Rejet X Smart Review チラ見せ

To be blunt, it was nothing great despite all the hype they gave it. I’ve never criticised any rejet product before since they have always been rather innovative with their projects. The only other thing I didn’t like was them (my thinking, at least) going “Ooh, look, our teistar stuff is selling well, let’s resell bws, since they are by the same artist, and even so, the limited version only!!” But I was kinda Oh, okay. Just use the money to make more good stuff…. Which they did… coming up with  interesting new series.

I’d recommend it to hardcore KENN fans (you’d be sure KENN’s company had some part to play in this), margi4 fans and those who have money to spare, but my friends who’ve bought it are all lamenting over the contents. For a start, I thought we would have some KgK and dialovers in it. But, we got nothing about dialovers other than the cover. And KgK was one pin-up poster which we’ve already seen.
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