Toki no Kizuna [Sekighara Kitan]

Demons and humans do not live in peace. The heroine (suzumori) is a protector of a princess yashahime which is the central of the 10 demon clans. The heroine herself comes from one of the 10 demon clans and is the head of the clan but was brought up by 3 random Jiis. One day yashahime calls for all the heads to assemble and there. While investigating the barrier they set up to prevent weirdoes form entering in, Suzumori encounters 2 heads, Kazuya and Chitose. Both are apparently very good with the sword. She learns that one does not give your surname unless you trust them.  Then later she meets Kazutake and Shin in the meeting place. Shin is apparently worshipped as God by the humans and Kazutake is looked upon as the next big head of the oni clans. That’s the basic story.

First up, the heroine. I like strong women and historical stuff which is why I even played Continue reading