Rejet X Smart Review チラ見せ

To be blunt, it was nothing great despite all the hype they gave it. I’ve never criticised any rejet product before since they have always been rather innovative with their projects. The only other thing I didn’t like was them (my thinking, at least) going “Ooh, look, our teistar stuff is selling well, let’s resell bws, since they are by the same artist, and even so, the limited version only!!” But I was kinda Oh, okay. Just use the money to make more good stuff…. Which they did… coming up with  interesting new series.

I’d recommend it to hardcore KENN fans (you’d be sure KENN’s company had some part to play in this), margi4 fans and those who have money to spare, but my friends who’ve bought it are all lamenting over the contents. For a start, I thought we would have some KgK and dialovers in it. But, we got nothing about dialovers other than the cover. And KgK was one pin-up poster which we’ve already seen.
It was about 1/10 the contents of a B’slog/DGS and yet twice the price. But since it was mainly to promote Rejet’s new projects and current ones, let me try forgiving them for coming up with such trash. Even though I bash it like this, there were still quite some parts of the magazine that I liked, namely, the paper quality, the appearance of some unexpected characters and hmm…. well, see for yourself.

1) Yuutaku 2 (EguchiTaku and OnoYuu forms a band) so we get some shots of them goofing off. Well, it’s an obvious advertisement for ‘Sacrifice’, the new CD series which uses a theme song sung by them. (They voice the first two CDs)


This is the point where I complain about the lack of effort.



IMG_1266 IMG_1267

So in the end, they probably wouldn’t see me laughing over a cup of green tea, half-amused by their bad English (or lack of effort) and half-not-so-amused that this was a waste of money.

And the shots were terrible, with them crossing the roads and all. I don’t think I can’t spot an artistic photograph when I see one, but the pictures were taken as if a stalker was following them.


2) Margi#4 & KENN

Alright, this should be the saving grace of the mag, since even though I’m not that big a M#4 fan, (the only album I own is Masquerade) I was pleased with this section since I got to see 2 photos of Suzuki Yuuto, my eye candy.

There were many pictures of KENN, here’s one.


As expected of an artist, he has the looks. But he’s a little short (most J guys are), and the way his other shots were made gave him short legs. さすがアティストです。イケメン。

Next is Toshiki Masuda, the only one with the most gorgeous voice in M#4 , as Atom.


Well I’ve been seeing everyone with the sweater over neck thing here, which isn’t my thing, And I was focused on his glasses……….. He has the casual university boy look, innit? そのなにかを隠してる笑顔がいい。すごくいい。

Then, there’s Suzuki Yuuto! (❛ ◡ ❛)❤


I love his sporty look and smile. In another shot, he’s wearing a Chinese collared shirt. And is hot. さわやか!!!

The other one is Takahashi Naozumi….. I didn’t take a shot of him. He is the ojiisan of the team wore a pretty weird garb that the stylist did up for him. But his casual self-styled clothes were a mix of punk-rock, which was pretty good fashion for an ojiisan.


3) Rejet boys Fashion battle (❛ ◡ ❛)❤

My next favourite section.

Lip On! It was Tomoe VS Norio. And of course, since I only bought Tomoe’s CD, I’d pick him anytime.

IMG_1279 IMG_1280

There were also some ‘coordinate points’ and stuff, but I felt that Tomoe’s bag was a little too big for his smart-casual….. Well.

If you didn’t look carefully you’d think it was Kakou Ton and Sou Sou from Soubou. But nope, they’re from REZZ, Kanpeki Freedom, voiced by Eguchi and Maeno.


Both looked great, with the purple haired guy (whatever his name is) in polo-smart casual and the white haired one in a little punk look. But which 2D guy doesn’t look good?

Well, this one.


Initially I was all, dot-kare!! Yay!! And since Mahoutsukai appeared I was ready to give this page a five-star, but when I saw Tatsuan wearing flowery granny pants, I thought better of it.

There were others like bad medicine, which was rather interesting, since it showed grown men wearing white wool and light blue pants.


4) Teistar Yukata and SS

It’s Seishi on the front and Sanji on the back, that’s all…..


Forgive me for putting my Fuji bookmark there. Because I really wanted a Fuji Yukata and summer SS!!

5) Who the hell are these

IMG_1286 IMG_1287

One new Rejet project. I couldn’t care less, but there’s Kamiya, Tatsuan, Onodai and Kaji in it, and the fashion was pretty stylish too.

6) Then comes the advertisement….


Just one picture and the summary. Nothing else. Perhaps I should cut them out and make them into postcards (-_-)


7) Hirakawa Dai photoshoot. 3/4 pictures squeezed onto one page, total, 2 pages.


Most of them were of him looking emo, with lots of shading and light contrast in the pictures. As to why they chose him, I have no idea. Maybe because he’s appearing in 2 of the new CD series?

Oh whatever.

8) Some pictures of the band REZZ. Couldn’t give a hoot.

And the end. I’m not kidding.

Where’s my KgK?????? Where’s my dialovers???????

Well I’m keeping it for the KENN Margi#4 and Rejet boys battle pictures, but to be honest, it was crappy. I’ll never buy a Rejet mag again. 

3 thoughts on “Rejet X Smart Review チラ見せ

  1. DDDDD: I bought it but I dindt watch it yet because it’ll arrive next week… and if you said it’s not nothing great… maybe I shouldn’t have bought it? DDD:


    • Ahahaha…. Well I was expecting more content, like clothes for all dialovers characters or the Ken boys in modern fashion…. or more words explaining the styling…. but it’s like a picture book, it’s such a shame T_T

      But you may like it, let me know! (:


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