Tsukiyasha – Yashiro Hayato CD summary review

A must buy. Stop drinking Starbucks or eating TrashDonalds and BUY HAYATO’S CD!!! *Beware of Jyuuguchi in extreme hysteria mode in the track summaries because Hayato has triggered her Moe.* ( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`) 隼人やべえ可愛い

Hayato is such a cutie! I actually teared up in the later half of his story @_@ If you follow my twitter, I was bouncing with excitement when his CD jacket and voice samples were released because he seems like the nicest Yasha out of all the rest of them, and he is. He calls her ‘Ojou’ which is something like ‘milady’ and he says he really should call her Hime (princess) since she is so vital to the Yasha for her blood. He makes her food and helps her kill bugs though he hates them (lol gap moe?) and though his story also follows the ‘I gave up X mission for my love’, his story plays out with more emotion than Gento’s and I loved the sound of his Geta in the walking scenes (・∀・) Misao complained about the idiocy of standing out with shoes like that when Yasha are supposed to avoid human attention as much as possible, but Hayato’s design does reflect his upbringing and lively character. His hatred for Misao is not only because of their polar characters but because of the way they lived their lives before they assembled at Reimeikan. Continue reading

Tsukiyasha – Reiga translations

Reiga. (*´艸`*) His personality and story is much more lovable than Kirinosuke, being the tsundere he is. He initially dislikes the heroine because of his identity as an Ainu and also because of his past with a human, so he feeds only on animal blood (boar, mostly). But he accidentally goes into a frenzy and sucks the heroine’s blood until she faints in an early part of the story and that’s where their friendship begins. He never bullies the heroine on purpose like Kirinosuke does, and shows interest in her as a woman unlike Kirinosuke.


I think I like Reiga’s chara charm the most, since little Kamui and him is nothing less than cute. Won’t be taking pictures of the CD jacket, since the inside is the same as Kirinosuke’s, and we don’t even get a back cover illustration… Nevertheless, this series seems to have its own personality and is a series worth supporting if you like Wafuu games and stories. Continue reading

Rejet/Animate Shop trip

It is weird when you chance into people at Rejet buying Wasurenagusa / Teistar / some other not so innocent series and both are trying not to meet each other’s eyes.

*rule of thumb* do not peek into fellow otome gamer/ cd lover’s shopping basket.


Today’s the long awaited, 29 of October!!!

Here’s another post about my trip to get the CDs we love.

I first stopped at Animate to peek at the lineup.

IMG_1984 Continue reading