Minus Eight – Review + translation

I know I said no more reviews until end of April, but I’ve completely abandoned my work for next week, since I’m going to go crazy soon. This is another one of the backlots I’ve been dying to play but never got around to it. Another original idea by RejetxOtomate! I just had to play this (smirks)


Basic story:

The heroine being unable to pass her other high school entrance exams due to either having had fever or seriously bad muscle aches from entertaining loser guys at her middle school, ends up in Mogura Gakuen, and starts the first year of high school, meeting 8 boys from her class known as the ‘Zannen Boys’ (Pitiable boys)

The school principal tells them the school has a debt of -8 million and is going to get torn down if the number of couples in the school doesn’t increase, because the government will give the school financial aid if more couples are formed during the first year. (wth lol) In comes the heroine’s homeroom teacher who has a 35 year loan on his back from buying a mansion and begs the class to start dating so he won’t get fired from his job. The students start introducing themselves one by one and first comes:

Kazahara Maya

Tall and not bad looking, he stands up to introduce himself and-.. DA HELL?! He has the high pitched voice of a girl or kid! He tells everyone to rely on him should they need help and that he’s a leader-type of person, but despite all these, the heroine instantly thinks ‘it’s pitiable… his face and voice don’t match at all!’ A good friend with Otohiko.
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko

Tonami Otohiko

The next guy stands up and a voice is heard but is nowhere to be seen. She looks around and is like ‘wow… this guy is tiny…’Raging at everyone not to call him a chibi, he says he’s gonna get taller by 36cm this three years of high school. A hardworker of sorts. The heroine goes ‘The height… a pity…’ Always arguing with Maya.
CV: Shimono Hiro

Kuramochi Aoba

Next comes some kind fortune-telling dude who says he will tell anyone’s fortune or luck for the day and send them emails if they need it. The heroine thinks no way she’s going to get such luck-predicting mails everyday. From where he should start walking, to the colour of his clothes and food menu, he predicts his fortune. Always helping out poor Jun. Despite his kindness, she thinks ‘nope…. pitiable…’

Nijioka Rion

This guy stands up and comments that everyone is wearing boring clothes. dressed in some funky pop sweater and yellow lacy boots, he tells the class they can come to him for any fashion tips and tricks. “Nope…. definitely pitiable…” He sends the heroine a picture of himself later and attachment of a clothes store lol.
CV: Kimura Ryohei

Itsuki Mario

He stands up, talks some weird shit with random Cantonese, French and German words mixed into his archaic Japanese and the teacher tells them he just came back from overseas so he doesn’t really understand the language. Starts his sentence usually with “Hanya-” Which doesn’t make sense at all. Seriously. “Yes… cute but pitiable.” He gets translated by Ikusa.
CV: Miyata Kouki

Utano Jun

He stands up and falls straightaway. His daily life consists of getting chased by dogs, clawed by cats, pecked by crows, choking on drinks, being given the wrong items dropping his food, having things drop on him, and essentially getting the worst of the worst luck everyday and anytime. The heroine gives up on calling out their pitiable points. Gets his daily dose of what to avoid from Aoba.
CV: Ono Yuuki

Nanjou Keima

An aspiring band member whose band gets disbanded all the time. He doesn’t get that his vocal sucks. Music idiot and comes to school day one with a guitar strapped to his back. Always trying to find members because everyone abandons him after some time haha.
CV: Morikubo Shotarou

Saeki Ikusa

When he came out last, I was like “*swoons* what’s a cool guy doing in Minus 8?” Polite, handsome, smart and good in sports. What could be so sad about this guy? (to me nothing) but the heroine thinks Mr.Perfect is so perfect that he is a little unhuman and reversely becomes a pitiful guy because he doesn’t have a weak spot. He says things straight out and is always trying to correct and help out Mario.
CV: Nojima Kenji

Out of these 8 guys, will Zannen(minus) and Zannen(minus) become love(plus)?!


As expected of Rejet, the background, music and character designs are great. The text screen is also different from Rejet’s usual bottom-box, and is made of a small crumpled note-piece. The heroine facial expressions are awesome and the way she butts in on their words and actions… (I especially love the heroine’s OMG face. It’s hillarious)

So who did I want to jump in to do first? I thought of Saeki or Jun or Mario, and decided to go with Jun first, since he made me laugh alot for being so lame. The character routes are common all the way until the school trip in October and each event is different depending on which character you choose.


Common Route

The first event the school has is during the first week of May, known as Golden week in Japan, where the kids go out to play for a week. The school with their flowerbed ideas, set up a rule where a girl must go out and play with two guys during the week. Depending on the character you choose different things happen.

For Jun and Aoba, Jun arrives a little late because crows attacked him and he crawled through the trees. They have a meal that took a long time because Aoba was fortune-telling what food would be most lucky (seriously?!) They wanted to go to the amusement park but due to Jun’s shitty luck it was closed, so they go to a karaoke box and sit there and do absolutely nothing.

In Maya and Otohiko’s route, they meet up and go to a cafe, where the heroine orders melon soda, Otohiko orders iced milk so he can grow taller and Maya orders Black Coffee in his kiddy voice, to which even the waitress laughs. They have some fun quarelling over Otohiko’s nickname ‘PiyoHiko’ (chickHiko) and they go to the amusement park later.

For Saeki and Mario, they go to the zoo, and Saeki starts telling them about the different species of penguins, and how he remembers things after reading once. The heroine comments how they’re like guardian and child. Mario calls Saeki ‘Club Head’, then ‘Captain’, then ‘CEO’, which made me burst out laughing. They go to eat pizza after that.

The second event is a radio event. The homeroom teacher grabs you and sends you off to the radio station to talk about the school. Choose your character and host the show together with him. Some Pocky (they called it Jacky) game occurs where the amount of time you have to talk about the school depends on how much Pocky you and your partner (on either side of the stick) eats.

The third event occurs during swimming class. After the minigame, the character you chose blows dry your hair for you. for Jun, all the hairdryers break. Yeah. (like WHAAAAAT-?!) Seriously too much of a gag character. The group chat for the characters are really funny here as they comment about the heroine in her swimsuit.

Jun: You, you know… today, she’s so….
Mario: I understandeth, John (´・ω・`)
Keima: I get it… I totally get it, Jun
Ikusa: I understand… yes, very well
Otohiko: I get it… I get it. Mm.
Aoba: The goddess at the poolside right
Rion: Huh, you guys talking about me?!
Maya: Yes…. Hell no!!

The fourth event occurs during summer holidays.. The 8 sad guys gather to do their summer homework on the first day so they can go and play together after that. Somehow you’re always with these guys (lol). They gather at Saeki’s house and depending on the character you chose, you get to go out with him once during the summer break.

The fifth event is almost character routes, so it’s vastly different for each character. They go on the school trip whereby the crazy principal tells them some people have to sleep male-female in a room. (Uhh, abandoned babies and pre-marital pregnancy rates, dude?!) Anyway, most of the time nothing happens duh. It’s an OTOME game. The guy is SUPPOSED to be pure, ok?

In between these events, there are other stuff like sports festival and art class where you get to raise your affection points. There’s also Mine and Meitter (Line and Twitter -3- lol) that shows you what the guys is thinking or what he sms-ed to his best bud, or the group of guys commenting randomly on stuff.

After school trip comes Halloween which then branches into character routes.


Utano Jun

Nope, not uta no prince sama. He’s far from being princely. He has the worst luck and the best gag scenes. Damn, I laughed so much during his route. Anyway, during the school trip, he faints from getting car sick, and when the heroine and him goes for dinner, some cat attacks their food, and the rest had already eaten so they go to a far-off convenience store to buy food. He gets happy that he can eat with her and says its his lucky day despite the inhumane number of bad-luck incidents that happened. That night, the other guys in the room (5 of them I think) have slept. Jun’s futon gets wet for some reason and he shares a mattress with the heroine. In the morning he is found hugging the heroine in the futon and the guys drag him out and make him run 20 rounds around the compound.

In halloween event, he is dressed as a werewolf and manages to makes some friends because he’s always getting into some trouble. Later he realises he likes the heroine who is
always around him helping him, but he doesn’t tell her. Some time later the school’s Love News Letter has the heroine’s name and he thinks she got a boyfriend, so he starts avoiding her. Turns out it was the stupid school principal’s mistake. Jun gets happy and they start talking like normal again.

In December, the school has a Christmas party and his usual bouts of trouble happen, but he appears on time to get her away from some despo guys looking for a girlfriend. They fall into a table with a cake and get it all over their clothes. He licks the cake off her face (omg!! (/ω\)イヤン)

During the New Year temple visit, they fall into a hole and gets saved by the other 7 guys. During that time, he gets upset that he’s always getting her into trouble since she sprained her feet trying to get out of the hole. He starts avoiding her again but she jumps on him, telling him he can’t quit school for such a stupid reason (he wanted to go train in the mountains to get rid of bad luck). A car almsot hits her but he saves her and he tells her he will work hard to protect her.

He falls sick after that incident and she visits him, making him porridge etc. The next day is Advancement day, so he promises to go and tell her his feelings. Happy end: Jun manages to arrive in school safely and on stage, they confess to each other and kiss. They go to the amusement park and kiss on the ferry wheel.

Normal end: Jun falls into a hole on stage because the principal tried digging hot springs underneath the hall ground (wtf lol) the school gets torn down due to its large debt, with all the events and now the hall ground broken. Jun gets a broken leg, poor guy. They get transferred into another school, but Jun has to repeat a year because for some reason, all the test he took in year one returned to zero because the answer sheets he got were faulty or something.

Hmm…. he’s a real loser and absolutely hilarious, but occasionally so daring it makes me wonder where did he get that courage from. He awakens my sadistic side real bad. I want a butler Jun now, so I can see his misfortunes, laugh at him then comfort him as he latches onto me crying as I pat his head like a kitten. MUAHAHAHAHA %^!$!@$&@!$&*$ (it’s assignment/report/exam month, so Jyuuguchi’s a little crazy at the moment)


Maya has a complex over his own voice since it’s like that of a kid. He struggled to do muscle training, and to help out people in need so he’ll become manly, but he can’t do anything over his voice which he is always conscious about. He’s always going on about protecting the heroine and in art class, instead of drawing her, he drew himself in front and protecting her who was crying at the back lol. He also gets embarrassed easily even though he’s occasionally pushy about taking care of her.

During the school trip, they get a room together and talk until 5am in the morning. Nothing spectacular happens in his scene, but the heroine admits to himself he’s a reliable guy. During Halloween he gets a maid costume and everyone laughs at him since they say only his voice sounds like a maid. (In Mario’s route, Mario keeps calling him a hentai crossdresser until he throws snacks at them lol!!) The costume is accidentally torn since he’s so tall and the heroine fixes it for him with him staring at her throughout.

During Christmas he grabs her ribbon and puts it on himself so that no guy will approach her, and gets happy when she tells him to keep it. He then kisses her hand like a prince (*´艸`*) And during New Year, she gets swept along by the crowd at the temple, and despite him hating his voice, he starts shouting out for her in the big crowd leading everyone to murmur about the gap between his face and voice. The heroine gets pissed with the people talking about him so she starts shouting that she loves Maya her boyfriend. Even though it was out of anger, both of them get really embarrassed after that and decide to call each other by their first names.

When she went to buy chocolate for Valentines, he crept behind her and helped her not to get pushed around by the queue. The next day she sees him eating chocolate and thought he likes another girl, since he said he wouldn’t accept any chocolate except from the girl he likes. Unfortunately he sees her standing nearby and when she runs away, he chases her through the whole school until they arrive at some empty classroom. He grabs her and clears up the misunderstanding and she gives him the chocolate, to which he happily accepts.

In good end, they manage to confess and the school gets enough money to continue (-3-) and in normal end, the school gets torn down, but both of them miss the chance to confess and decide to wait until they go to the same school to confirm their feelings.


Itsuki Mario

Having transferred schools all over the world, he has picked up a strange way of speaking and only Saeki understands him. But somehow the heroine comes to understand him as well (you’ll get used to it and eventually get what he means lol) and they becomes fast friends. Mario was always alone when he was younger since people avoided him as they couldn’t understand him, so he’s really happy he gets close to the heroine. His way of speaking is hilarious because he keeps using the wrong words, like when he wanted to return a lost wallet to the police station, he told them “I need to hurry because I’m a pervert” instead of “I need to hurry because I’m in a rush”

During the school trip, they have a pillow fight as both of them get one room, and he accidentally hits her head. He gets flustered and starts patting her head and apologising in that weird archaic Japanese mixed with English and random words.

For Halloween, he’s dressed as a little devil and gets lots of sweets during Trick or Treat because he tickles everyone until they give up. They go to the rooftop to eat the snacks and lie down to look at the sky and Mario holds her hand to thank her. Bu the guys come in and start asking them what they were doing alone on the rooftop, and Mario, being the kotoba-tennen he is, tells them, they were holding hands and having faces that were very close and that he couldn’t breathe properly, to which the guys were like “….. Sorry for interrupting, dudes!!”

During Christmas he gets drunk from eating a cake with brandy in it. They go outside and he gives her a snowflake necklace and puts in on her, falling asleep in the process (on her). Saeki comes and apologises for intruding on their lovey-dovey space, but the heroine yells at him to drag Mario off her. At new year he wants an item to pair up with her, so he buys a protective charm for the two of them, and he didn’t know it was for marriage luck, which made for lots of amusement for me. They also go on a date to the zoo and the animals love him, and he says its because they don’t need words to communicate.

She finds Saeki and him in and empty classroom during Valentines day, because Saeki was helping him practise his words when she gives him chocolate. She gives him the chocolate cake, which the three of them share in the canteen later. This part was kinda disappointing because I was expecting her to overhear Saeki and Mario role playing giving chocolate, and she mistakes them to be homosexuals, which would have been funny. Lost potential gag!!

To help him with his langugage, they go to the library to read picture books, and the kids mistake him for a storyteller so they crowd around him and make him read 10 storybooks lol. Before Advancement day, he has been practising hard to learn the proper words to confess his feelings for the heroine until he gets anemia and blanks out during gym class. In Good end, he successfully tells her his feelings and they become a lovey dovey couple and go out to play during the spring break. They meet Saeki on the way who was going to the library who wants to study on how to get the heart of females.

In normal end, they still become a couple but the school gets torn down and they get transferred to another school. Since his language is still weird, he accidentally says “who do you think you are” instead of “what’s your name” and finds it hard to get into the boys group. Later the heroine tries to get him into the conversation about one girl’s cute clothes, but unfortunately he uses the wrong words again and says that ONLY the girls CLOTHES are cute, which pisses the classmate off. On the way home she says she feels like a guardian and a child rather than a couple.

His route got me smiling like an idiot in front of my psp often, like with Jun’s route since his wrong use of words were just so extreme, and him being a pair with smart Saeki made it even worse since the difference between them is so big.


Sorry for being lazy, but the game is worth playing as a filler, probably not something that will make you want to go on… I ran out of gas for this game after Saeki Ikusa.

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