Possession Magenta Otome Game Review

Another non-spoiler because sorry I am too lazy to write out the summary for such a long game and honestly the character routes are not worth writing about. I actually forced-skipped through them except for MinJye and Souta.

Possession Magenta in a nutshell:


殺すうううううう。I’ve been up late recently trying to finish this game and this fella is more noisy than normal when I’m awake wwww

The guys eyes turn red (Magenta actually, and hence the name of the game) when they are possessed by the Tarot cards and they attempt to do their sexy on Suzu (heroine) or otherwise try to kill her.


The guys are all in love with Suzu already when the game starts, or fall in love at first sight, making for lots of lulz and rofl when they hit on her and get rejected, or when Ayame, Suzu’s best (lesbian) friend says some really nasty thing to shoo them away.

I was initially annoyed with Ayame because of her shrill voice but gradually started liking her when she toned down and started enjoying all the little squabbles among the characters. Lots of cute scenes, very moe-able and DAMN YOU MINJYE YOU GOTTA COME ALIVE AND MARRY ME NOW. It doesn’t help that Ono Yuuki uses his sexy voice for Minjye.


Wo Ai Ni too. Damn you sexy beast ( ;∀;)

There are 8 chapters (Acts) and 7 of  them are the main route, interspersed with dates with the guys and collecting information of the murder mystery. Each chapter, someone gets possessed and Suzu has to purify them by looking for a Tarot card that has possessed him. It’s pretty clear from Act 2 that Suzu has something about her family background undisclosed, but it’s only revealed in the True End route.

I would say that the main route was well-written, BUT the individual routes that are all incredibly DUMB chuunibyou fighting, whereby the thingies come out from the Tarot cards, and the guys have to ‘find themself’ and get out of the illusion shown to them. Oh give me a break.


Also, at the end of each individual route, nothing is resolved, because the true Nazotoki comes in the ‘True End’. Yeah okay. If it were not for the individual routes that make me tear out my hair, I would certainly like this game lots even though they threw some pretty obvious clues to us already.

The other complaint I have is that Suzu doesn’t have any female friends other than her lesbian friend Ayame, and since the guys are all so cool, there were lots of potential for those ‘jealousy’ scenes. I know it’s done to death and we know eventually that it’s actually some stupid misunderstanding, but I just love bits where the heroine goes like “oh maybe he likes someone else…. I feel so sad etc” because that’s all part of the falling-in-love process!

(Jyuuguchi says that because she likes bittersweet stories (;´・ω・) damn you sadist)


There were plenty of gags though, and the faces of the guys when Minjye first appeared were priceless. The common route was written well since the balance between character interactions were good, but I.JUST.DONT.KNOW.WHY.THE.GAME.TURNED.OUT.SO.BAD.IN.THE.CHARACTER.ROUTES.


Very touch responsive, (except no dimming of text screen) lots of little extras like collecting cute UsaNeco, RAIN(LINE) message screen and Mytter(twitter) screen. I loved the system! It kind of follows Quinrose/Operetta’s skip/rewind keys and was really easy to use. Swiping the screen right or left could get you to rewind or forward too, so I really have no complains.


The animations were fab, and even the love status screen was pretty and cute. Other features include eyes and mouth animation!

There were a few timed choices like when you had to choose whose side to be on or when you wanted to chase after someone before he gets away. Probably just to make you nervous but nah – just use a guide, because there are 3/4 endings for each character. Like away too many in my opinion, and I tried not using a guide on my first round but failed to reach a Good End so I ended up using Choro’s guide.

I wouldn’t mind not doing the Bad Ends like I didn’t for Code:Realize, but the problem is there are CGs for the Bad Ends and once that happens I feel obliged to………. (;´・ω・)

——–Music, art———

CGs were pretty sexy, especially when the guys were possessed:


and the bad end CGs in the ‘Last Boss’ room were chilling and pretty.


I really like the pop-colour art and while I’m not a fan of Sarachi-sensei’s art style, I do like the character designs, especially Taiga and Minjye, though the freedom of their uniforms are a little over-the-top, especially when Taiga wears a military hat to school rofl. Seems like you can wear anything as long as you have the school emblem on it.

The characters themselves are really intriguing too, with the cheesy lines from Kousuke, blushy childhood friend Souma, military maniac and cheerful Taiga, moneyless and head-in-the-clouds Yuusuke (Or Peach, as they like to call him) And not forgetting my sexy guy-with-too-much-money MinJye too ( *´艸`) I was a little annoyed with Kanade in the first chapter though, because he spoke so slowly and acted like an autistic child. They were probably trying to make him the slightly weird guy with a darker side but he grew up with Suzu since 5 years old and I just don’t see them going together. And maybe Maeno isn’t good for this role because his voice is too adult. They probably should have chosen someone with a more Ko.akuma voice?

Apparently it was Sarachi Yomi sensei who requested for the techno-pop music and good job! Ocassionally I’d get annoyed when the music was too jarring at certain scenes, especially when I play at say 1am and have to chuck in earphones so I don’t disturb my neighbours. And yeah, here’s a video for you to be amused by some very sexy music during possession:

It’s shaking because I couldn’t stop giggling, I’m sorry.


I’m not sure what to say about the game because I really liked everything up till the individual routes…. and if you ask me ‘where is the love’? I’d say it’s ‘gone, gone, gone’. The True End was kinda “erm, okay lol. I kind of knew it, but okay” and while I didn’t expect much plot from an Otoge, it was more the love bits that threw me off this time.

I didn’t care about the Preorder CD (theme song sung by Kanade), and I really don’t want to keep it lol. At least give a drama CD seriously?!

Overall entertaining game and if you’re interested in the murder mystery, definitely give this game a try, you’ll enjoy the pop-art and great acting of the seiyuus and LOL quite a bit I’m sure, but expect to be frustrated in Act 8 where its the same chuunibyou shiet of Tarot card fighting and 自分探し for every route. And of course the music was great accompaniment to the atmosphere of the game!

Hmm, 3.5 stars.

On to Root Rexx!

11 thoughts on “Possession Magenta Otome Game Review

  1. Pretty much feeling with you on your thoughts but you already knew that. I’m gonna finish up the game today probably but I think I’ll listen to the multiple drama CDs that came with my set in hopes to say something positive about the game. (´・ω・`) My final thoughts are already a ranting mess so I’ll need to clean those up too www

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really hope you enjoy the goodies too! If not, there’s no saving it. I got the regular edition only and I already applied to sell it off ww

      And your patience to sit through the nonsensical junk is 👍🏻👍🏻


  2. I went into this with little hopes, so I wasn’t too disappointed with the portrayal of the story/setting/plot. But still… Some of the stuff in this game made me facepalm so often that I mostly played through it with my left hand on my forehead.

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  3. I probably won’t get this now that I got myself a Vita. Although the sexy music time did make me giggle uncontrollably 😛 Your review has saved me! (and my wallet) for more important things (like Teikoku Kaigun Koibojou) keke. I pre-ordered it the moment I got the Vita xD.

    I disappeared for a bit, real life is just OTL…But I shall make a concerted effort to pop in and say hi 😀


    • Hello Tea! Nice to see your comment again! 😀

      I’m glad it saved you money, I’m glad I managed to resell it too to get some money back. Teikoku Kaigun is so wktk!! I can’t wait for more information to be out soon, and from the shots the background art looks great too!

      Aww I hope you get over your rough patches soon! XOXO


      • Thanks 😀 I know what you mean, I have been stalking the official site every chance I get to see if anything new popped up xD.
        Is that your mouse? He/She? looks a bit demonic in that pic xD but still very cute :3
        Oh I’m just out job hunting lol I miss the security of school xD


      • Yeah that’s my hamster. She’s ruby eyed so “possessed” :p

        Job hunting!! That’s going to be me next year ORZ good luck with that! I hope you find a great job!

        So many new games coming out during autumn… And I’ll be working on my grad thesis so I don’t think I’m going to have too much free time for my 2D babes anymore D:



  4. I really did want to get this game too *sigh* I’m really interested in the tarot card CGs but obviously I wouldn’t buy the game for that. Thanks for the review! I always appreciate your thoughts. You and Hinano basically saved me from getting the game. Still, I would’ve preferred for it to be good and have had to add it to my to buy list…


    • Hey Sena!

      Yeah it was a big disappointment for the individual routes, but I think the common route was pretty fun. But still, not a game worth spending on.
      Hope you’re having fun with those games you bought recently!! 😀


      • I wish I could say I was playing those games I bought recently but real life has been keeping me busy. I only started playing games recently again over the last few days to try and catch up on some old ones in the backlog that I started and stopped playing. I haven’t even opened a lot of the new games I got yet ( ╥ω╥ )

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