reading