Tsukiyasha’s differences from Dialovers & Misao review

Ok I didn’t plan to do translations or a review for this, but I received some funny emails over the weekend and thought I should redress Misao’s grievances (‘◇’)ゞ I’m sorry if this may seem a little challenging or even rude, but I promise I intend to offend in no way. Instead of responding to every email, I’ll just type a post here and take a breather from Hyakka Yakou. I’d wanted to save this for Vol.6, Hayato’s CD, but it seems like  clearing things up now will be better.

1) Misao is NOT a bisexual. 

In the otome industry, there’s either homosexual(for the fujoshi) or straight guys for the otomes. Producers will be highly afraid to introduce a bisexual into otome games and CDs, unless he’s an Onee who discovers his male hormones work better when Continue reading