Shinobi Koi Utsutsu – Review

Quite disappointed for this game. The theme had great potential, but it turned out really bad. I was drawn to the colour scheme of shinobi koi: it combines colourful neo tones with anime-like art, so it’s not as realistic as the recently played games, and actually really emphasises how this game is for younger girls (not a baabaa like me :p) The only thing good is probably the OP movie(song)!

The characters personalities overlap alot when they are in mero-mode which made the game very stale after a while… Still, if you play for the seiyuus you will probably like it.

Ok, so let’s start with the prologue. The heroine when she was younger, had her parents killed before her eyes by some bad guy and she was freaking out because she’s about to be attacked too when suddenly a man comes in to save her and fight the baddy. He wins the baddy and seals away something in her. Ever since then, she desires to become as strong as that ninja who saved her and hopes to meet him again someday.

She works in a teahouse to fund herself for living expenses and the dojo (like a school) for ninjas in the neighbourhood. One day the elites of the most famous ninja school are passing by and she goes out to take a look too. There’s the red-haired tsundere Sarutobi Sasuke, blue-haired taciturn Kirigakure Kuroto, white-haired glasses boy Yuri Kamakiyo, light-blue haired pretentious shota Garaiya, playboy Anayama Daisuke and this adult guy Sanada Yukikage. While she’s looking, stuff happens: someone in the teashop runs off with a wallet and the heroine chases. After a while she catches the robber and it happens that the vice-chairman of he elite ninja school had been watching her moves. He offers her a place at the elite school with scholarship on condition she must get top grades after six-months.


She transfers into the school and on the first day, meet the elite 5 again, together with the gentle teacher Sanada. She accidentally uses her powers on them (she didnt know she had these powers) They start fawning all over her, saying they want to make her theirs and all that crap. I think this game is just a cheap watered down version of  R18s for when you need someone to fawn over you.


They call her powers ‘the mero-mero ninjutsu’. When they are under this spell, their personalities gets reversed from normal. Sasuke turns into a straightforward honest guy, Kuroto starts calling her Princess and acting all knightly, Kamakiyo becomes a seme-type and whispers suggestive things, Garaiya becomes a yandere, Daisuke becomes serious and vows never to hurt her and Sanada becomes even more seme than Yuri.

After I played the prologue I was like ‘what shit is this… lol’ I expected a REAL ninja game like the one from NTT, not some stupidheroineXschoolXninjaXstupidstorylineXrandom times the guy gets horny.



A stupid tsundere who blabbers everything he means not to say, and vice versa. He was a dancer of Kabuki, until he ran away from home to become a ninja. His dad spies on him sometimes from trees because he wants his son back in the dance and to continue the family line but he gets sick of this forced ideal. The heroine gets bullied alot in this route (serves her right (・∀・) for being so stupid)

In the end they visit his home and he has a chat with his papa, telling him he still needs time to decide between ninja or Kabuki. And he ichas with the stupid heroine. He uses fire for his attack.




The smarty-pants of the lot who is actually a pervy guy and turns extremely red in the face when the smallest suggestions of love is mentioned. He teaches her work and helps her a bit with her ninja skills. He uses lightning.


He has a complex against Kuroto who sleeps in class all day but still gets better grades. He’s the second son of his family so he has a complex against his bro too, who is an extreme smarty-pants and genius by nature. He works hard for everything and is the student council of this school.

Was a little bit disappointed with his route since we rarely get Glasses Boys for otome games ): Maybe they’re all too young for me lol. happyAnyway turns out his bro is in the elite government-ninja group and he wants to join them next time because he respects his bro alot and gets really happy when his bro acknowledges him.


Garaiya is the saving grace of this game. He has a weird name, talks hillarious weird shit all the time and is a real loner. I usually don’t like shotas but he’s my favourite this time round. He uses dolls for his attack.


He gets so happy when she visits him daily in the library (he’s the librarian) so he makes tea and burns aroma candles, talks hilarious Goth crap and always hints at his love for her. But he’s actually supposed to kill her and take her blood to use it for the Tokugawa coup de’tat so he doesn’t tell her his feelings, he writes it all in a letter which she finds later.

(Finally we get some storyline) Garaiya is the sole survivor of his clan, Date that Toyotomi (current ruler) crushed. Date was working under Tokugawa so when Toyotomi took over, they crushed the Date clan. Garaiya cannot defy the Tokugawas because they took him in after Totoyomi killed his clan.

When the vice-chairman, the baddy in disguise wounds her badly. He breaks his doll Lucifer and his powers come out, turning Shota into hot stuff. Dark Element also evolves into something stronger, so he fights the Tokugawa jiijii and wins. (I really like his naming sense lol)


In the end, Garaiya decies to throw away his clan name because it’s the only way he can not be thrown into jail (for helping the Tokugawa coup d’etat) He starts attending school and they go to the festival again as lovers.


Anayama Daisuke

The playboy of the group, his CGs not worth taking screenshots at all, his route boring and I only stopped at the parts where Garaiya spoke -_-


Sanada Yukikage

It was so damn obvious Yukikage was the dude who saved her when she was young. He holds back himself from falling in love with the princess for a while but later decides to eat her up anyway, this lolicon. Urgh.


He only looks cool in the CGs. You thought he would be the cool strong guy like Mori-senpai from Ouran High but no, he’s just another waste of your time.

Don’t waste your time playing this shiet, friends. Unless you’re really dying for the seiyuus to sweet talk you with cheap words. Stupid heroine, stupid storyline, not great art, the same seiyuus recycled again.

Meh. The good games come in April!

10 thoughts on “Shinobi Koi Utsutsu – Review

  1. Wow, you’re absolutely brutal and frank with your reviews… I definitely prefer reviewers to be totally honest about how they feel.

    “I expected a REAL ninja game like the one from NTT, not some stupidheroineXschoolXninjaXstupidstorylineXrandom times the guy gets horny.”

    I hate making a decision based on the book’s cover (though I judge, of course), but it sounds like I was right on the money with this one. Totally along the lines of what I was expecting.

    The first thing I didn’t like was how these “elite ninjas” were dressed. However cute it is, and however the game is supposed to be marketed towards women… Ninjas don’t dress in bright colours! You know, since that would kill their main specialisation: ESPIONAGE. The protagonist is more of a blatant Mary Sue than many others I have come across in a looong time. None of them have real ninja abilities. They’re more like Asian mages than “ninjas”. Blame Naruto! 😀 This is a trainwreck, and you were strapped to the seats! X_X

    Otome game fans are too complacent. If this kind of thing is going to become the “general quality” of otome games, we’re fucked, my friend.


  2. Well if a game is shitty, no point praising it :/

    I was kinda alright with the clothes since they had to make the characters stand out from each other and since they were still schooling (whatever the heck it has use for anyway) BUT the game is horrible really. I can’t believe they have goods on it -_-

    The keitai one by NTT solmare I played was way way better, and if you read the manga Tsuki no Shippo, it’s about ninja too, and it’s true that everything they do is about covering up their presence…

    Asian mages! I think you’ve nailed that! I think this game got popular only because of the Seiyuus, especially those hardcore fans who’ve married voices and need their fill of sexy talk.

    They totally ruined the ninja theme. Play solmare’s if you can! 😀


    • Very true. A lot of people prefer to to diss politely, I’ve noticed. Especially those Japanese bloggers and Amazon reviewers! In all honesty, I hold back on a lot my swearing and do tone down my cynicism.

      True about the clothes, as well. Gosh… if they were schooling, wouldn’t it be more likely that they’d look similar since they’d be in uniform? Actually, I’m not quite sure… ninjas were trained, yes, but not in a scholastic environment. More than the fact that this game has goods… I can’t believe some people will buy it because they’re devoted to a seiyuu.

      I don’t play keitai otome games, but not because I have anything against them. I just end up playing PC or PSP. My PSV will get more use once the download versions of the games get released! When or if I do decide to try a keitai game, I’ll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks! 🙂

      Seriously, with a lot of otome fans, nice art + nice voices are all they need. I’m not saying that all otome games have to be super-deep or complex… just that fans deserve more than this insult. Moe tropes with cute art and great voices sold well enough to make goods? Makes me a sad panda. 😦


      • Wow I really want a psV!! >< but I'm saving up at the moment and just bought a new psp cos my old one died abruptly (second hand from someone else) and so far the only psV game worth playing seems to be reine de fleur, so I'm holding back on it.

        Well it's probably better to be polite… Just that my angst for stupid games increases when I type it's review, making me go into rage mode 😀 Some people don't even need nice art…. Look at the trope of games with their horrible art that get a reputation because of Seiyuus |( ̄3 ̄)|

        But you know, can't blame the developers for making these stupid games since pandas like you and me are few… The general otogemers swallow everything wholesale like we said before on the forum )):

        I don't really like PC games cos I prefer to lie on the couch like a beached whale with my psp in one hand and a root beer or bag of chips in another… I started Ozmafia on your recommendation but I'm too lazy to continue :p

        Oh and \(//∇//)\ Chou no doku is releasing perfumes for each character like 5000++ yen and I'm really tempted to buy one :p


      • I got one a while ago ’cause I wanted to get Dragon’s Crown and the Persona 4 port. Haven’t got neither yet. My sister is finding better use for it to play Danganronpa 1&2 Reload. Reine des Fleurs is very promising. I do think the whole goddess mumbo-jumbo makes little sense but I’m interested enough to stick around to see how the game pans out. Plus it’s downloadable on PSN! No shipping fees FTW.

        I can’t think of an otome game with shitty art that has good seiyuu. I guess both are subjective.

        Word, pardner. I can’t blame the devs/pubs/prods myself. I admire the Japanese fans’ loyalty, but sometimes it weirds me out. In a similar way to how my “I’M MARRIED 2 EREN!111!1!” friend does I was telling you about some time ago. Mrs.-Yeager-to-Be-in-Her-Delusion at least has standards, HA! 😀

        ROFL, beached whales?! That’s like my avatar of you in my head forever, now! xD I like PC games because the resolution is better and it’s easier to read the text. You just have to press like one button to progress through. Whereas with my PSP, I have to hold it! Two hands! Man, I can get pretty damn lazy too.

        Perfumes? That must be a thing in Japan now. I’m still chuckling at the Shingeki ones! I want Amami Kyouko’s perfume if it exists and if I had to choose, haw haw. She’s fantastic. Which one do you want?


      • You’re gonna rage at me, I’ve not started Danganronpa yet! In fact, I forgot about it :p And whut?! Reine is on PSN?!

        Actually I don’t know what that means. I see you looking at me with an 呆れた顔.

        To be honest, I hold my psp with one hand (hamburger style) and set it on auto mode = no pressing of buttons except selection = I’m lazier than you (: I agree PC games are better for the resolution though, especially when I can rip the lovely CGs and see them big on my screen 😀 If KgK was on psp it wouldn’t have been so good. Really!

        I thought Yuriko’s would be nice, but I’m very interested in Shiba’s! He’s spicy 😀 Ooh Kyouko, unfortunately they don’t have a Kyouko scent :/ It would be bewitching… I loved her BGM in the game but can’t decide whether I like her or not, since she seems to not really be on Yuriko’s side sometimes. You know what….. You just gave me an idea. I’m going to play Kyouko’s BGM in the cafe where I work today and hope no one realises its source…. **chuckles Amami Kyouko style**


      • I’m not gonna rage! I haven’t started on any of your recommendations yet myself. I recently went through my entire backlog and deleted some stuff, but I ended up adding more anyway! 😛

        Not yet, but Reine will be downloadable on or around the same time as the packaged releases will be. 🙂

        LOL, I think you win the laziness competition, pal! Now I’m imagining a beached whale eating a hamburger. 😛 I never use auto mode; I’m too much of a control freak.

        Yuriko’s would be nice… Kyouko is like my favourite character in ChouDoku, which baffles many of my friends. Her ending left the most interesting aftertaste, IMO. I think that’s why. If you work in a traditional Asian cafe, Kyouko’s theme would be wicked!


      • Did I ever tell you sexy whales… AND hamburgers are? <= ド変態発言! Σ(゜ロ゜;) TOTALLY JOKING… or am I? 😉

        20mL for 5400 yen? If it's an eau de toilette, that's pretty damn expensive. Even for a standard "dab-on" perfume that ain't cheap. I prefer perfumes from the department stores by proper brands anyhow.


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