Tokyo trip (21Dec-23)

Merry Christmas!

The first thing I’m gonna say is that I’m glad I don’t live in Tokyo – Too congested, too-unfriendly (because of all the stress), and of course, too many goods to buy which will ensure I go down to Ikebukuro every weekend just staring at all the 2D men and their goods. I didn’t take too many pictures, because honestly, snapping pictures in that endless stream of pushing fangirls was both embarassing and positionally difficult. Nevertheless, here’s some shots from my short wonderland.

I’m not exactly sure where I was clearly, since at every corner there would be a store to browse old games and CDs. The corner for PSP otoges were frighteningly huge at every store:  (I think this was Akihabara)


This is the annex Animate at Ikebukuro which I went to by mistake, but stepped in to peek anyway. 8 stories both Honten and Annex. They were having the animate cafe for Ace of Diamond and something else but I have zero interest in sports manga, so I didn’t go in.


And at Honten, I was just standing there like a gaping idiot by the rows and rows of otome game related stuff:


And Kabe-don, anyone?


Oh and I gotta mention that there were different Kaleidoeve life-sized guys posters on the lift doors of each level, and in the lifts, they were playing voice messages by the Kaleidoeve guys about getting squeezed in the lifts, which had the girls in the lift with me giggling at the conversations. It was just, 2D men so close to you.


Forget the Butler Cafe; I didn’t have enough courage to waltz in alone and sit there for 2 hours. I would certainly be making a pervy face at every turn. I headed to their Annex to get a lemon tart and read manga. The waitresses were cosplayed completely as maids, and cute too.

I didn’t get a chance to go down to Rejet shop before Christmas Eve, which was a slight disappointment, but after walking through Ikebukuro for 6 hours straight on the first day and Shinjuku on the second, I was completely worn out. I just comfort myself that the Tokyo Rejet shop isn’t going to be any much more interesting than the Osaka anyway.


And tralala, my treasures from Ikebukuro, Otome Road!~~


A Hakuouki Hijikata perfume which I had no idea existed was totally going into my perfume collection, and a Haginosuke Rubber Strap!!! (Which means I don’t have to order the whole box from Honeybee.) Couldn’t find Suou, which was a big disappointment though.

I must mention I love Norn9 and these biscuits were absolutely yummy.


I saw the Cd for Jyuza and Otoko Yuukaku (Kagerou: Nojima Kenji) and was like “WANT. Sorry wallet, but WANT.” (Never intended to buy them by preorder but….!!!) I then popped into a secondhand store to see a completely new norn9 djcd 1 (which I was been hunting for 3 months with no luck) for 1500 yen, and second-hand Senjou’s Deluxe soundtrack and drama CD set which I got as well. (Senjou no Waltz’s music, not one to be missed!!)


It’d be good for every Otogemer to visit Ikebukuro one day to just get swarmed in the 2D culture, but honestly, lying on the couch with a game or earphones plugged into the CD of the month is still my favourite pastime. When there’s too many screaming fangirls around, I don’t feel like I own my 2D guys that much than when I have them in the quiet of my home. 😉

And right till New Years, Happy Holidays all, and have fun with your 2D sexies! :p

9 thoughts on “Tokyo trip (21Dec-23)

  1. Hello there! that comment on unfriendly and too much stress, gosh I can relate soo much ;;;A;;; It’s my second year living in tokyo as student, the first year is kinda cool and super excited with everything, so I didn’t realized the negative part until my second year and I feel really stressed out too now 8″”D
    oh by the way Otome Road is Indeed 2D heaven haha xD I like to go to Lashinban, they sell so many cheap things there xD
    That pushing fangirls lol where is it happening? on some event? because so far I’m fangirling here they’re pretty polite though haha xD maybe I’m just pretty lucky at that time eh xD


    • Hello Chie!
      Hmm not too sure where the pushing fan girls were, I was too distracted by my 2Dmen to care :p I actually got a little lost (笑)

      Ooh I hope things will get better for you.. And enjoy your studies more! I was just really angry when 2 girls knocked my chopsticks box(scattering them to the floor) over and they just said sumimasen and left without picking it up… Tokyo people are always rushing and keeping up with appearances I guess ;A;

      But yeah… I still like having my boys all to myself in my own quiet room 😉


  2. I know what you mean about snapping or…lack of snapping pictures. I felt awkward just browsing around sometimes when I first went to the Ikebukuro Animate store. Your pictures and commentary really makes me want to go back though. I’ve been to Japan a few times, but yeah…Tokyo can be a bit much. I think I got a little used to it that last time I went. And all your goodies look great!

    And those stair posters…I think when I went, it was mostly Diabolik Lovers guys. It’s a shame I didn’t really know too much about Rejet when I went. I didn’t even look for the store because I didn’t know it existed. Of course, I got into drama CDs after my trip. Every time I go to Japan I just get hooked on more things.

    “Forget the Butler Cafe; I didn’t have enough courage to waltz in alone and sit there for 2 hours.” Yeah. I think I’d be in the same boat as you. I always tell people I don’t think I’d live if I went to one. I’d die at the entrance, hahaha.

    I also, prefer the 2D men in the privacy of my room xD

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  4. I never knew animate had a cafe! I’ve been to Ikebukuro a ton of times, but I’ve only ever been to the animate by Sunshine City.
    Ahaha, don’t worry, I totally embarrassed myself at Akiba’s animate by taking a crapload of pictures of everything otome game related. I even did the kabedon with the exact same poster board in your picture. Is there a Rejet shop there? I’ve been to the one in Shibuya’s Parco (they have Rejet and Otomate!), but they didn’t have a lot of merchandise. I’ve never bought a drama CD by preorder or full price (I go to Book Off instead >.<), but I'm thinking I should for preorder goodies. I haven't found series yet that I'm willing to do it for, though (and I'm only here until August or so!)

    I totally get what you mean about not wanting to live in Tokyo. I'm here for a year, but I already absolutely hate packed trains. I made a mistake of packing a banana for lunch and it was squashed and disgusting when I got out of the crowd…
    I haven't been to Otome Road, but I'd like to go (not sure exactly where it is…)!


    • Hellooooo!

      Otome Road is in Ikebukuro! Basically the entire stretch where Kbooks and those second hand CD shops are is Otome Road!

      Well the Autumn-Spring series this time round has mini metal charms for each CD you buy, (Skit only) which I find really cute because I love metal charms.

      Yeah Animate has a nice cafe but they’re always only on popular animes, unless you count that one season Dialovers got really popular. Otherwise, I recommend Swallowtail or Rejet/Otomate cafe which always has collaborations!

      Yeah Rejet is still mostly a internet-order focus, so unless you stay in town, it’s not very worth it to get the CDs from the shop because they usually reserve the best tokutens for Skit only…

      Haha its Osaka and Kyoto for me, it was basically a claustrophobic experience in Tokyo (^_^;) but I loved the amount of otome goodies there. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!


  5. I was wondering how do you preorder games at an animate store? I will be going this summer, and I would like to preorder a game while I’m there, but I have no idea what to do ^^;;


  6. I need to check out Otome Road more properly. I went to K-books and the Ikebukuro Animate auxiliary store about six months ago to look for cosplay goods, but I haven’t been back again. ^^;; I don’t mind Tokyo very much, but I also don’t go very often, so I think that probably helps keep my image of it clean. えへへ


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