Dot Kareshi~We’re 8 bit lovers! I + II + III

This game was a little short for me, but setting was interesting so decided to try it out. The length probably isn’t a problem for most people since it’s probably a filler games, or they like Namikawa, or the concept itself is interesting. To be honest, I started this game because I love playing RPGs and I like Matsukaze, Morikubo, Yamaguchi and Toriumi’s voice 😀 Namikawa and Hirakawa and fine, but they’ve been out so much that I’ve gotten bored of their voices lol.

The music was really cute and the battle scenes were not bad. And the fact that they all just want to make a move on her is hilarious. The romance was lacking for me because, well… it’s only an hour’s worth of play for the first character and less once you skip the common routes… But as a player of RPGs I gotta give the heroine some credit. Maxing levels just by grinding even though often running out of potions… Besides that, making them walk all the way without telerocks or carriages… switching off the effects… I can see why they are angry at her 😀 ahaha

My favourite is thief, mahoutsukai, yuusha, souryou. I am quite into yancha types actually, and I really like thief’s fighting pose, with that mischievous finger on lip thing it’s so cute *.* Yuusha’s battle scene was kinda exciting with the dragon and all, but his character isn’t really as sexy as they made him out to be in the CG…

Mahoutsukai is a amainbou and often sulks saying ‘it’s ok, I know you weren’t very much interested in me T_T” which makes me feel like glomping him. Sometimes when the guy shows his weak side it can be kinda cute too you know? Souryou was just kinda LOL all the way. I like matsukaze, but was bored with souryou’s route D:

As for II, there were kinda random characters along the way. There’s the doM Knight, doS kemonotsukai, nosebleed monk and an odoriko(dancer) that I seriously couldn’t be bothered to play. I played kemonotsukai first (omg Feitan!) then monk. By then I was kinda getting bored of the repetitive drama. You know, otome gaming gets kinda boring sometimes when the same voices, roughly the same setting (school) and same art appears.  Well of course for 8bit II Toriumi and Hirakawa are great actors but I would’ve wanted more macho voices for both characters.

For III, the characters are all ‘from the darkness’. There’s Maou (Demon king) who’s actually a useless guy, a pervy shota slime, dark knight and my favourite Murabito!! (villager). Murabito appears to be nice and weak, but is actually the strongest one and attempted to destroy the world so he can live with you in a new world. Damn, I love yandere types :p Especially his drama CD track (// 3 //)

Whaddya know, Rejet games are good stuff. It’s a good filler game and the short play time was perfect for me since I don’t really like PC games.

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