Kokuchou no Psychedelica – Game Review

I’m so glad I played this after Hyakka Yakou since Hyakka would go down to a 1 star if I played this first. To prevent spoilers, I’ll put up only really irrelevant CGs and those already on the website. If you get spoiled you’ll hate me.  I think it’s been a while since I’ve been so interested to finish a game by a few all-nighters. This is going to be a guide more than a summary, since I don’t want to spoil those who intend to play this game. So when you see a blank space, just scroll all the way down for my system guide (this is really important), mini-game guide video and play order recommendation.

I was really interested in this game for a couple of reasons, and whether they were proved right in the game is for you to find out (if you do play it).

1) This is a creepy escape game whereby the characters fall in love by protecting each other

2) I felt that the heroine would have an evil side

3) Hikage seems to have a power eye and Hikage & Yamato are smashing hot

4) The fox mask guy seems evil but he may have reasons

5) From the OP movie, I see a playground and think some childhood involved

6) I like mini games and the shooting game looks fun

7) I liked the art


Thoughts on overall story: Excellently written!! Realistic endings about human interaction. Play it at night. It adds to the atmosphere. (・∀・) I’m so glad I played this! It’s a really intricately written story and has lots of mysteries that one is unable to guess. While you may think that the writers don’t give you any clues, it’s always till you reach the end that you understand what happened in the beginning. The story drags you from creepiness to mystery, to sadness, and some kind of closure, and when you think everything’s going to be fine, you’ll cry again. I actually cried a ton in Monshiro’s route, like damn.

Some felt that there was not much love in this game, but in all honesty, the character routes are really just an Omake to the main story. Besides, how much icha do you want when you’re living in a creepy mansion? The character route for 1 character was extremely short though, and when I mean extreme I really mean extreme. But this system is unique so the bulk of the story is also in the short episodes (will tell you more in ‘System Guide’

Thoughts on music: nice variety of creepiness/sadness/daily atmosphere. I’d buy the BGM CD if they produced one!

Thoughts on choices: There’s no love catch so what kind of ending you get depends on how well you follow the flowchart.(Again, scroll down later for the system guide) There are not many chances for choice selection because you’re mostly just seeing things unfold rather than actively taking part (except in the mini game of course) and I loved the voiced heroine. I always do, but perhaps because this game is so charged with energy that if the male character is screaming and Beniyuri is just voiceless text it would seem very strange.

(Now skip to the bottom for the system guide. Don’t worry: the CGs you happen to catch are already on the website)


Spoilers ahead
















Common Route summary


– A girl wakes up in a mansion and realises she remembers nothing. She sees a child sobbing in the corner but the child turns into a monster and the girl runs. She meets a boy dressed in Red who escapes with her from the monster and they run to the entrance again, trying to knock down the door, but it doesn’t work. As the girl is entranced by some butterflies, the boy suddenly shouts at her and gets hurt when he protects her from the monster’s attack. Just as they are about to be attacked again, a man wearing a Fox mask shoots the beast with ease but before they can speak to him anymore, he runs away.

-Another boy in Green sees them and while the boy in Red is suspicious of all these strangers at first, they follow him to a room where the beasts do not approach, and decide to hide there for a while. They talk about how each of them only get one message on their mobile phones, “There is only one way to escape”. “Gather the pieces of the kaleidoscope” “The weapon is in the hands” and all 3 don’t understand what it means.

But not long after, they hear a scream and the girl runs out to see what happens despite the protests of the other two. A boy in Yellow and Blue are being attacked by monsters and the girl, wanting to save them, wishes she also had a gun and suddenly, a gun appears. The boy in Red follows suit and says this must be what it means by ‘The weapon is in the hand’

Here is the first mini-game. Any rank will do, but for the first 4 levels, you auto get a C Rank.(I think) They defeat the monsters and save the other two, but the boys in Yellow and Blue are suspicious of them, since the guns disappeared immediately after they destroyed the monsters. But they all return to the hiding place, and all five of them discover that they just woke up in the mansion not too long ago, with absolutely no memories. They compare the messages on their phones and decide that someone must have put them in this situation and while they’re all confused and worried, they decide to follow what the messages on their phones say.

-They discover that the place they are hiding in has a kitchen, a few guest rooms and a living room, and since they have no memories of themselves, even their names, they decide to take the names of the rooms they stay in, with the girl taking “BeniYuri” the boy in Red as “Hikage” the boy in yellow as “Karasuba” the boy in green as “Kagiha” and the boy in blue as “Yamato”. Thus starts their creepy life at the mansion.

Chapter 1-2

Karasuba always hits on Beniyuri, Kagiha needs to break the fight between Karasuba and Yamato and Hikage the leader type is mostly reading and trying to guess the intentions of others. Yamato is  mostly in a bad mood since he feels he has something to be done and not get stuck in the mansion. As the days pass, they find the Kaleidoscope’s glass and tube and fix it. Beniyuri who found one of the pieces when the Fox mask guy first killed the monsters puts it in and the kaleidoscope starts to glow. Each of the members are then given back a piece of their memory through a picture in their cell phones. Beniyuri discovers that she has a sister, a dog and a father, and her mother died sometime ago.

Beniyuri is unable to produce the handgun again while the others have all learned how to, so Yamato teaches her when she’s practising at night. The next day, depending on who she chose to go hunting with you start the 2nd mini game and they enter their pieces of the kaleidoscope which melts into the glass. They start discussing how the people in the mansion wearing a mask are capable of speech, and the girl with a rabbit mask who is the servant of the owner of the mansion comes to provide them food as another reward for hunting down the beasts that night. They were initially suspicious but they start eating after Yamato bravely tastes it.

Chapter 3-4

Yamato starts getting really anxious so he starts shouting at the others and when Beniyuri goes to his room to cheer him up like Kagiha did for her, he speaks with her and is about to touch her face but she avoids him because she feels like she’s about to remember something she doesn’t want to. She suddenly gets a message asking her if she wants to know about Yamato or not, and on the first round of the game, choose the negative. She gets a picture anyway, of two children and Yamato is heard screaming.

The rest run out of their rooms to find that he had turned into half a monster, with black butterflies sprouting from him. He runs off somewhere and since it is the dead of the night and all of them are shocked, they retreat back into the safety of their hiding house.

The rabbit mask girl comes to tell them that this mansion is actually the space between life and death, and those who arrive in the mansion eventually forget even their own face and they wear masks because they have become scared of their own facelessness. But this forgetting actually helps them to go to heaven or something, and on the other hand, if they get back their memories in a bad way like Yamato did, they turn into monsters and go to Naraku(something like hell) The rabbit girl tells them to continue to searching for the pieces as the owner of the mansion will grant them their wish once the kaleidoscope is completed, and that the power of imagination is very important in this mansion.

Since Beniyuri is the only one who has the picture, she shows it to them and tells them that Yamato and Hikage are actually twin brothers (fraternal) and from young they’ve had completely different personalities and faces. Yamato is the older and Hikage the younger. They then continue to hunt for the pieces and Beniyuri meets the man in the fox mask again and he brings her to a greenhouse where Yamato is. Beniyuri talks to Yamato and on the Fox Mask guy’s advice,  remembers how Yamato looked like so Yamato half-turns back into a human. Beniyuri then either continues spending time in the greenhouse with Yamato depending on the route you’re on.

The fox mask guy decides to join the rest of them in the hiding house and while everyone is suspicious of him, Beniyuri feels like he can be trusted, and Karasuba makes friends quickly with the Fox mask guy, who takes the name of the room ‘Monshiro’. Monshiro likes to stick to her and tells her he has been cold and lonely in the mansion for a long time and creeps into her bed one day. Monshiro is actually really cute!!

Hikage and Beniyuri goes to a strange room on the second floor and sees a picture of five children. This triggers all their memories and they remember each other as childhood friends. Everyone is depressed except Beniyuri who only remembers that picture they took before they went to explore. Suddenly everyone turns on Monshiro since he is the only one not in the childhood picture and they say he must be the owner of the mansion. Beniyuri tries to cover for him but Monshiro simply apologises and retreats to his room.

Chapter 5-6

Karasuba goes missing and they all go to search for him, including Yamato, and when Beniyuri and Hikage find him bleeding and hurt, lying on the floor, Karasuba keeps acting really strange. Monshiro  is also seen pointing a gun at Kagiha and everyone is acting really strange when Karasuba shoots at Monshiro’s mask. Beniyuri then sees that Monshiro and Hikage have the same face. Karasuba then points out that Monshiro is the real younger twin of Yamato, and Hikage is actually the fake. Hikage then starts laughing and admits he is the owner of the mansion. Kagiha gets hurt in the process of Hikage’s retreat and he drags Kagiha away with him. The rest (Monshiro, Yamato, Karasuba, Beniyuri) then retreat to the greenhouse and live there. The rabbit goes to tell them that they should meet with Hikage when they are ready since Beniyuri holds the last piece of the Kaleidoscope.

Chapter 7-8

On the main (fixed) route, Beniyuri can’t sleep before they meet Hikage the next day so while she’s thinking about things, she sees a light and follows it, and sees Kagiha with his injuries healed. He seduces her into giving him her ribbon she got from Monshiro as a protection charm and Kagiha, who was her first love named ‘Natsuki’ takes the ribbon and says they will meet tomorrow.

They meet Hikage and discover Kagiha is on his side, and they see pieces of their childhood memory-the one where Beniyuri is unable to remember. Turns out that at the summer camp, Beniyuri(real name, Ai) tied a ribbon on Monshiro (Kazuya)’s leg when he hurt himself and Yamato(Takuya), his older twin got jealous and loosened it. When they explored the mansion near the lake, Kazuya discovered that the ribbon was gone and he insisted on looking for it even though it was raining and the lake was swelling, so Ai and Natsuki(Kagiha) followed him. After finding the ribbon, Kazuya and Ai fell into the lake and while trying to save them, Natsuki drowned and died, but his body was never found. Afterwards, Kazuya(Monshiro) didn’t wake from his coma and the childhood friends all moved to different places. This explains how Monshiro and Kagiha were in the mansion before Beniyuri, Karasuba and Yamato.

Kagiha decides to sacrifice himself by holding Hikage down and having them shoot him. Kagiha who had wanted to revive after the completion of the kaleidoscope had always loved Ai so he wanted to revive to marry her to keep their childhood promise, but he had been used by Hikage all along.

As Kagiha and Hikage turn into butterflies, Monshiro, Yamato, Karasuba and Beniyuri go towards the light that the kaleidoscope is giving off and all of them awake simultaneously in the real world, even Monshiro(Kazuya) who had been in a coma for 10 years. During the tenth anniversary of Natsuki’s death, they realise they can’t move on from their childhood and decide to return to the lake where he drowned to have a small rite by floating flowers into the water. But the bus fell into the lake and Ai, Akira(Karasuba) and Takuya(Yamato) were thrown into the lake and had a coma as well, which is why they ended up in the mansion too. Hikage who sensed that they had pieces of his kaleidoscope began to plot to use them.

The four of them go to the lake again together and this time manage to give the flowers into the water and see that the dilapidated mansion is no longer there. Akira says this has always been a spot for accidents and they wonder whether the space between living and dead is still there……

(What an awesome ending, if you ask me. Hikage didn’t become good suddenly, Natsuki didn’t miraculously come back from the dead, his body is still never found, and they continue to live with this sad strange memory, but are now able to accept his death and move on……)

####### Hikage #######

Basically Hikage’s story explains why he has such a strong attachment to the kaleidoscope, and how he has used many others who fell into the mansion (existence between life and death). His sister was Usagi-chan, but they were half-siblings, and Hikage was the son of a woman of lowly birth but was brought to live in the mansion one day. Since he was belittled by everyone else except his young and sickly sister, he grew to hide his feelings and play his part, until one day his sister died. He was unable to fulfil his promise to her of saving her life by buying her medicine (he was cheated by his relatives). He began researching various ways of reviving the dead and going to the world of the dead, but one day chanced upon a rumour of a kaleidoscope that would open the way to the world of the dead when shone upon the water’s surface. Buying it at a high price after searching the whole world, he finally shone it on the lake outside of the mansion he continued to live in after his sister’s death. But when the way opened, he put a gun to his head and shot himself, and falling into the dimension between life and death, which took on the same form as the mansion due to his strong feelings. The reason why those in the mansion can only call out guns is also because he who created the dimension died holding a gun.

After losing his memories, he only remembered he had a strong attachment to find the pieces of the kaleidoscope, but he gradually began forgetting his own face and thus became the faceless owner of the mansion. Since one can’t go to ‘heaven’ when he has a strong attachment, Hikage(not real name) was forced to roam in the mansion. The rabbit who had already gone to heaven, pulled back by his strong attachment, hid her face with a mask and began serving him. He began pretending to be a good guy and tricking those who came into the mansion into helping him get the pieces of the kaleidoscope and each time assumed the name of ‘Hikage’. When monshiro(kazuya) and kagiha(natsuki) fell into the mansion, he tricked them into using them seeing that they had strong wishes to return to the real world, especially for natsuki who wanted to marry Ai(beniyuri).

In Hikage’s end, the rabbit takes a shot for Beniyuri and reveals herself to Hikage and vanishes. Hikage, then out of despair decides to shoot himself and tells Beniyuri he would have liked to meet her in his time, in the real world. He then stands against the stained glass at the entrance, making him look like he has a pair of butterfly wings, and shoots himself. Ai returns to the real world alone and visits the lake where they drowned as kids, and chances upon two familiar voices, a brother and sister.

The romance comes from the short episodes, where Beniyuri who doesn’t realise she likes Hikage is told by Usagi to pester Hikage questions about his favourite food and stuff. At one point, Hikage was sleeping on the couch and saw a dream of his past where he realised the adults tricked him and indirectly killed his sister, so he forcefully kisses Beniyuri who persistently tried to calm him down. He screams at her that she knows nothing about him, but at the end of his route, before he mouths out his feelings, shoots himself.

Hikage’s story was a real tear-jerker, and I was so sad after finishing his route because of the beautifully written ending. While I didn’t like it that he and usagi somehow passed Ai in real life (whether it was her imagination or their reincarnation), I really liked his route. The story of the pair of butterflies was so sad, and perhaps because I identify with it well, the story remains with me. I really loved that he only had one ending (in the game at least, anyway) and a realistic one. “Would you go to meet the dead, someone you really loved if there was a chance?”


Kagiha’s route was really short, because he’s already dead and the main route was kind of like his other end. He has some moments with Beniyuri making pancakes and everything, but if she doesn’t give him the ribbon when they’re hiding in the greenhouse after Hikage’s betrayal, it goes to his only end, and Kagiha’s ends are all bad ends. Beniyuri is trapped in the mansion with him and she believes that they’re living happily together married in the real world, when actually she was still stuck in the mansion with Kagiha who is leading her delusion. He is a selfish bastard in his route but it was creepy when the CG changed and gave me the understanding of what happened since at first I was like “wait why are they in the real world, did I miss something?!” Poor couple is all I can say. The dead are dead and this separation is always painful and it was a nice ending as well, no random revivals but for Beniyuri to sacrifice instead.


Monshiro is actually Kazuya and the quiet boy of their childhood. I was actually confused as to why the passive boy became a leader type like Hikage so when I found out it was Mon-chan I was really surprised. He’s really cute and always snuggling up to Beniyuri and daaaaaaammmmm I cried so much in his route.

He went into a coma for ten years after the incident at the summer camp, but was never able to leave the mansion because of his attachment to the ribbon. He promised to return it to Beniyuri(Ai) so when they drowned he was unable to leave the mansion until he gave it back to her, thinking that he could return it when she died, which would be a long long time, but he didn’t mind. He was always cold and alone since he ran away from Hikage because he didn’t want to hurt others, and the lack of human interaction made him forget his own face and name and eventually even why he was in the mansion at all, until Yamato who had changed into a monster burst into the greenhouse where he was staying. When he saw yamato he remembered everything, and led Beniyuri(Ai) to save his brother.

He was also afraid that Hikage would hurt those staying in the hiding house, so he didn’t say anything even though Hikage was pretending to be him, and shut himself up in the room until Karasuba ran away after realising the truth. Their cutesy moments are when Mon-chan sneaks into Beniyuri’s bed because he’s cold and when he sits really close to her because he can’t determine how to interact with others since his consciousness, although aged, is really still that of his childhood.

In Monshiro end, he didn’t know he was still alive and only comatose so he went to fight Hikage alone, and managed to defeat him with Beniyuri, and only Beniyuri awakes, to visit the 3 of them in the hospital frequently. He is still trapped in that mansion all alone since he is alone in Naraku for ever. In Kazuya end, he falls into Naraku after Hikage tells him that he is wanted by no one and he loses himself to desperation, but Beniyuri chases after him and after so much struggle (and so much of my tears (´;ω;`)) she manages to take him out of Naraku where the rest wake as well. His story was really well-written as well and his sorrow and loneliness at staying in the mansion for ten long years just to return Beniyuri’s ribbon really made me so so sad. He’s such a poor baby, I’m glad he’s getting rehabilitation and be happy baby!


Yamato is the guy with a bad attitude because he keeps thinking he has something really important to do outside and he can’t be trapped in this mansion doing nothing. When Hikage sends Beniyuri a picture of Yamato’s childhood with his twin, Yamato suddenly screams and rushes out of the mansion. He has turned into a monster and the rest, out of fear and horror are unable to chase after him. Beniyuri tells Hikage (who posed as Yamato’s twin) that they should look for Yamato, and they spend a few days looking for him but they never find him.

One day, Monshiro appears to Beniyuri and brings her to a greenhouse in the mansion where Yamato-the-monster is hiding. She speaks to him despite his protests and he changes back to human form halfway when Beniyuri tries to remember how he looked like previously since this is a place where imagination rules, like how they produce the uns from their hands. She starts sneaking him food and toys even though he doesn’t need to eat anymore and they spend time with Monshiro who also starts visiting Yamato. But while Monshiro knows Yamato is his brother, Yamato doesn’t know Monshiro is Kazuya. some of their interactions are also in the short episodes where he plays soccer and everything or Kazuya jumps on him.

In Yamato’s route, we also get to see Ai’s life with Yamato(Takuya) and Karasuba(Akira) before they fell into the water. After 10 years, the three of them unite and attempted to have fun and put away their past, but they ended up in a fight because none of them could move on: Takuya and Ai were guilty for Natsuki’s death and Kazuya’s coma, but Akira wanted to change himself from that coward he was where he didn’t dare to jump in to save the rest and wanted to move on. They then decide to go to the river where the accident occured to hold a memorial service to move on from their past, but the bus skidded in the heavy rain and fell into the river. That was where the three of them went into a coma and entered that dimension of life and death.

In Takuya’s route, after everyone wakes from the coma, they talk it out and realise they have the same feelings for each other and they were also unable to move on. They decide to visit Kazuya together and as he’s doing rehabilation, Kazuya asks Ai to visit him whenever she can, with a sad look in his eyes (;ω;) Poor baby so lonely for 10 years in the mansion and his dumb bro gets the girl…. (lol) Anyway Takuya tells her that he loosened the ribbon on Kazuya’s when they were younger that led to them going back to retrieve it when the road was sunk in water and eventually, the drowning and he has been guilty about it for years. Ai forgives him though, or rather she didn’t think it was his fault, and said she was sorry for not noticing his jealousy (yeah four guys in love with a bimbo girl, that’s a common trope). They kiss under the stars and become a happy couple. I didn’t like this ending since Yamato isan ass and he really shouldn’t get the girl!

For the Yamato ending, Hikage discovers Beniyuri sneaking out of the mansion at night and keeps a close watch on her, so she is unable to meet Yamato. Yamato goes mad when he listens to the sound of rain since it reminds him of the day of the accident and when Beniyuri finally meets him, she decides to share his guilt and his claws dig into her as he embraces her and both of them die(?) It was a creepy ending anyway, like all the other mansion endings.


I really didn’t like this チャラ男since he’s a selfish bastard who only cares about his own happiness. But I can also say that he’s very characteristic of human character and it was too bad that Beniyuri got together with him, though I suspect it was because he’s really pushy.

His story follows the same line as Yamato’s, except that we see alot more of him spending time with Ai and giving her a brooch which for some reason had a fragment of the kaleidoscope embedded in it. He tries hard to make her like him, but is always saying things in a teasing tone which makes her not believe him. In his Karasuba end, Beniyuri doesn’t regain her memories and he somehow tricks her into thinking that there are only two of them in the mansion and he pushes her to the bed and kisses her neck and Beniyuri in a dazed state accepts his advances. For Akira end, when all of them wake in the real world she agrees to become his girlfriend.


In this ED the kids don’t cross the river when they realise it’s raining and sleep in the mansion. The next day all of them go back to the camp grounds and are scolded for running off on their own. The scene then switches to ten years later where all of them from different schools, still living in the same neighbourhood meet up at Ai’s house for a study session and they say they will always be together and while Natsuki still thinks his proposal ten years ago is valid everyone complains about it and tries to pull them apart lol. It’s a nice finish for the whole game, and is written in a way that makes it very obvious it’s just one of the possibilities different to the main story, just like the character routes are.

——————-End of spoilers ————–
















—————- System Guide: Important! —————

# 1 Flowchart System 

For the first round of the game, there’s only a fixed ending you can get to, and there are ‘Short Episodes’ that you have to clear to be able to get on with the main story. Some reviewers hated it, probably because the main story is so interesting and you just want to get to the bottom of the mystery, yet you have to clear these ‘Short Episodes’ to get on with the main story. AND to clear these ‘Short Episodes’, you need enough points from the mini game ‘Black Butterfly hunting’ to be able to so-called “pay for” the short episodes.

I used Choro’s guide for this game, but it didn’t work very well for me, (and it had a minor spoiler DAMMIT) so I’m just going to give you some help here. If you really need a guide, try Momokan Chu, (I didn’t follow it so I don’t know how well that works) but I would think that just save whenever you hit choices(which aren’t many to start with) and whenever you reach Chapter 2 & 4, check if any Short Episodes have been ‘released’, and do them immediately or you won’t get to the character’s end.

My recommended play order is: Fixed End > Hikage > Kagiha > Monshiro > Yamato > Karasuba > Another Main End (大団円)

The choices are pretty straightforward at first, like you choose who to go with for the hunting mini-game, until the third chapter where you will see these choices:

誰かと話したい -> Kagiha Route

山都を元に戻せないか  ->Yamato Route

この館の謎を解きたい  -> Hikage Route

全部夢ならいいのに  -> Karasuba Route

どうしてここに来てしまったんだろう  -> One End revealing part of the story

Other than these choices, you actually don’t need a guide. Just save whenever you see choices, and remember to finish all of them to get all the different kinds of ends. Yamato, Karasuba and Monshiro has 2 ends each and you can only get to 大団円 after you finish all the routes due to the unlocking of short episodes before chapter 4.  

The flowchart allows you to jump from main to short episodes or back to main story easily, and you’re able to see where you have progressed so far, but not how long more you have to go. (That’s the fun of this game though!) This flowchart is also similar to Senjou’s Chronicle, Code’s Chapter Select and Hyakka’s Ashiato, and this seems to be a new feature of Otomate Vita games where you can start on a bad end by choosing any point in the game to progress. For me though, I only cleared 19 short episodes (min. is 17)  to get to the fixed end on my first round of the game, and I actually liked these short episodes. Yeah I wanted to get back to the main story, but there’s lots of interactions among the characters and some CGs in the short episodes so it was fun to clear them anyway.

# 2 Kokuchou Gari

I know some people really hate mini games or are bad at them, but the one in Psychedelica isn’t hard to clear. (Coming from an S Rank in Psychedelica who couldn’t clear Project Diva’s last song so you can trust me :p) Don’t believe others when they tell you to use the analog stick because they’re cheating you (;・∀・) The analog stick is just annoying. Why use it when you have a touch screen. Vita! Touch screen!!!

***The easiest is to keep your thumbs in the center where the butterflies spawn and with both thumbs, drag the cursor(s) in an outward motion (like <– –>) to “Lock On”. This is also easy when you holding the VITA console up. Another way is to use one index finger in a zigzag or circular motion where the butterflies spawn, but perhaps because of the friction on the screen I tend to let more butterflies escape with my index finger. When you have captured around 5~7 of them, shoot with your right thumb. (See my play video below)

The characters say a different thing if you hit 10 butterflies at a go. Initially, no matter how well you do for the first 4 levels of the shooting game, your rank will be C and it gradually progresses as you get higher in level. Your skills have nothing to do with the rank you get. (I tried shooting 2 out of 198 butterflies and I still got a C rank, so unless you do the same, an S rank is definite)

You get a trophy if you get an A rank and another for an S rank. No SS rank it seems  as level 10 is max.

#3 System controls A tad different from the usual Otomate system, left analog ^ brings you to Flowchart, left analog < to backlog and left to go back just one line. Other than that, everything else is common Otomate style and everything is touch responsive. The one thing I’m really quirky about is having my text screen pale,(if you haven’t already noticed (;・∀・)) and no problems here. Karasuba (CV Kakihara Tetsuya) shouts or speaks quite loudly though so I had to dim his voice a bit to balance him out.


PLAY IT PLAY IT PLAY IT PLAY IT!!!! ヽ(´Д`;)ノ 5 stars! If you ever only wanted to buy one game since last year till now, DON’T MISS THIS GAME. I’m actually going to replay this game before I start on Re:Birthday Song. Kokuchou is probably one game I’ll love always, like BWS.

And Kaito has been in 3 of the 4 VITA games I’ve played and I’m starting to like how versatile he is. I’m getting Hikage’s ‘Another End’ character CD!

> Leave me a comment! I’m getting lonely (´;ω;`)


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  1. I skimmed through this, since I still want to go into Kokuchou relatively blind… but for now, I just want to pompously announce, “HA! I KNEW IT!” My gut instinct sounded like it’s right on. Then again, I wonder what I’ll think when I play it? We seem to have similar tastes so I’m confident it won’t be a kusoge.


    • Yay thanks for the comment! Haha right on on what?

      It’s absolutely not a Kusoge! I think you’ll really like it too! Since we love BWS, you definitely won’t waste time and money on this (*’ω’*)


      • “Right on”, as in, believing this would be a good game in our past discussions as well as in my monthly posts. 🙂 Now I have tons of faith in it.

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  2. oh good this is totally NOT my type of game lol thank you for the review.
    not to say that it’s bad but

    the character routes are really just an Omake to the main story.

    This is what I was pretty much afraid of. I guess as a stand alone story game, it’s probably good but if you’re looking for otome game with romance for each character this isn’t it. I noticed you also mentioned you liked it like you liked Black wolves saga and one of the complaints I had with that game is that it was too linear and none of the individual routes felt fulfilling and relied heavily on the “main linear story.” I saw all of this mentioned in the Amazon reviews but I’m glad that you’ve confirmed it.

    I think ultimately this game will be a hit or miss for people depending on what they are looking for in their otome game.

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    • Hmm I see! Seems like we really have polar tastes for Otome Games OTL

      There were cutesy stuff too,(especially Monshiro, I was fawning) but I guess due to the storyline of the game too much icha would spoil some of the routes.

      I still hope you play it one day too! :p


      • lol maybe one day if I see it on sale. And yea our tastes are totally opposite! But then it could give a good hindsight on whether or not one of us will enjoy the game….though I think we seem to be in agreement about Re:Birthday song 😆


  3. Ohhhhh. At least a good creepy horror (??) game by Otomate. They destroyed all hopes for the mystery game Shiratsuyu no Kai. The premise was so good, but wtf. xD I was tempted to get that game since Kaito-kun and Hosoyan are in it, but I couldn’t trust Otomate. I guess the voiced heroine is a plus too. I should get that game, when I’m done with my backlog and my current obsession “Dragon Age”. But I’m happy you enjoyed it so much. I have that feeling that the Otomate stepped up their game to be cutting edge on the new console, which is nice to see. I hope they’ll keep it up. wwww


    • Heloooo!

      Yeah I really recommend this. It’s absolutely nothing like Shiratsuyu and is probably one of the best stories Otomate will ever write.

      ooh I looked up Dragon Age, I’ve not played an RPG for some time, maybe I should join you 8D

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I wish I could play it like you are telling us too! I don’t have the moneys for the Vita lol >< The mini game looks so fun :D. Although I don't think I could handle being shouted at to get butterflies. I was giggling (due to the shouting) when I watched your video of the mini game.


    • Ohh yeah it took me some time to save for a Vita too >: Maybe sometime in the future you can play it! It’s really a game that I don’t want anyone to miss. The story is just really good.

      Haha well for Hikage he was just saying to aim and shoot but for others like Karasuba he would be really playful and be like “bang!” Or Kagiha is all “That’s right, well done!” I think it depends on the character.


  5. Thank you for the review!!!! I notice your review when I still in 2nd chapter, and have to fight super hard to not take a “quick peek” because I know I’ll read the spoilery part (like I did with many games before and regret it LONG after that……).

    All praise to the hardworking staff ^w^. Sorry it become very long, it’s because a game this good is very rare now, so I can’t help but rambling in other’s blog 😀


    • Hello! Thanks for reading!

      Sorry I had to delete a bit of your comment because it is a spoiler for others, but I’m glad you liked the game! It’s true that such a realistic game is very rare for Otome Games, and while I didn’t cry as much as you, I agree it’s very emotionally charged (like I wrote in my review I was pulled around all the time OTL)

      About the monsters, there’s no mention of where they came from. It’s hard to answer your question without spoiling other people so just play on 😀

      Happy Gaming!


  6. I just picked this game up at Bookoff yesterday. Don’t know when I’ll be getting to it but I’ve been prioritizing Vita games so probably sooner rather than later.


      • Hahaha. Thanks. I wasn’t sure if I was going to pick anything up, but I had considered buying it beforehand and was like…well, it won’t really get cheaper than Bookoff haha. I didn’t get ReBirSo. Bern hearing too many bad things about it. Good thing I waited on that one.

        Trip is going great! I got to meet up with some friends, do some exploring. Getting my Japan feet back slowly hahaha. I really don’t have to walk this much at home so it was hard the first few days. I got sick again though…I need like 健康おまもりor something because I’ve been getting sick way too much for my liking lately.


      • Sounds great! Hope you ate some wagashi 😀

        Totally know what you mean. I like walking but when winter came I was kinda heck I’ll get a bike cuz my supermarket is 15 mins walk buh.

        Hmm was it a sudden change in the weather or something? Take care to keep warm and rest well! Hope you find a cutesy charm!


      • I actually haven’t had wagashi yet. The last wagashi I ate was the one I made at school hahaha. They’re so pretty and intricate it feels like a waste.

        It could be. It’s pretty warm where I’m from. It took a while to kick in though, so it might just be my body hating the cold. I personally like the cold but it sometimes likes to beat me up.

        I don’t know if I’ll actively look for a charm, but if I find one I’ll probably get it. It’s been a bad few months health-wise.


      • If you drop by a temple they would probably have some! Or you could get Vit C tablets instead haha.

        Enjoy the rest of your trip! And I definitely want to know how you feel about Kokuchou after you finish :3


  7. Omg that game looks so fun. I really want to get along otoge for vita. But I don’t know if I should get that for the port for ken ga kimi , witch one did you like the best and was the longests . Or do you know any other good long ones so the psVita.


    • Hello!

      Well I played the PC version of Ken Ga Kimi and I loved it! I would say buy the PC version for Ken Ga Kimi because the graphics are very nice, and would definitely be nicer on the computer screen.

      As for VITA games, I’ve only played 4, and I recommend Kokuchou, Senjou no Waltz and CodeRealize(this is a long game).

      Have fun!


      • Thank you very much. Sadly my computer nearly works. So I desired on the vita version of ken ga kimi and so far it is my favorite otome game right now I am in the middle of Suzukakes route and am loving it. I also got code realize and that is on backlog. Next time I have money saved up I can’t wait to try Senjou no Enbukyoku. But omg the art and voice acting in ken ga kimi is so pretty


  8. I hesitated to buy the game but finally got it. Thanks to your review 😀 I really love it ! I don’t regret having this wonderful game. I love the Bgm, do you know who is the composer ? I heard that was Love Solfege but I’m not sure.


  9. Pingback: Jyuuguchi in 2015 | じゅうぐち:

    • I don’t like Askys because their work quality is horrible… but yes, it’s great that it’s being localised because it’s a fantastic game 🙂 It’s my favourite out of all those I’ve ever played, along with Norn9!


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