Rejet’s new CD series! Tsukiyasha (2014~2015)

Here it comes…. Fantastical + Dummy head mic + Double CD. What are we going to expect? Something similar to Oz, Teistar and Sangokushi, no doubt. And did you say ‘vampiric’? All right, no further guessing is needed. It’s dialovers in a different setting.



The headline is: “For the sake of survival, we suck (blood). That wound is proof of our love…”

**Skit (rejet online shop) tokutens are mini charms for each CD! Rejet shop’s a bookmark.. Though I doubt many can go down to the physical store.. But the CD is available on a variety of websites that do international shipping, such as Amazon, so do buy a copy to support the Seiyuus and makers of the CD!


It is the time of Meiji, right smack in the middle of overlapping cultures. It has been after the Boshin war and Goryokaku war, and as Continue reading