NOISE -voice of snow- Otome game review

This is one of the most revolutionary otome games (15yrs and above recomended) because uh, the heroine gets raped by one of the love interests. And not in a bad end but just halfway through the story, mind. Obviously there are no CGs and ero acting like an R18 but…. I’m just “wow did not expect that.” It has a very different taste from the usual ‘ufufufu ahahaha’ Otomate games where things are beautified in the name of love. This is a dark game, and the prologue has the heroine Mana almost getting taken apart so her organs can be sold and later joining a criminal organization of some kind. And I can’t count the number of times she gets stabbed, bad end or not.

Furthermore Mana got kissed by someone when she was 7yrs old, so no first kiss scenes too. One of the love interests actually said “If my daughter was alive she would be a year younger than you so I see you as my daughter.” Now isn’t that a new blend you wanna try? I definitely enjoyed laughing at the reactions of people in the story.

Of course the clumsy trope and the getting saved by the prince on a white horse trope still exists, but maybe because of the setting that the heroine is involved in, the balance between the ‘danger’ of the guys and their attitude towards Mana is well planned. For once, criminals are criminals with foul mouths like “The thing at my crotch is gonna explode” when the guys get together. And they talk about each other’s horrible histories of ‘using’ girls once they’ve had fun and then throwing them away. That’s probably because love interests are 18, 25, 27, 28 and 31 years old – no cherry boys for you I’m sorry.

I wouldn’t have gotten interested in this game if not for Esta’s CV Makino-San voicing a main character, and his character Seravis made me laugh too much because of his sarcasm.

The art is done by the same artist who did Koezaru Akai Hana, and the scenario by Matsutake Ume, which makes me reconsider: Makino-san aside, this game was really enjoyable!!!! I’m loving Operetta! Why don’t they come up with more games?! The above song and the BGMs were really pretty too. 

I couldn’t resist buying the game’s soundtrack which suits the atmosphere of the game really well, imaging the snow landscapes and nostalgie. Okay I will confess I bought the soundtrack because of Makino-san’s singing. Teheh. But nevertheless, this is my next favourite soundtrack CD after Ayakashi Gohan’s which I bought over a year ago. It cools me down in this terrible summer heat.

My only two complaints with the game is that first, it has some random elements of modernism like playgrounds in the park and bikinis at the beach even though they’re still going around by carriages and on foot. The fact that the writers were trying to make references to Japanese lifestyle also makes it a little annoying since if they were going for a fantasy world, just do it?! But the writers probably wanted to make their reader ‘feel at home’ and so I can overlook something like that because the main story is intriguing.

Second, the heroine looks like 10 yrs old in almost all the CGs except one. I understand that the whole ‘aww he’s so big and I’m so small’ thing makes the whole thing about guys protecting girls gives the reader some form of satisfaction but not when it just makes the men look like lolicons. (though I’m sure, infantilizing women is nothing new in Japan) To make things worse, there are some sexy CGs in the game that really makes me feel a tad grossed out when the guys look like they’re coming on to a kid. Like this:


I like that fact that the heroine Mana has two personalities every route, Light/Darkness route and gives depth to the possibilities of an amidakuji game. There are 24 endings and I cleared them all. The characters themselves are all intriguing and very lovable even if he erm, rapes her, or erm, is 14 years older and had a wife before, however weird that may seem. Sexy guys and sexy writing, I’m not surprised that this game would be really popular if it became an R18.

That being said, the game was predictable for me, though some others were pretty shocked by the story. I predicted 90% of the revelations in the story because I’m annoying that way, so I wasn’t surprised at all when the truth was revealed in some of the routes. The only shocking thing is the rape (I really was) and one sexy CG where Weasley (the ossan) kisses Mana out of jealousy in the back alley and gropes her and lifts up her leg.


I was kinda “Dude?! No you do not” He didn’t of course because he got scared of his lolicon tendencies when Mana called his name in a sexy voice.

The End ‘0’ confused me a little though, but I think it was meant to be ambiguous. There was too much going with the superpowers of the ‘Uta-tsukai’ (Singers) and the gods of Gofer and the ‘Water-Tank’ so I was like “heck, I got the information I wanted so nevermind”.

A little about Mana: Black eyes and hair = Singers. Definitely an ego boost of some sort for Japanese players but we already know that. She grew up in the orphanage who sold the children off once they were 17, though no one knew that, and Mana was about to get hacked for her organs when the boss of Dix, Gilford saves her. Gilford is the boss and he’s trying to change this criminal organisation into one that works well with the new Government, so lots of drug-busting and rebel-killing. On the other hand, the organization against Dix is (some name I forgot) and they’re the (more) bad guys in this game who are refusing to wash their hands off the dirty deeds.


My favourite character would be Rou because his route was the most entertaining (and Yonaga Tsubasa’s sexy voice!!), and since he’s only a year older than Mana, I didn’t have to put up with lolicon CGs.


Rou is part of the assassination squad so there were a bunch of really bloody CGs and I think his character makes the strongest impression with him as the result of drug abuse by his mom. Rou is Mana’s ‘Bro’ in the game so they interact lots and he brings her around the place which makes him easiest to like as well.


Camille was in my opinion the most Otoge-like-man, but in a dark game things don’t go that way, and his confession was way too abrupt for me to like any part of his route. And everytime they were on their way to something, Camille would pull back and be “so that’s the way it goes” which was annoying, since the other guys all had kisses halfway through their routes. Bummer. I had expectations. His character voice acting was superb too, would love to see his CV somewhere around again.

The black horse is Reim, who grew from cherry boy noble to sexy doctor, but his voice stayed the same girly cutesy even in this CG, which made me laugh with tears. They sure know how to destroy sweet scenes.


Gilford’s route was kinda boring because I played his routes last, and because of his personality and voice acting, even his sweet talk sounded like 棒読み which made me kinda hmph.


I was initially really interested in him because his white hair and neck tattoo reminded me of Kiryuu Zero from Vampire Knight (my first love from the 2D realm hehe) but somehow his routes always felt lacking. Besides I’m not really into ‘those kinds’ of relationship. Even if it’s slightly different it makes me grossed out.


Seravis’ routes were so good because of his sarcasm and his never-changing attitude. He at first appears to be the kind who will go all weak once he’s in love but no, his attitude never changes, and Keigo omg. I love guys who use Keigo. He should have been my favourite but because of the age gap with Mana, I considered him a lolicon too and therefore, no. (*´▽`*)

Let’s not even talk about Weasley’s route because he’s 31 years old and Mana is 17, and there was so much about not treating her as a child and being afraid to lose his family until even though I didn’t want to I was “JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT GG”


Overall a really enjoyable game, it kept me up for a few late nights. The writing was really good, and generally realistic too. Mana isn’t overly optimistic even in her Light routes and she does get used to killing people, and I really liked her as a heroine.

I think this game really suits people who are open to new concepts in otome games and if you’ve gotten used to all those ponies and rainbows that the otoge world has been churning up these few years, I definitely recommend this game!! It has gone right into my ‘favourites’ list under the ‘Hall of Fame’ page!

Hahaha did you say why I’m not playing Root Rexx?

Someone remind me what that is again.

For Tanabata festival today, I wrote “That I will meet more interesting 2D men.” (´・ω・)

28 thoughts on “NOISE -voice of snow- Otome game review

  1. Thanks for the review, bro. Now I’ve just added this game to my backlog! I’m willing to give my friends’ recommendations a chance, especially if the game itself looks and sounds interesting. Plus anything that seems different from the usual “rainbows and butterflies” games are welcome. Fluff is nice and heartwarming, but I don’t want EVERY OTOME GAME EVAR to be like this.

    Some might say that otome games are all about wish-fulfilment and escapist, fantastical romance, but does that mean they have to stick to the same sugary stuff all the time? I like to think they shouldn’t.


    • Pal! Thanks for reading!

      Oh this was a game with a taste alright. The romance wasn’t straightforward and boring like fluff and well done despite its dark setting. I think it would have done better as an R18 to give the criminal organization even more depth, but this game did fab for what it is. I hope you enjoy playing it too!
      I’m interested to play Kaikyuu too since you’ve recommended it but not sure if I should wait for a Vita port :/


      • No problem~ It’s hard to say if you should wait for the Vita port or not. If you have money to spare, I firmly believe that getting a copy of Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen isn’t a waste of money, considering how meaty the plot is and how much effort has gone into its production. PC games are usually great or shit, so I got lucky by picking out a winner! 😉

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  2. This is one of the most revolutionary otome games (15yrs and above recomended) because uh, the heroine gets raped by one of the love interests.

    That pretty much sounds like nearly every R-18 game I played, especially those from Tiara Mode and Mirai lololol


      • Come to think of it though, Otomate had a few games with implied rape – mainly Diabolik Wifebeaters and Amnesia lol XD


      • Haha Diabolik is more consensual since Yui only ever resists for a while before she gets her whole face red and happy. Amnesia you mean Toma? 😮 I remember him locking her up but rape?! As expected of older games they sure are sassy..


      • Gekka is one of those games I never wanted to finish because I did the bro route first and I was like Hell no XD rofl otome games in those days sure were strange.
        But KLAP isn’t gonna be any better too :p Did you watch the play movie of the Tengu guy getting whipped? I LOLed with tears


  3. I was interested in this game because Operetta so I appreciate the review. I only got a chance to glimpse it in the morning before work transit so I shall read it more leisurely later 😀

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  4. Yeah, I’m not too into how young the heroine looks (is?). The storyline overall sounds interesting, but I’m usually fairly decent at predicting things so predictable games might not be up my alley, just like predictable books and movies aren’t my thing. And the things left ambiguous might bother me. I’m not sure if I’ll be picking this one up. I might just wait for new Operetta games instead. I didn’t hear good things about Sachi no Tenbin either so I’m kind of just waiting hahaha.

    I noticed that you preordered Bad Apple Wars and Yunohana Spring! I’m pretty sure I’m going to preorder the former (I just gotta choose whether to get the LE or RE), but I’m not sure about Yunohana. What made you decide to commit to getting it?


    • I’ve been interested in NOISE for some time so glad I finally played it, but yeah if I had other games to play I probably wouldn’t have played it.

      Haha Bad Apple Wars is a tad more expensive than the usual Otomate game for some reason but I still went ahead to get LE anyway.

      I’ve always liked Ryokans since one of my relatives used to operate one and since I missed Binary Star I thought why not! I love the vertical text reading screens too. I should also confess that it’s because of the glasses boy and Ishida Akira 😀


      • Yeah, me too. I was holding off because I honestly just didn’t have the time and overall, it’s just more convenient not to get into computer games.

        Yeeeeah. I noticed that. I was leaning towards the LE too…I’m debating whether I should take the plunge and just do it and save the crying for my future bank account…

        I like ryokans too, although I admit I know significantly less about them than you do, but the concept always fascinated me. That’s why I was so tempted…vertical text I think I don’t mind once I get used to it, but I cry for a little while internally until I do hahaha. Thanks for your honesty about glasses boy LOL. I have much to think about.


      • Yeah I really prefer rolling around on the bed than sitting at my computer so I totally know what you mean!

        Well if you don’t particularly care for Otomate Drama CDs (like I do since they’re never that great) and the booklets (which I don’t care for too since they’re nothing much) then the normal edition with a preorder CD is good enough! 😀

        I’m getting the limited edition for now, but since I order from Amazon I can always change my mind right up to a day before the sale date haha. Amazon probably hates me because I’ve cancelled so many LEs including KLAP, Prince of stride, Reine Des Fleurs (but reordered LOL), possession magenta and ReBirSo :p So unless I like the cover of the box I probably won’t keep with my decision ;w;
        Honestly I’m not too keen on Yunohana being Cero B and since I’m in graduate year idk if I even have time to play so many games and I usually prefer darker games like BWS but I guess this game is a ‘nice to have’ and not must-have… What do you think about it?


      • Definitely. Rolling on the bed is the best. When I’m not sleepy. When I am it’s a trap hahaha. While I have a lot of preorder drama CDs from Otomate games, I’ve been pretty bad about listening to them. 99% of them are unopened hahaha. So I guess I’m not losing out on too much…even LEs for games I’ve enjoyed I haven’t really taken advantage of the LE portion of them minus admiring pretty boxes or something so if I were to be logical, LEs are probably not worth it. so it’s a matter of stifling the overpowering want. Hahaha.

        Oh that’s funny. Maybe theu forgive you since you actually pull through on some orders? Haha.

        Yeah. Cero B seems like a lot of wasted opportunity. It could still be light and cute with some heavier plot and sexy moments in a ryokan. I’ve been flopping back and forth with Yunohana since I really am trying to cut down on purchases. And most of the games on my “wait and see” list have either been poorly or moderately received, so it makes me feel like it might be one of those that are better to wait on. But there are a lot of appealing aspects to it that make me just wanna get it Dx


      • Yeah that’s the problem actually. If they made the LEs contain a bgm disc or something I’m sure it’d be popular but most LEs are rubbish and the printed cardboard boxes aren’t worth the money…. Because anyway, being afraid to dirty them I keep them in the cupboard and it defeats the purpose of pretty things D: So anyway I’m waiting to see what BAW limited edition looks like before deciding again!

        Aww man I understand about wanting to cut down since I understand that resale of games is pretty difficult for overseas people. I’ve preordered Teikoku Kaigun too and I’ve estimated big holes in my bank… But I can’t help it I like pretty things and Yunohana’s game setting and all is so pretty D:::: (tears of a gamer)
        The Cero B makes me think twice…


      • A BGM disc sounds like a great idea! I would definitely go for that. Perhaps it’s better that they don’t actually do that because then I’d want a lot more LEs, which I for sure could not afford.

        I think based on our discussion I’ll hold off on Yunohana for now and reassess when it gets closer to the release date after I budget my money for the more priority purchases. BAW I will probably get in the RE for all the reasons we mentioned and because I think I should save LEs for games I don’t even have to debate about (like Binary Star and Reine des Fleurs there was like zero debate about getting the RE or LE since I was set on getting the LEs).

        Thanks for the input! It was really helpful to talk it out and now I feel better about my decision!


      • Haha alright that sounds great! Well I’m pretty sure you won’t miss out much on BAW LE, will include that detail in my review.
        Understood about Yunohana – I have my own reservations too….. If you don’t play it in the end, Hinano is really excited about this so I’m sure she will get a review out real quick 😀
        Understandable, I’ve held off lots of LE too for a special game I’m sure I wanna keep. So far I only got LE for Senjou and Hyakka but sold off Hyakka (lol the mistake) Reine Des Fleurs, I’ve waited so long for this shit so I’ve just got to get the LE (´・ω・)
        I’m glad! thanks for ‘hanging out’ here too, I love talking to others gamers 😀


      • Yup, successfully ordered the BAW RE. If you do end up getting the LE, you can just tell me what came with it hahaha.

        I’m glad someone’s definitely getting it. I do like to read multiple reviews just to get a feel since you know…reviews hold opinions. I’m usually pretty good at gauging whether I’ll like a game though if I take into account who the reviewer is and what they’re saying is good/bad about the game.

        I actually have this one stand I use for just the preorder drama CDs I’ve gotten and I just filled it up. I have no idea where future ones are going to go Dx

        Seriously though, Reine. I pounced on the LE for that because it’s been almost a year since the original release date. I was beginning to wonder if it was even going to come out this year since it had so little info released.

        Sorry for the late response! I was meaning to get back to it for a while but for some reason I developed a social life a little and my whole weekend disappeared.


      • Oh I totally get what you mean about Reine. The Animate Limited ones are filling out pretty fast on the online store too – seems like Otomate’s 焦らしプレイ worked pretty well on us fans XD

        I’ve been overspending a little so I’m really wondering if I should be getting so many LEs but I bet I’ll change my mind sooner or later about a couple of games( *`ω´)

        Otomate’s LEs are always just booklet and Drama CD so I’m not too sure about spending on BAW… I guess it really comes down to how the package looks as a whole. Haha time to get a new stand for your preorder CDs XD

        Ooh I hope you had fun over the weekends!~ I try to hang out every once in a while too; it’s great being with non 2D people sometimes 😀


      • Seriously. I’m beginning to think they did it on purpose to create this huge hype for it. A lot of people seemed interested in it from the beginning when it was supposed to come out in December last year, so I guess it garnered more interest over time. I hope it lives up to the hype and that extra year improved the quality.

        Haha. It’s alright. Good to keep your options open…as long as it’s within budget xD

        I definitely need a new stand…or maybe a new location. If I added the LE drama CDs in there as well (which I don’t since I leave them in the cardboard LE box), it would’ve filled up long before hahaha.

        I enjoyed myself. It was tiring though. It’s amazing how tiring it is being out with real people haha. But you’re right, it’s nice and refreshing. Sometimes it’s good to get a break from the 2d men. While mostly satisfying, they’re just gigantic money holes.

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  5. I’m a tiny bit weird-ed out that she looks so young compared to the guys. She doesn’t look 17 O.O The game really is interesting in that it does go really dark, but shouldn’t there be a warning? D: But it’s good that they created such an interesting heroine 😀 I am so done with the cardboard cutout ones :I


    • Yeah the problem in most games is that they infantilise the heroine too much either by way of character or by way of art. It reflects Japanese society’s opinion on the emphasis of young girls being the most desirable and creeps me out and maddens me too.

      Haha I may have missed out any warning that they have. But honestly, a look at the homepage of the game would tell you it’s dark- Otoges are quite obvious with the use of shades of colours and settings to let the reader know. I mean – look at BWS! 😀

      It was quite a good game, definitely not one of those that ought to be forgotten.


  6. Was it supposed to be revolutionary because she got raped? I’m a little confused as to whether or not that was sarcasm since every R18 otome heroine gets raped by at least one of her love interests.


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