Rejet’s new projects autumn~spring – Rage post

Oh lookie!~ It’s Rejet again yay! Wow, so many new series, I’m sooooo~ impressed, ufufufu, ahahaha!

Truth is, I completely forgot about Rejet until I saw my twitter flooded with it after my part-time job. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Rejet is no longer worth supporting. Yes no longer worth supporting. I said it twice! Reasons being:

  1. The hired artists are getting dull
  2. Continued milking of idols, diabo, ayakashi, <whatever else they can milk>
  3. No effort to hire new seiyuus because everything has become seiyuu fanservice and they don’t give a shit.

Even so, let’s take a look at the new series. (so we all can laugh at its lameness!)

1. Icchibanketsu [Web browser game]


Oh look who copied Touken Ranbu!~~ How original is Rejet?!

**Having one of the illustrators as Teita is not gonna make me interested, sorry! Besides, I don’t see the appeal of a web browser game that has uneven art – someone tell me why anyone would like that.

Didn’t even bother looking up the website.

2) Midnight Jiang Shi [CD series]


W.T.F Now they’re into Chinese vampires? Jiang Shi is what they call vampires in Chinese. And Kyon Shi in the Japanese reading of Cantonese (if my memory serves me right) Give me a break. It’s obviously a rip-off of Satoi’s art and diabolik concept. 


The trembling, shining neon design on the website makes my hate for this series worse. Hate for all vampires eternal worse.

3) Wa ga Te no Hira de Nemure – Occultic Lovers [CD series]


Ahh okay~ this isn’t too bad since I like ayakashi-related ideas, but the colour scheme would have suited a Teikoku or Meiji theme better, and I’m pretty sure Rejet saw the success of their YuuGen Romantica and tried to get close.

Double CDs. Does that mean we can expect more for depth and story progression? Not anymore since I how shitty Lacrimosa turned out. In my opinion, Yuugen had it’s merits but was a shallow story for high-school girls.

Would’ve bought at least one CD if they made effort to bring in new seiyuus, but nope. Rejet is dead on this aspect so I’m not going to buy any CDs from them.

If I’m not wrong, this art looks like the one from Vamwolf Cross

4) Paradise Whisper [CD series]

paradise whisper

Some idol shit. Because their zenryoku shounen toriai series did well? The artist is back again for more, good for her.

Everyone wants to be the girlfriend of an idol huh?! No I don’t give a damn.

5) Dear Vocalist [CD series]


Somemore idol shit?! Yay ohmygah, let’s save dat dying band! Heroine is supposed to support the band who are told they only have a last song to sing. Reminds me of some shitty game I played recently called Root Rexx.

Artist of Wasurenagusa and Alice=Alice. Now, can you guess how many are going to buy this simply for it’s art?

Talking about suou sensei’s art, I’m excited for Bad Apple Wars! Yay!

6) Honey Liar [CD series]


The first thing that caught my eye is the guy on the right, because he looks like the criminal from Lanpo Kitan anime currently airing, really interesting crime anime! He’s the only interesting fella in this series.

The heroine is forced to be the fake lover of some elite guy. What’s this? 3rd rate shoujo manga that gets cancelled on after 2 shots? haha.

7) Criminale F (2nd series) [CD series]


For this Criminale fandisc, they added 2 new guys to what I would call a ‘little better than average’ CD series. And one of them has been erased to create curiosity, I’m sure.

Well who cares!

8) Happy Sugar Idol [CD series]


A fandisc series from Happy Sugar Darlin’. With 2 new guys and mero’s cute art.

I did like this series, so I’m alright with it getting milked (But I won’t be buying it. I didn’t even buy Teikoku Star’s fandisc!) But oh wait. IDOLS AGAINNNNNNN?!

In addition to the above, Rejet’s new PSV game, ‘MoshiKami’ has announced their cast. A disappointing cast that is already everywhere in the CD series. Depending on more information, I’m 70% sure I won’t be playing it.

Rejet’s glory is long gone. BWS and KengaKimi was one of the best VN creations but Rejet has gone to the masses by feeding titilation-craved fangirls their Do.S, blood-suckers and idol fetishes. What happened to you, really? Maybe they will get better, but until they do, I’m staying away from them.

Goodbye Rejet. 

31 thoughts on “Rejet’s new projects autumn~spring – Rage post

  1. Waah, jyuuguchi is being quite harsh (^◇^;) but wait wait…*looks at the cast for each series*… SHIMONO IS BEING IN ALMOST EVERYTHING WTH STOP IT DUDE, OK I’L SUPPORT YOU AS A SEIYUU BUT MAKE ME MISS YOU. IM VERY CLOSE TO GET BORED OF YOUR VOICE!!
    … Yea cant blame you then σ(^_^;) please go ahead and rage as much as you want XD
    oh but about happy sugar idol, the first series DID mention the idol thingy, but I expected a game tbh but whatever. I still like satu tho and dont mind having more 😁
    Im almost fed up with vampires stuff >.> *whispers to oneself* is dialovers endless? (Dialovers fans dont attack me please XD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha hey Hend!

      Oh the rage! I expected more from Rejet but nah, they’re history now. Absolutely. Toriumi, Midorikawa, Shimono and Kaji are everywhere and I really couldn’t care less!

      DiaMosquitoes definitely endless. As long as people continue to buy it, they will keep producing this trash. Sad to say!


      • Heyaa
        Yeaah gotta admit, when they were announcing, I was really excited to see new series and so, but when I read the details about the cast and so, I was pretty disappointed ): I remember complaing about this to a friend waay before (about 2 series ago? I think) i was like ugh he’s in everything, I cant even imagine the current story without remembering his previous work (ーー; )
        I swear the first thing that popped into my head was ‘touken ranbu?’ When I saw the PV for that game so yea I feel you XD
        … tho can’t complain about midorin and naonii since im fairly biased XD
        But tbh, most of the work are, as you said, fan-service products (including me at some parts and excluding at others)

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  2. Just want to ask is if it true about Ken ga Kimi getting a sequel along with new duet songs?
    I don’t see how it would work…


  3. As a dialovers fan I am partially excited over the new dialovers stuff but I can CLEARLY see rejet is running outta ideas to make music or to milk the series.

    For rejet’s new other series, I particularly don’t like the continuous idol trope that they use to promote their stuff or maybe even an excuse to make more music. It even looks like they’re trying to beat Utapri desperately with the continuous idol tropes appearing. Also more vampires. I really had enough of their continuous addition of new vampires for more Do-s fun which is meh. Seiyuu cast wise is obviously boring the hell outta me as they keep using the same people over and over again without giving a damn, and good for me, I don’t like any of them! For me, I guess will be only following the fandisks cuz they were at least good.

    PS. Dear Vocalist art is by Suou-sensei, not 35 sensei.


  4. LOL, nice one, my bro! They’re all killing me but I’d say that Mitsukoi (Honey) Liar!? defies belief. All Rejet needs to do to lose my respect 100% is to make Vampire High School Idol Ayakashi CD series…


  5. I don’t find myself becoming excited by drama cds anymore and that’s sad. There are so many rehashed plots and tired premises, the same seiyuus over and over, too many unnecessary sequels…aside from a few gems they tend to blend in together.

    Is it strange that I think that a lot of r18 drama cds nowadays are starting to have more creative premises (ex.Aigan Ningyou series,Jooubachi no Oubou) than the more vanilla cds? I think that companies like Rejet could learn from them!


    • I think Rejet is trying to market themselves in a different way from all the other non R18 companies by having Do.S sexy high school boys as their selling point. Honeybee goes for really seishun stuff and Otomate for sweet love. The problem then, is how they forget to create new themes to do what they need to. Because all they have in mind now is fanservice and not originality.

      Absolutely! R18s are taking on lots of darker themes, but then again, R18s are also just all for the sexy time so I don’t want to be involved in that either. Bygone days of creativity!


  6. ….when I said I kind of wished good stuff would stop coming out to save my wallet, I didn’t mean like this. I’m pretty disappointed with this line-up as well. I feel like a lot of their recent series had potential but didn’t meet my expectations, but this is just so unoriginal. So instead of just milking the same series they’re making new ones that are so similar that I’ll probably forget they ever existed.

    The idol and vampire thing was kind of cool when it first came out. When I saw it a second or third time I was like, well, this is still okay, but any time after that I’m just way over it. There are so many other things they could work with. This is like when I first got into otome gaming and just saw Alice this, Alice that everywhere.


    • Ahaha how true Sena! Though my wallet is still not getting saved because of overspending on other things in preparation for work life 😭
      Yeah the Otome world is full of rewriting but that’s a Japanese style of handling concepts so we can hardly blame them for that. But still!!


      • Hahahaha. Mine isn’t either actually because I have a lot of “catch up” purchases I make when I haven’t bought new things in a while…aaaaah work life. Work clothes alone can be quite pricey.

        This is true. I don’t mind rewriting of certain things but not when it’s overdone…like there’s only so much rewriting I can handle.


  7. Wow that’s very depressing, considering how a few years ago so many people really liked Rejet cause it was thinking outside the box and doing really good things. Why aren’t they giving new seiyuu a chance? Nobody wants to get more of the same character type voiced by the same seiyuu across series. Welp, at least you know you are saving money 😀


  8. Lol well they gotta milk what sells! I laughed at the Chinese vampires. The whole Shang Hai china premise seemed cool until the vampire then then I LoL’ed. Honestly I don’t care for drama cD series, I never really did so I only paid attention to their games. You’re right MoshiKami cast is totally same old ossans but I guess I’m one of those “Well I wanna see the same old shit bring it on” kind of people and I guess there’s enough of us to warrant them constantly recasting the same people over & over lol.

    That said though, ew Diabolik Rapists enough of that garbage lol. Shit was already bad after More Blood so I haven’t looked back after that fanfiction disaster.


    • Rofl yeah you should see those talismans on the character intro page. Seems like they did their research which is the only thing I can praise them for.

      Haha seems like you’ll be playing MoshiKami then? I’m absolutely sick of Rejet not even bothering to match the character type with the right voice. They’re just trying to slot as many Dialover cast as they can into the main characters. Meh.

      At least Otomate has a wide range of seiyuus rotated, and D3P (though poorly rated on their Vita games 😂) try hard at it. The only thing I’m sad I’ll miss is NamiDai in MoshiKami but Ill get to hear his sexy voice in RDF so all’s good 😏

      Rofl I don’t know why I ever played More Blood- I must have been possessed.


  9. Haha, apparently we had the same reasons… I didn’t watch the stream, but went to see what was announced and… It was the same as not having anything, tbh. I only got interested in Criminale F because of Hinocchi (not even going to lie) but tbh that’s it. I’m getting tired of all of this copy-paste, the seiyuus are always the same and even though I love a LOT many of them, it gets tiring because the characters for them usually follow the same archetypes or at least not a kind of character that would need a huge drastic change of acting… I may be wrong, but that’s the impression I got lately ;;
    Well, it was good when it lasted (BWS, TxM, KgK..) ;;


  10. My thoughts exactly. Did you watch Rejet Party (or whatever it’s called) online on their channel on Youtube? The songs sung there were really all just plain “kawaii” to the point I felt sick but man, as I kept on reading everyone’s comments there, everyone was sqealing. I live in Japan and I do like kawaii stuff but that’s a bit too much. I probably won’t be able to understand that part of Japanese culture as well as their unhealthy obsession with vampires and idols. Maybe if I were a high schooler I would have liked it but…. I’m turning 27 next week, and… NO.
    I think it’s 仕方ない. I’ve noticed that not only Rejet but other labels keep on milking similar themes. I mean, UtaPri and DiaLo are probably two most popular merchendises in Japan at the moment. Japanese girls love idols and vampires that turn them into masochists. But I guess this do-M wave started with BWS. But BWS is on a completely different level.
    Since I don’t have PS Vita (only PSP) I’m only looking forward to Karakurenai from Hana Awase (I haven’t played other Hana Awase games though) and Ayakashi Gohan continuation. Oh oh! Also that new game by the same artist. Blackish House but it’s still in the works.
    However, if I DID have a PS Vita I would definitely buy Fleurs (released right on my birthday, bastards), Himitsu no Oyayubi Hime (Karin never disappoints), Teikoku Kaigun Koi Hojou (still in works), and Sweet Clown for sure!!!
    As for returning games I’d buy Jyuuzaengi for PS Vita (There’s such a lovely spread with Sou Sou and Kan U in last month’s B’s Log <3)
    Oh and there's that R18 Yoshiwara -nani ka by Maria Clown.
    Maybe I should be saving money for PS Vita instead of buying B's Log every month though, lol.


    • Hey there!

      Nah~~ the last time I rushed home to watch it it was nothing spectacular, so I went for my Baito. Last season’s projects were still interesting in themselves, though not executed well, but this time it’s full of rubbish. I’ve been a Rejet fan since BWS, but no longer now.

      Well I think Dialovers started the Do.S trend, not BWS because BWS focused on the canon effect of one thing leading to another and the end was the tragedy of the wolves – Dialovers is the culprit that got all this nonsense started. Oh the rage!!! People start thinking seiyuus are their boyfriends and they just buy any shit that comes from Rejet. And Rejet knows it.

      Haha seems like we’re comrades who live in Japan and yet hate some of its guts! I’ll probably not be working here anyway after graduation next year. I’m not used to the sexist thought Japan still think they ought to keep. And because of this sexist thought, every fangirl wants a Do.S boyfriend!…… or so they thought. Meh. From my point of view (though I can’t say much since I basically grew up overseas) Japanese people are very quick to latch onto trends and the people who set these trends. They appreciate creativity but once something gets popular, they feel obligated to keep it. And they think that it’s feminine to rewrite and recreate from the same line of thought, which is why we get so much Alice in wonderland and harry potter magic stuff in the otome world (;´・ω・)

      But this reason is also why I really appreciate D3P’s efforts at making new stuff with new artists and less common seiyuus! (though they aren’t doing very well with their storylines and etc at the moment because they just broke out from their ios and androids :P) Otomate is also doing well, which is why they’re still the first choice for otome games. They do milk their shit, but they also take effort in creating new things like psychedelica, KLAP, ninkoi, jyuza, bad apple wars…. whatever, there’s something for everyone!

      Absolutely get a Vita! The graphics are so good, and recently most games in Gold category are all Vita, so if you don’t wanna miss the good games do get a Vita!(*´▽`*) And HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!


      • Ah, thanks! So are you basically Japanese or American or what? xD I’m studying here at a Japanese language school. Ah, yeah, those trends! I think that the Japanese are kinda victims of advertising. And the more people do/have it the more the reason for you to do the same. Which is the opposite from Western culture. Otomate is just super big, that’s why I guess people will continue buying stuff released by Otomate. And besides, it keeps milking Hakuouki! I love Hakuouki but not since Kazuki Yone left. I think I’ve become more interested in more adult-themed games. But ayakashi still remains my most favourite theme :3 But I jsut can’t come to love Rejet’s ayakashi.
        Oh, btw, do you know any stores that sell used Vita? Can I even buy a used Vita here?


      • haha Imma half, but as to what is the other half, I’ll leave it to your imagination 😀
        Yeah basically Japanese are very into what others tell them is good, which is not wrong sometimes, but can be lethal sometimes, including situational morality, and not wanting to ‘stick out’ which creates lots of problems for society in the end.

        The boring talk aside- Rejet’s ayakashi are all Do.S. Everything to them now is Do.S so forget about it haha. Used Vita…. you can probably get it in those electronic stores along the shopping districts in the neighbourhood, or try amazon japan or surugaya! If you live in Tokyo, you got the whole Akihabara to comb haha.


  11. Ahahahahahhahaha
    I thought Jiang Shi is zombie in chinese?
    I’m not really interested in most of the series but I’m only interested in Kennu lol


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