ROOT∞REXX Otome Game Review

Never play an otome game for its mini game. New life lesson added to 1) never play an otome game unless interested in at least 4 of the playable characters. ***Rant ahead, be warned.

While the common route was rather entertaining in its own way, the scenario writing and interactions between the characters were boring as hell. The game is all about the world from a 16 yr old’s pov – too much of giving people too much credit for what they do and too much good in the supposedly ‘bad’ characters. The world doesn’t work that way I’m sorry, and it’s too much even for an Otoge. 

The heroine was put out to be of some personality, but I got bored after a while with the excessive rose-coloured lens way of thinking and optimism and would have liked to see a little of her unease or fear of REXX disbanding despite her efforts.

The mini game was relatively entertaining, but the constant switching between different instruments (and thus different parts of the the VITA screen and rear touch pads) within a 1.30min song made me annoyed a little while later. Here’s the worse part: THE MINI GAME COMES AFTER YOU FINISH PLAYING ONE ROUTE. NOT DURING THE ROUTES!!! Here I was hoping for some release midway the routes but had quite the biggest disappointment of my life.

Aki voiced by Kakki was the main guy, but the way Kakki voiced his character made me really really annoyed, considering how he speaks supposedly ‘gently’ but is in a rock band that requires bursting vocals. And a sickness that allows you to hear all kinds of noise as music? <inserts roll eye & faint .gif> His CGs were also terrible. I’m certain that we want more from CGs than just these:


This is the first PSV game I play that I don’t save ANY CGs before selling the game disc off because I don’t see why I should.

The appearance of MADLips characters though, made the game a tad more interesting since they are the senpais and much of the reason why REXX stopped is because of their relationship with MADLips. The MADLips guys would have been more interesting as love interests especially Kanzaki Kaoru voiced by NamiDai. I’ve not seen a more annoying NamiDai character yet and he saved Root Rexx from being completely hated by me haha.


Mikanagi-sensei is one of my favourite mangaka, but the CGs are quite bad, and pop up at times I really don’t care about. ( `ー´)

The only interesting route in the game is Asagiri Jin voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi, and to get to him I would have to finish 5 boring routes. I force-skipped about half of the game and got quite amused in Jin’s route due to his Do.S and sarcastic way of speaking, but his route ended prematurely with a hug and going to work in London for a while since he is so much older than the heroine, and being the Producer of REXX made it weird for him to be involved with a JK.

And the worst thing is he’s the oldest guy and don’t even get to tell her his feelings in an after-story or something, yet some of the main guys proposed to the heroine with a wedding ring right after graduation or a year after graduation from high school. Come on? There’s no way ever fresh high school grads would have the money and resolution to do that. Otome game, yes, but do not bring in near-impossible scenarios in a game that imitates real life so closely.

System was okay, but really simple and BGMs were not to my liking. With this, I wonder how I Doll U is doing since it’s also part music game if I remember clearly.

2 stars.


I’m never gonna touch a music game by Otomate again, and never touch a seishun otome game again as well. I’m considering not playing Prince of Stride because I’m majorly afraid of that Cero B and seishun now. Guess I’ll be waiting to see what Amazoners say.

Now onto KenGaKimi for V, my last PSV backlog!!! I loved this game when I played it two years back, so I’ll just be writing about the extra scenarios and stuff.

13 thoughts on “ROOT∞REXX Otome Game Review

  1. I guess I won’t have the problem since minigames are the bane of my existence and I would never get a game due to minigames. If anything, I might avoid them because of it xD

    Sorry to hear it wasn’t that great of a game though. Regardless of being able to resell, it’s still a disappointment (and those CGs really aren’t anything special…). I was semi-interested in I Doll U but I’m running far away from that because…music game hahaha. I made one mistake in Utapri Music, never again. I don’t even know what possessed me to get it since I feel like I’ve always had problems with minigames hahaha.

    Congrats on catching up on your Vita backlog!


    • Ahaha my problem is I really love mini games and I mostly loved all those psp games with mini games in them.

      Yeah I wasn’t expecting much from this game in the first place, but the team really needs to work on their scenario planning… And the mini game only had 5 songs with singing in them, and the rest were all rock BGMs. I guess for someone who isn’t much of a rock fan, the whole premise of reviving a rock band was dead to me in the first place XD

      Haha I wanted to get the 3rd Utapri music but I’m not sure how it’s gonna work on the Vita so I’ll wait and see….


      • Well, it’s hard not to buy games for things you like hahaha. At least you know that overall, minigames shouldn’t be a deciding factor hahah.

        I’m personally a rock fan, but I like legitimate rock. I don’t usually care for rocky bgms or this poppy rock they tend to put in otome games so yeah….

        I didn’t even know they were making a music 3 hahahah

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      • Yeah lesson well learnt haha. I should have gotten project diva instead 😅 well meh, Otomate games are a wide variety so I guess this just didn’t suit me.. Or like Princess Arthur and Senjou from the same team, J liked one game but not the other…

        Music 3 is coming on psv! Glad that Broccoli is finally on the wagon….


  2. I’m sorry to hear you had to suffer through this game. It really sucks that the mini game you wanted to do came after all the boring stuff >.> Plus the disappointment of all the routes 😦
    Don’t you get stressed by mini games? I remember the stress from the chocolate making mini game from Tokimeki Girl’s Side….
    Congratulations on clearing your backlog 😀 Now get your money back and pretend this game experience never happened 😛
    I would highly recommend project diva! It’s so fun I’ve been playing it non stop since I got the Vita…
    Your reviews are so helping in filtering out games :3

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    • I’ve played the psp Project Diva and loved it, but couldn’t clear the last song (I have slow fingers haha) so I think I shouldn’t buy the psv version :/

      TBH, one of my main decisions about buying a PSV game is whether it has a mini game anot- since I’d like to be entertained more than just the visual novel itself after having invested in a new console and of course the game cartridges themselves… And nope I don’t get stressed by mini games, I love them 😀 I think when executed well, it helps the player enjoy the whole visual novel even more. But not all mini games are done well and can be annoying sometimes (both of us have the experience already haha)

      Yeahhh it’s off to the second-hand shops. I’m already a regular there (roflolol)

      I’m glad my reviews are helping! If not, there wouldn’t be much use of a blog with followers haha. Is your next game gonna be Teikoku Kaigun? Will you play any others before that?


      • Mini games would seem to be more innovative on the PSV due to the touch screens (makes much more sense). The Uta Pri one looked fun, but I’m so uncertain about that series now.
        The chocolate mini game in Tokimeki was quite fun (the stress came from the outcome of chocolate making, if you did bad you made poison and got a terrible response from the guy lol)

        I think Teikoku Kaigun will be the first PSV otome game for me, sadly North America gave up on the PSV so not very many games out. The localization of Code:Realize and Norn are coming out the same time as Teitoku Kaigun, but I will only have enough money for Teikoku.
        Hooray for second hand shops! Get some money back!

        I have a backlog of games on my PSP to finish. I don’t think I should add to the backlog 😛
        I also have to replay a Tokimeki route cause it’s the guy voiced by Nakai Kazuya :P, I missed a CG OTL

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      • I see! I hope Teikoku Kaigun is a good game so it makes your money worth it 😀 D3p is making effort to be innovative and I really like that so I might end up playing all 3 of their new Otoges~~
        I don’t know about localizations…. I still preferreading stuff in English generally but I don’t like playing games made in Japan in English language, it just feels weird. Vice versa, I absolutely don’t want to play walking dead in Japanese – like what the heck? haha XD
        Rofl poison! That’s pretty funny. Well Otomate is utilising the touch screen pretty well, and honestly most of their PSV original games are of high standard which is why I am continuing to be a serial gamer :p


  3. too much of giving people too much credit for what they do and too much good in the supposedly ‘bad’ characters.

    Damn I hate that about otome game heroines. The dude’s an asshole, why are you still running back to him ಠ_ಠ Happens a lot in R-18 crap lol. (Oh he raped me but he has such a fragile heart I must cure him with my vagina!)

    And yea Otomate and music games are bad. I’m hoping the I DOLL U one won’t be too bad. I ordered that and prince of stride so I’ll be reviewing both of them (though I’m a snail thanks to FF14 so it will be some time xD)


    • Haha this is one of the Otomate games that are not fit for Vita… ROFL curing with getting raped. Yeahhh writers love going into that trope of mixing up pity and love.

      I’ll be playing POS too! Somehow I got points on Animate that will let me get it free so why not XD


  4. I was curious of this game at first because of the rhythm game part but the art wasn’t pretty enough for me so I skipped on it. But from your review I’m so glad I didn’t bother with this game! I’d love to see that Kamiya character though XD

    AND UtaPri Music 3 for vita?? Why wasn’t I informed of this?? *_*


    • The mangaka draws really well and colours really well too, but she’s wasted on this game – probably all the budget went to recording the band songs and etc….
      Haha yeah Utapri music 3! I won’t be playing though


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