Dengeki Girl’s Style 2014 June issue (7号)

First up… Thank you for 50 followers! 😀 Hope you guys continue supporting this blog. (Read to the end for a small thanks  on my part)

Second…. I’ve kinda abandoned Soubou Sangoku Sou Sou’s translations : I’m working more shifts this two weeks because the new pastry chef is tall and kuudere I need money to fund my otoge goods. I might finish the translations somehow but it’s not anytime soon, since I’m rushing my backlots as well.


Right. Why specifically this issue, Jyuuguchi? Well….. READ ON TO FIND OUT (slapped////) (*´艸`*)

**Even though these pictures are not scans, I appreciate if you do not copy them to your website (and get Jyuuguchi into trouble (>_<) due to print copyright laws) And seriously. These pictures are only about 1/10 of the whole mag.

**Please buy the magazine if you want to read more about this issue! (Available on a variety of websites like Amazon, Rakuten, cdjapan and blahs.)


1) Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival….. what the heck is that?!

The fandisc of More Blood, apparently. And Yui is the only one to get a change of clothes. And we get some illust of  Azusa omg so cute wwwwwwwwwwwww the Mukami brothers.



2) Some otoge called Puri Pia or something. The CGs hint that it’s going to be a stupid heroine. Forget it. You don’t even need to look.

IMG_0957 IMG_0958

Ok, if you really want to know…. the heroine breaks a plate one day and gets told to join this cafe whereby all the servers are handsome guys. It can’t get more dumb, sorry.


3) A drama CD series called ‘Seasonal Boyfriend’ (Shiki Kareshi) that starts with Summer and ends in Spring next year. The first one comes out in late July. The illustrator is the one who drew the Arcana series. While I didn’t finish the game due to the stupid day-to-day system, I do like the art and the trio from Arcana.


Left guy is voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko… Him as a playboy adult character is something new.


4) Some trigger kiss introductions.


In case you didn’t know already, it’s a futuristic game whereby a accident occurred long ago that made those born next have superpowers. 1 out of 5 humans get these powers. The heroine joined this club that is about to get scrapped off and they decide to join the national ‘superpower club contest’ to win victory and preserve their club. The main point of this game is that you have the ability to strengthen them through a kiss on their hands. ……… Which means you kiss your Vita. Dahell.


It’s not on the official web yet, but this guy is one of their competitors…. That hair! Those eyes! That delinquent design!! I WANT A ROUTE WITH HIM ( ≧Д≦) 、 、


5) Introducing Langrange point, another money-making scheme singing thingy like Marginal #4


Their names are… Shy. And Kira. Rofl.

Marginal #4 is also becoming a Vita game…. Quite lame.

6) Kaleido-Eve… Has been a mystery for some time. We get a little more information here, but not much.




The heroine has the face of a ohitoyoshi bimbo. And the characters seem to be quite boring despite the storyline’s premise of them being some kind of country-defending organisation. Need more information to decide if I’ll play this….


7) An introduction on K, with CGs and etc. The heroine looks dumb. I’m not playing this.



8) Binary Star introduction

IMG_0976 IMG_0977

The art is a tad too colourful and honestly looks similar to Code:Realize’s drawings…. though the artists appear to be different. Code is drawn by miko and Binary is drawn by RiRi. The setting of Binary is the cliche ‘my parents died and now I’m an orphan’ crap which leaves lots of (??!!) for me. Will play this if reviews are good.


9) Majoou introduction



He’s cute he’s cute he’s cute arhhhhhhhhhh (*°∀°)=3萌え

If you needed to know, the yellow guy is saying “I hate you. Someone like you…. I hate you….” As he kisses her. Kyaa-!!

Check out the introductions here:


10) Black Code



Whoever they are, they’re kind of cute. Even after reading the introductions, Black Code looks dumb afterall….


11) Random introductions


Re:birthday song and Un:birthday song is a new PC game drawn by the artist of Dialovers. For Re:, the heroine is a shinigami candidate at a school and was formerly human, so are all her playable characters. I really like the heroine’s design and I’m looking forward to this but I have no plans to play it yet… PC games are not my thing. Re: will be released in Winter. There’s no information on Un: yet, except this picture.. lol.

The other game introduced is Ayakashi gohan that I didn’t take a shot of since it’s so teeny weeny. Depending on choices the heroine either goes onto a youkai route or human route. It’s different from duo-protag since there’s only 1 heroine, but her personality changes according to choices. Sounds fun. August release.


A secret Chronostacia route for Horick if you haven’t played. But I couldn’t care less…. I don’t like Horick at all… but if you do, play it by all means! (:



Introducing Urakata Hakuouki’s fandisc characters with a full page illust of Sakamoto Ryouma.


An OnoDai interview for his role for the above guy.



Soubou Sangokushi’s Chou Un introduction (not really, again. lol)

IMG_0994 IMG_0995

I feel kinda cheated buying his CD. I mean, his CD cover (on the right) looks quite horrible. Compared to the left picture and his design on the official web, his CD cover really needs some remaking…


Some KamiAso article that I didn’t look at. Seems to be an interview, but looks boring -3-



Lookie! It’s Fuji and Shian! ( ≧Д≦) 、 、 、ペッペッペ!!



Oh yeah…. I forgot. There’s a saying in Japanese that goes ‘handsome men can’t be hurt by water’, so this issue features quite a few gravure of 2D men with water running down them, under the theme ‘Even water drips off them’ , like the illust of Fuji there. And the cover of Ayato and Kou with water on their cheek or something.



12) KgK artbook, sneak peek…

I didn’t buy the deluxe edition that would have come with a box and another booklet illustration. I thought it was kinda sad about the booklet but why on earth would I want a box. I suppose it’s a smaller version of those boxes the Edo Japanese used to keep their kimono in, but you’d be paying double the price. What for?!






Page 1………


Dahell are you doing, Tsuzuramaru?! Yobai?! (Hirumabai?! lol)

That’s all I can show. For now.


13) Last…..


This tokuten came with it. I’ll be uploading it as a thanks for 50 followers, and will probably do so 2-3 days later. For my followers who want to listen, just email

**If I don’t reply you, it doesn’t mean I’m ignoring you. It just means I’ve not uploaded it yet.

**And please don’t upload it onto the internet. Many thanks.


This two B5 clear folders also came with the mag. For any of my followers, if you can prove to me your birthday is in June, send me an email with your address and the proof. I’ll mail the clear files to you.

**If I didn’t reply you it just means it’s already given out. m(__)m

Ciao. Who knows when will be my next post. I’m off to eat my cake now.






Yes it’s my birthday today (・∀・)

6 thoughts on “Dengeki Girl’s Style 2014 June issue (7号)

  1. Woah!!! Another June child!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *sends a virtual cupcake*

    I’m actually really excited for Un: Birthday Song, because they said in the PV that it’s a tragic love story!! I’m literally obsessed with star-crossed lover themes. Fufu.
    The illustrations are wonderful too, so I’m really looking forward to hear more about this game. Everything else doesn’t seem that interesting though…


    • Thank you!! **devours cupcake** (^∇^)

      I’d like to play both versions of birthday song too, but PC games make me lazy.. Re:birthday’s heroine design is really cute though, we never get a short-haired girl, ever.

      And I love tragic stories too. The
      More tragic the better. (Gets slapped///) ( *`ω´)


  2. Hapy birthday!! *\(^o^)/*☆☆☆☆
    (Those UtaPri clearfiles look cute, but unfortunately, I was born on September XD)

    I guess from those games, the title that got me curious is Trigger Kiss. I mean, you need to kiss your Vita screen? They really have thought of a weird idea to make use of Vita’s touch screen in an otome game XD


    • Thank you!! \(//∇//)\

      Yup, the idea is to kiss the guy on the hand when the feature prompt comes up to ‘power him up’ lol… Well since they’re porting games to vita, I’m kinda glad we get to use more functions instead of just dumbly pressing next next next next…. The only other otoges I know to use other functions is Jyuza for ‘timing’, Chronostacia for the analog and utapri music…

      But yeah, I can’t imagine myself kissing my vita. And worse, imagine myself kissing a guy’s hand ( ̄◇ ̄;)


  3. Happy belated Birthday! 😀

    I don’t think I’ve bought a magazine like this since Cool-B last year. The issue that came with that short BL game, “Ikare Chinpo-ya”, which was both hilarious and “WTF?!”

    Dark Fate and now Vandead Carnival? ε=(・д・`*)ハァ… I can’t-but-can believe that there’s gonna be another bloody Diabolik Lovers game. My only hope is that the profits from these money-sponges will be used to fund Rejet’s more worthwhile projects.

    As for Trigger Kiss, I don’t really have too much of a problem with the silly kissing system (it’s an interesting utilisation of the Vita touch screen)… It’s more the shitty premise that deal-breaks it for me.


    • Well, I don’t like school-based games, so I wasn’t looking forward to trigger kiss as well, but it might be worth a try after the more important vita releases aka, Reine, Waltz and Code: 😀

      Because as you said, I’m glad that we get to utilize more functions since we’re switching over to the vita!


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