KLAP!! Kind Love And Punish – Otome Game Review

Review is finally here, complete with play video!

Of course, we all know why anyone would play this game. Whipping errant ayakashi boys into shape is such a new concept to all the Do.S lovers out there, I jumped on it immediately with one aim in mind, to get back at the otome world for producing trash like diabolik lovers. But whipping your 2D lover isn’t a new concept in itself. NipponIchi created Criminal Girls sometime ago with the same function to ‘punish’ the love interest. Though why is whipping girls Cero D and whipping (ayakashi) boys Cero C? Do I sense some sexism here?

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t as Do.M as I expected it to be and the ideas for the character routes themself were cliche, but integrated with ayakashi to make something new out of them. For most routes anyway. 


If you didn’t already know, KLAP is a rom-com wafuu modern fantasy. The heroine Koyomi ends up at an ayakashi school secluded far away from Tokyo because she is the descendant of strong onmyouji family, and has powers to see the application form for being a teacher at the UMA school.

The opening chapter was already silly in many ways and I remember rofl-ing and lulz-ing in the common chapters and also praising some of the sad writing in the character routes. Many themes thrown in there, but generally well done except for the execution of the routes themselves. The story felt kind of choppy – lack of time, lack of budget, whatever it was, there was no satisfactory depth to the game (like duh!). Random romance is a typical feature of otomate psvita games, so let’s just remind ourselves we were only there for the whipping.


And the occasional kisses, if I felt like it.

For ayakashi stories, I would’ve expected a ‘you’re human, I’m not so I will live way longer than you, can both of us take this pain’? kind of sadness but there was no mention of it at all. Rather, (all except for the cat demon and the colleague route) the ‘sadness’ parts were about the guy’s family background or parents not allowing them to be together or some random separation because he has to return to his land. This made me feel that the writing was inconsistent and definitely, I saw 3 similarities for 6 routes, so I will assume that 3 authors wrote 2 routes each.



The fact that the heroine was a teacher made the game appealing, but she stammers like the typical Otomate heroines so often that I almost rolled my eyes out of my eyeholes. At 23, she isn’t able to let things slide off her back. But her role isn’t to be cool and calm and realistic. Her role is to be silly and dramatic to fit in with the atmosphere of the game. She also apologises for having to make them suffer while whipping them. Fine by me then.

3 of the love interests were not very interesting, and their cliche storylines didn’t help me love them but they grew on me when they thanked me for whipping them up as they went berserk. Touma the tengu as the main guy and family man who strives to be the head of his clan, is the bad-boy who is actually a good-boy. Lots of cute scenes with him and he isn’t too bad as the main guy of this game.


There’s also Sousuke the yukionna with a backstory about his family separation and an irritating Kaji for once. Sousuke is pretty Do.S so I whipped him up really good whenever I got the chance. Akito the kappa, rich and flirtatious who decides to love only one was obviously the most boring route for me, since playboy routes never, ever work. But no one can deny how sexy Tachibana Shonnosuke voices his aans~ during the whipping.

After them we have Camil, a vampire who is actually scared of blood and has overcome garlic and crosses. No, actually his thirst for blood activates upon loving somebody and it happens 333 years after his birth and to a human at that. How convenient. Camil is also a gamer and is usually so not into the conversation people give up trying to make sense of what he says. It was disappointing that he turned out this way because I liked his character design the most.


He had plenty of potential to be that kuudere prince, but no, he is nothing like he looks. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Kanade is a cat demon, an ayakashi born from a dead cat with strong attachment to something at death. There’s so much I can praise about Okamoto Nobuhiko’s nyans~ and unyus~ but I remember more about the annoying bit about knowing that he wanted to get together with his reincarnated owner and she’s just staring him in the face everyday. Don’t irritate your readers like that please. It’s one thing when there’s a mystery and you’re dragging your readers to discover it and another when your readers already know whodunnit and the story isn’t concluding. When you go round with Kanade in the common route though, his cuteness makes for much enjoyment.


The other thing was him regressing into a mere cat and unable to communicate with his lover which was kind of sad, but Otomate style things happen where he poofs back into his ayakshi form overnight, only to live happily ever after. This route could have been better.


The best route was Shion’s route because we’ve never had a dating your colleague route before….. I think. Turns out, Shion isn’t your regular guy as well, and I really liked Sugita Tomokazu as Shion. I like Sugita anywhere anyway, but after playing Reine des Fleurs, he acts with a totally different voice. And yes, you get to beat this guy up as well. With a wad of money, no less. Shion’s story was heartwarming and bittersweet and I actually teared up a little. I’d say, leave him to the last for a nice aftertaste.

The common chapters became boring once you finished one route because the execution of the game made it so that you would have to play everything 6 times, which isn’t very appealing. Each short scenario with the guy of your choice in map selection could have been longer to give the game more depth it needed.


System / art /BG art:


Lovely start screen with the characters reading out the title, but not touch-responsive. The map parts and minigame parts are responsive though, and the entire makeup of the game is very colourful, almost graffiti-like for the school setting and really draws you into this strange world.


BG art was also really lovely, featuring the streets of common Japan but with twists here and there, made to fit the hundred-of-years-old ayakashi living with random daruma installations at streetlights and doors made to look like shrines everywhere. The place, if adapted into an onsen setting in real life would be so beautiful I’m sure it’d be an instant hit with all kinds of visitors local and foreign.

-nevermind my business schemes-

What’s there to complain about Yasutake sensei’s art? Nothing, but there were certain times I doubted the angles of the faces were drawn by him. CGs never seem to be drawn by the original artist sometimes. There were also a few Kabe-dons and Floor-dons and wedding CGs. Needless to say, there’s stripping for Akito’s route since all he ever thinks of is getting the heroine into his bed. Lol.



Not sure why it warranted a soundtrack album. The BGM was nothing fantastic. I really liked the OP and ED themes though. It’s so catchy I have to go “Oo-oo” everytime I sing along with the Op movie.


Final judgement : 3.5 stars

While the art and atmosphere of the game was novel in itself, and I think if expanded on would make a lovely wafuu+modern setting game, the cliches of love simulations made some parts of the story really boring. Of course, the mini game was the best thing about the game, but without it, this game would be as subpar as the rating I’ve given it. Unlike Ayakashi Gohan that also relies on ayakashi and a human heroine to make a love story, Ayakashi was much better in creating sadness for the couples.

But despite saying so, KLAP is a light-hearted game that fits its summer release and enjoyable while it lasts.

Now for the fun part. Enjoy 12 minutes of whipping. Try not to laugh.

24 thoughts on “KLAP!! Kind Love And Punish – Otome Game Review

  1. lmao you recorded yourself whipping them HAHA XDDD
    I shoulda done that but I didn’t know how I could hold my vita while holding a camera rofl

    aw too bad you didn’t like Kanade, he was totally my favorite lol oh well I have a weakness to cat related things


    • If there’s a minigame I tend to record them, unless the minigame is as long as Prince of Stride :p

      Oh Kanade was a cutie, but his story was so… 焦れたい!!!I really liked Shion’s story though. It was so sad at times…


  2. Your video of whipping the boys was probably one of my favorite minigame-recorded videos xD. I feel like I’m pretty satisfied being able to watch you whip them as I don’t think I’ll be picking up this game. I was thinking of getting it when I replenished some funds the next time I did a “back-order” order for older games I was interested in but never pre-ordered or bought at the time of release, but I’ve been noticing my motivation level to play otoge has been quite low lately despite having played a good game recently. The gaming mood was not really revived as a whole, it was more that the love of that particular series skyrocketed off the charts so it didn’t ignite the right fire in me.

    I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the game as much as you hoped you would. In the past, I feel like a mostly coherent story would’ve been okay for me as long as I really liked the characters, art, at least some music, and one or two other aspects about the game, but since I’ve been in a bit of an unmotivated slump (and let’s face it I’m damn poor and I need to really choose my games now), I really need to get excited about a game and have it live up to the hype for once.

    I see you’re still possibly getting Collar x Malice. Has any other info been released about it while I wasn’t looking? I think it was probably the next game I was the most interested in.


    • Heya Sena~

      Yeah I felt that the story could be better, but I guess too much budget went into creating the minigame or something. Exactly! Recent games have all been so pretty on the outside but with nothing substantial on the inside.

      My motivation is getting lower too…. Is it part of the getting older process? XD I guess silly little games don’t satisfy us anymore, which happens when you’re long-time gamers. And we really don’t wanna pay for stuff that don’t make us feel good since the $$$ can be put to good use somewhere else!

      The site for CollarMali opened yesterday. I’ve striked out many new games upon seeing the background of the story, or seeing its Cero rating, but I’m interested in CxM for the moment because I like the fact that the characters are all quite old. And police is way up my alley!

      I actually wished I filmed a longer video of me whipping them hahaha. Too bad it’s already gone off to the second-hand store~


      • By the way, I never really addressed you directly (how Japanese of me, hahaha). Can I call you Jyuu or something else? Or should I stick to Jyuuguchi?

        It would make sense that they invested the most effort into the minigame since that was really the selling point of it, but it’s still would’ve been nice if the storyline could’ve been more cohesive. Is it too much to ask for a game to be spot-on in everything?

        Hahah, getting older so harder to please? Possibly xD. I thinkit’s probably a mixture of gaming experience and being older. I remember when I first got my job. I didn’t have as much expenses but suddenly had more money (if I ignored the school loans lagging over my head) and it was great. A little while after, reality kicked in, more expenses came in and it really felt like “no wonder no one wants to be an adult.” So now that I have to be more money-conscious, it really does make a difference on whether a game can deliver. I have no real place I can sell my games off to if they suck terribly, so once it’s bought it’s pretty much a done deal.

        I should check out the site! I think the older characters was actually one of the game’s appeals to me to. I try not to use art as a deciding factor anymore, but that’s also there. And the premise looks promising. I hope they can deliver a good mystery in this one!

        HAHAH. Oh well, 12 minutes isn’t a terrible memento of the whipping game xD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey please call me anything! Jyuuguchi is a tad long, so any nickname you like!

        Oh no, I totally know what you mean about expenses, I’m feeling them already. The transition from student to worklife is the hardest, especially since one now also have to do the filial piety thing and show gratitude to parents by splurging on them a little haha.

        But yeah, I’ll be waiting on many games too. I’m sick of playing games that don’t give me real satisfaction anymore. I actually feel CollayMalice will be quite subpar, but I’m really waiting to see more of how they will advertise the game.

        It’s quite a good momento :p I laugh everytime I watch it.


      • I think I’ll go with Jyuu then since it’s just a shorter version of Jyuuguchi xD.

        Yeah filial piety. That can be hard sometimes. All these pure heroines from otoge make me feel unfit to be a standard good woman.

        Unfortunately, I agree with you. Most of the games I get really excited about usually don’t meet the hype or advertising and ones that kind of sneak under the radar tend to be better. It’s a good thing other people in this community still try out games because otherwise everyone would be waiting for everyone else to play something and no one would end up playing anything xD


      • Sure! Glad your handle name is already short :p

        Haha please don’t take otome game heroines as a bar! They’re so goody-two-shoes sometimes I feel so sick of them. I actually get angry with these girls all the time because they’re waiting for people to stand up for them and in the real world there isn’t gonna be a prince charming.

        True~ I think it’s good when you have someone in the community who likes the same kind of games as you do. Lacal and I have really similar interests, so we usually end up enjoying each other’s recommendations. I still feel like getting BAW but atm I’m still waiting for more info- they update the site so slowly! ORZ


      • Oh don’t worry, it wasn’t meant as like a direct comparison. I can get pretty frustrated with otoge heroines myself for different reasons. They just often have at least one skill set or personality trait that would probably be good to have. It could something small like…being good at cooking. Because of course all otoge heroines must be good at cooking.

        Lacal was the one who suggested you play Zettai Kaikyuu right? I don’t think I have one person who likes similar stuff as me consistently, but I think it’s because I’m the inconsistent one hahaha.

        Yeah, BAW…I’m not even sure I’m excited about it anymore either because I’m expecting it to be so-so. I’m still interested in the premise and what they do with it, but I’m kind of just trying not to expect much so if it flops it won’t be too awful?


      • Oops so that was it! Oh a skill set. Hmm…. there are some heroines that are just there to be saved XD but I do get what you mean. Do you have any other hobby other than gaming? You could work on that! 😀

        Actually Amazon recommended the game to me :p I remembered LaCal was gonna play it so I asked her if she enjoyed it and I went ahead to hunt for the game.

        Sure man, they’ve had that ‘twitter site coming soon’ thing up for so long but it’s 1 month to the sale date and still nothing. Whether it’s bound in mystery or just underbudgeted, like you I’m not hoping for much..
        One thing though, famitsuu rating still sways me so I will be waiting still :/


      • Well, I didn’t elaborate well so I can see why that was what you thought initially xD. I have other hobbies but none of them really amount to anything other than being entertainment. Like anime/manga, reading books, listening to music, going to lives when I’m in Japan, obsessing about bands I like. Just those kinds of things.

        Oooooh I see. That makes sense. Websites only recommend games to me that I already bought/own hahaha. I’m wondering if they’re planning to delay it again. I never feel good about delayed games because I always expect the delay to make the game better so expectations unconsciously get raised and when they’re terrible then it just makes me wonder what the delay was for (I’m looking at you, RDS). As it is, since I’m locked in to the preorder I want it to be good but expecting it to be not so good…but I really hope it’s not kusoge level.


      • Cool we basically have the same kinds of entertainment :p I play the violin sometimes, but not very much because the walls are thin and I don’t want to annoy my neighbours haha. I’m pretty sure though, that’s its usually things you like that you get better at! I try to cook sometimes, but I’m not like Shokugeki no Souma so anything goes for me XD

        Yeah that’s one of my problems with the game too… But I think it’s still gonna come out in November. Good for you to be fixed on your preorders! You shouldn’t become wishy-wshy Charlie Brown like me heh. I don’t think it’ll be kusoge, the map system actually looks pretty fun, but we’re probably not gonna get a assasination classroom thing so I’m hoping you have fun! I’m considering picking up Binary Star for now, but my thesis says I gotta wait ;w;


      • I see. I was like that when I played clarinet in high school. I think that’s why I can’t get good at cooking. It’s a good life skill but I don’t enjoy doing it so I can’t motivate myself to bother with it.

        Hahaha. I’m only fixed because I don’t have the ssame flexibility as you. The site I use doesn’t really let you cancel orders. I didn’t really check out the map system yet but I’m encouraged that you seem to like the concept.

        You should get Binary Star! I started playing it agin finally so I can finally finish this review. I have a little more than two routes left and I really like it! I would recommend it even though I haven’t finished it yet because I can’t see it getting bad in the last two routes.


      • I feel like playing Binary Star, I really do! Especially because of ono kensho. But the whole thing about the heroine not being exactly fit for uniform jobs (otome games and their watering down) makes me a tad cautious. I guess for now I will be replaying all my stuff until I feel like playing something new!


      • I agree that it’s better to wait until you want to play new things. Your mood can make a huge difference on how a game feels when you play it.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed, Klap didn’t have the most interesting story ever but most of the time it was solid so it was good enough for me. How did you record yourself playing? Did you stick the camera to your head or something lol?


  4. OMG you should seriously consider uploading more videos about otome games in general. This was just awesomely hilarious to watch and I can only imagine what it would be like if you decided to make an otoge channel or started explaining how you play these games so ppl who have a vita and are girls (or guys) who are interested might pick them up! 😀 So many ppl are always complaining that the Vita is dead, but that is not the case.


    • Haha Leaf thanks for reading!

      Well I actually only film minigames for psvita otome games. I’m too lazy to record me playing them because again, that would mean people not buying the game and choosing to get it somewhere free instead. Wow people complain the Vita is dead?! That’s kinda weird. I’ve only been playing otome games on my vita so Idk, but so far it’s been a nice experience with graphics and touch screen..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oops sorry should have explained more. I meant like maybe show a few minutes of a route and the opening to entice ppl who might be interested in it. And yeah, ppl complain that Sony finally dropped the Vita here in the West. Which isn’t true because we are getting a ton of games for this console still lol.


  5. Oh my goodness, 12 minutes of whipping. That was so silly, my stomach still hurts from laughing. Your reviews are the best 😀 It was a good break from playing Teikoku (which by the way you really should play when you have time :P)


      • Yea I like it. I spend half my time using a Kanji dictionary but it’s worth it 😀 The first CG you get starts out really funny, and the game is really pretty. It’s my first VIta Otome game and I’m just blown away by art.
        That sucks that you have lost a lot of fun time due to thesis 😦 But hopefully the games you do get to play are fun! Like KLAP 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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