Chronostacia Translations + Review

Chronostacia’s review/translation/summary/walkthough/guide/whatever-you-call-it. Is here.

The system controls are Otomate-idiot proof, and pretty with all the cogs, especially when you set it on auto mode. If there is a town scene, there will also be random flower petals flying all over the screen (all year round lol). The system music wasn’t as good as they set it out to be on the website, with an OP and ED not very to my liking… but at every click there will be a sound of a clockhand moving. The art of course is lovely, and glowy, suitable for this theme.

Alright enough of me ♪~ <(゚ε゚)> Here goes.


CG video X Norn9’s insert song! (I saw the similarities and just HAD to do this :p)

English subs:

Gather the roses, maiden
Gather the roses, maiden
Until your heart returns

Let me give you a song(poem)
So that light will one day shine on your long prayers

The jewel that has ripened in the sky will soon fall
And the hourglass will once again turn

See, you can hear it can’t you?
The voice that you wished for,
The sound of joy.

Time is fulfilled and will be born
And each time flowers blossom,
With desire there is fear but
Entrust it all

Vanity of vanities
All is vanity
Water disappears like bubbles

A peeled lemon satisfies the heart
With a bitter taste

A pipe smokes, gives out its last sound then breaks,
And the hourglass will once again turn

To an world, somewhere that will never be known,
To the sky that connects them,
Two hands have been raised up uncountable times in pleading

Time will fall in the opposite direction again,
With eternal days flowing by smoothly

The hourglass will turn again
And you who had left your heart behind once
Will soon reach a warm comforting place
Time is fulfilled and overflows,
Returning even to the root of trees
Let us now rejoice
And forgive everything



** “Chronostacia” appears to be Greek. Chrono-Stacis means ‘Time Stop” so “Chronostacia” should mean “the one who stops time” which is exactly Lucia’s role. Adam also did say he wields Chronostacis, making him also a Chronostacia, but of despair.

The story opens with the heroine falling asleep at the counter of the cafe she’s in, wondering why there’s no customers today. As she’s about to doze off, she suddenly hears a loud sound. The mascot of the bank ‘Kuma’ is outside, making alot of noise about how it’s the 10th anniversary. This ‘BANK’ is a place where people input their time and stores it like cash, and seems to be the government of the country Aruvion. Her uncle Horick Sol, an eccentric inventor and the owner of the cafe soon comes into the shop, asking her why the sign is ‘closed’ instead of ‘open’, and she gets embarrassed about her mistakes and hurries to open the shop.


Just now she discovered a pretty hourglass necklace which had sand that wasn’t falling down and had been holding onto it since she couldn’t put it back into the clock. When Horick discovers this, he gets serious and slightly scary, and tells Lucia she mustn’t touch it if she ever sees it again. Customers starts coming in for tea and cake, and they’re all regulars and Jii Jiis -_- A while later, Kyogo, a childhood friend of Lucia is outside the shop surrounded by dogs and puppies and Lucia gives them food to eat. Apparently, he’s a dog magnet and they follow him around everyday. Kyogo is learning swordskills, and works as some bodyguard, and is obviously already in love with the heroine.


The mascot Kuma suddenly rushes into the cafe ‘Kokono Kokono’ and asks for help, with a man chasing it and beating it up. Kyogo and the heroine try to stop the man from beating up Kuma, but the man who was defeated by Kyogo once eats a couple of weird pills and becomes mad, rushing at Lucia with a knife.


At this moment, a soldier appears, defeating the man with his whip. It’s revealed he is Clive, the elite top of the military group working under the BANK. He gets into a small squabble with overprotective Kyogo over the heroine’s safety and the ruckus in the shop. After seeing Horick Sol who comes out due to the noise in the shop, he seems to remember something, but doesn’t say anything. When Clive leaves, he tells the heroine has taken interest in her and will come back to drink tea as a customer.

The next day, the shop is closed in the afternoon as Horick wants to introduce an important guest. Kyogo is hanging around as usual and speculates that the guest is going to be Horick’s wife, which scares Lucia lol. Lucia and Horick is not related by blood, she lost her memories before 7 years of age and since then has been staying with Horick. The guest comes, who is Theo, a famous artist, followed by a womanly guy named Maririn, who is his manager. He hugs Lucia, thinking she is his lover and saying that she smells delicious.


Theo will stay with them from now onwards in the rooftop which also becomes his atelier. Theo loses his memories everyday one the time hits 6pm, so he has to remember everything anew, which throws Kyogo and Lucia off quite a bit, and Kyogo also gets into a quarrel with Theo who hugged the heroine and asked if she was his lover.

Lucia then retires to her room for the day, sees a flower by her bedside and mentions how ever since she started staying with Horick, someone has been sending flowers like this everyday, and she can never discover who it is. The next day, she’s opening the shop again and is looking at some messages the customers left, when she sees sees one new message “the time in the hourglass is going to disappear soon” together with the flower that she always gets. She gets frightened because there’s no one else in the shop but her, and quickly opens the shop.


Eva, a star of the circus “Lunar Kirux”  affiliated with the BANK comes in, attracting a troop of fangirls whom he signs for and handshakes with until the closing of the shop. Apologising for the ruckus, Eva gives her tickets to a special performance tomorrow at Aruvion castle. In return for that, she offers Eva and Clive cakes, and also Kyogo by pulling on his arm and making him blush.


Theo comes down attracted by the sound of ‘cake’ and Eva, Clive, Kyogo and Theo have cake together later (rofl….. it would be a weird scene) Seeing Theo smother cream all over his mouth, Clive cleans it off for him (…. I am not Fujoshi but this…..Kuroshitusji tingles….)

Eva kisses her hand as he leaves and Maririn (Theo’s manager) comes to tease her about her later. Theo comes out and loses his day’s memory and Kyogo who initially didn’t get along well with him now explains things to him as 3 of them buy groceries for tomorrow. They meet Horick who give his stupid excuse of ‘chasing a rainbow’ as usual and they decide to all go to the circus performance tomorrow. Theo begins drawing a picture of Jugedorasil (the world tree) on the ground so they pull him away and everyone goes home. When she’s cleaning up at night she notices another customer’s unfinished message fallen on the ground “Don’t be scared… despair will make you….” She turns around to see a black shadow that disappears quickly. Horick comes and tells her it must be a fairy to make her laugh, and apologises for leaving her alone recently.

Next day they go to the circus and discover Eva had given them premium front row seats. While wondering-wandering, the land owner of Aruvion, Olfieus comes to greet them, wearing a mask.  Olfieus starts saying flirtatious things and doing the ‘I’m gentlemanly-so-I-kiss-your-fingers” thing which causes overprotective Kyogo to get angry rofl.


The magic show starts and Eva asks Lucia to go on stage to help with a magic trick and covers her with a cloth, but suddenly she hears a voice saying that ‘time is ripe’ and the dimension starts to shake. She wakes up in a room filled with cogs and Eva fallen on the ground. Realizing she has been chained, another voice speaks and she sees the black shadow that she saw previously in the cafe. The man names himself as ‘despair’ and calls her ‘hope’ telling her they meant to be together and licks her cheek (//∇//) and just as he’s about to kiss her Horick and Kyogo saves her.


Horick and the mysterious baddy seems to know each other, and leaving them with the words that everything will be destroyed once the last grain of sand falls, he disappears by jumping down the clock tower and turning into crows. Theo and Clive comes, but they are unable to remove the chains from Lucia as she gets pulled upwards into the cogs. Horick, getting desperate hangs the hourglass necklace she found previously around her neck and tells her to concentrate on the sand inside. Everything around her slows down, noise disappears…. But things return to normal again and Eva finally breaks her chains, saving her from death. Eva tells her he will definitely make it up to her and everyone returns home with an uneasy feeling.

Next day, the BANK has gone into bankruptcy, everyone lost the time that they saved and everyone is in panic. According to the newspaper, last night, the anti-BANK coup de’tat group “Barok” had destroyed the bank. causing everyone to lsoe their savings. Everyone starts whacking the mascot kuma, but it turns the crowd on ‘Barok’ (which was pretty retarded, since every became pretty retarded) with everyone cheering. Clive comes and chases everyone away, and a guy tht previously attacked Lucia in the shop before comes, tumbling on the floor and saying he has to get back his time. Lucia goes to help him up but he suddenly turns into stone and then crumbles into sand.

Horick brings her inside to calm her down and gives her a pink robot bear that he remade from the one that was attacked not too long ago, (CUTEEEEEE OMYBANANAAAAAAAS) and she names it Horickuma  It becomes her helper around the cafe. Horick also gives her the hourglass necklace and tells her that it works by the power of ’emotion’, being able to stop time at will, and this power is called Chronostasis. Horick also says that if she learns how to use it properly, she will be able to protect the ones dear to her even if one day the world collapses. He tells her to think of someone important and slowly learn how to use it.


The story then branches into character routes.


Kyougo “Protective love”

The bank’s mascot Kuma is in the streets the next day making a ruckus again, telling everyone the bank has decided to share benefits with them and gives them free time from the reserves, together with x3 interest if they save time now. The heroine is in the cafe as usual despite it being a rest day for the store and Kyougo comes in surrounded by doggies as usual. Kyougo sees the necklace and tells her it suits her, and that she shouldn’t trust Horick’s weird inventions too much. They decided to go out to buy groceries together despite the town being restless, and discover that everyone loves Kyougo and he’s helping out the town people.


They encounter a cat on a tree and Kyougo shaking nervously goes up the tree but he falls, causing the heroine to use her power of the hourglass, but she’s still bad at it so he falls on her. She praises him at being a good town protector and that he should become a ‘nandemo-ya’ (like Gintoki from Gintama) and he’s about to say something “Yeah, then you too-” but stops and blushes… (・∀・) Is that a proposal I sense? (lol)

But the heroine being the dense bimbo of otome games says she will work together with him and asks about his fear of heights. It’s revealed that he was controlling his fear when she was kidnapped to the clock tower. Suddenly the worldtree with the giant hourglass glows, and they run to check things out.


Barok hijacks makuma and tells them they left 99 days to the destruction of the world and they should not entrust their time to bank. The sand in Lucia’s hourglass turned blue. Horick tells her here’s a legend that can save the world: She has to stop time with her light-sand hourglass and find 3 crystal cogs, and during that time fix them into a certain clock. 

66 days left. Clive tells her the black guy that kidnapped her to clock tower the other day was called Adam and the military has been pursuing him for a long time since he is a vicious criminal. Since Kyogo hasn’t been appearing in the shop and won’t tell her anything she trails him with horikuma  and Clive. They end up at the imperial hospital and lose sight of Kyogo. But he spots them and finally reveals where he had been: playing with sickly children in the hospital who had seen little of the outside world. 


They enter the ‘space of time’ by accident when they were talking about her memories in their childhood days. They walk around the hospital where everybody has stopped and search for the crystal cogs. Adam suddenly appears and they chase him to the rooftop. He attacks Kyogo’s heart(?) saying he’s a nuisance and disappears. Kyogo is brought for checkup and the kids speak of giving him a black medicine that they got from a weird doctor in the morning. The kids eat the medicine and all fall sick because Lucia didn’t realize earlier that it was the same medicine the weird guy ate in the prologue. 

She runs up chasing the fake doctor but Adam appears telling her his and her love will save the world. Saying she has someone else she loves, Adam gives her the antidote and says he wants to be loved and is about to kiss her again when Kyogo comes and disturbs them again rofl. Clive is also there so Adam escapes. They give the antidote to the children  and are told the children may lose hope as side effect. Kyogo is in pain again and it’s revealed that he never fully recovered from his wound when he fell from the clock tower as a kid. It seems that time had stopped around his wound then and suppressed the bleeding. But it has returned to what it normally would have (probably from Adam’s attack) and is hurting Kyogo now. 


She visits Kyogo and they go into the space of time, finding the first crystal cog. After that they walk around town and return to the cafe, finding that Horick has finished the script. Everyone teases them to try out the kiss scene and Kyogo escapes out of embarassment, with Lucia running after him. They try to kiss near the giant tree-hourglass that has turned pink, and do the whole stupid ‘I wanna kiss you but it’s too awkward’ thing until Kyogo hugs her. They finally kiss and get pulled into the space of time again and find the second crystal cog. Kyogo kisses her again and they start ichaing like stupid lovebirds.


Horick tells her she needs to put the cogs into a ‘Pillar Clock’ (Grandfather clock) and it’s actually been in the cafe all along. Next morning Horick has disappeared and they meet at the hospital to prepare for the kids’ play. As they’re walking in the hospital a doctor comes at rages at Kyogo for moving around, saying that his heart is almost gone.. Time stops suddenly and Adam appears, telling her she is not the only Chronostacia and shows her what happened on the day Kyogo fell off the clock tower. It appears that she’d met Adam before and that she’d used Chronostacis on Kyogo to stop time around Kyogo’s heart, which was why he lived. Adam blames Lucia for making Kyogo into an ‘undead’ and says he moved Kyogo’s time to make him die… But his powers can’t completely speed up Kyogo’s time. Adam then tells Lucia to choose him. 

Kyogo confesses that he’s about to die and Lucia wails and cries like a stupid kid and Kyogo kisses her again, saying he wants to make best use of his last moments. They stay late in the hospital to prepare stuff and end up sleeping together, ending in a goodnight kiss.

snap024 snap025

Last day of the world: during the play Adam knocks Eva out and plays the bad role, fighting on stage. Kyogo wins and they go into the space of time, finding the last crystal cog. They put it into the standing clock but nothing happens, with Adam coming to attack them again, stomping on Kyogo and making Lucia lose consciousness with a pill. Oh and he licked her neck. (*ノωノ) イヤン

One hour before the world ends, she wakes up in the clock tower with Adam and sees that the sand in her light-hourglass has turned red. Adam starts talking of Father and Mother and Lucia being a replacement, but Kyogo infiltrates the place to save her. Adam tells them the 3 crystal cog thing is bullshit and that the real thing needed to save the world is a ‘sacrifice’ which is Lucia. Adam then talks about how the world tree wants proof of love and tells Kyogo to jump from the clock tower to save Lucia and prove his love. 

** The ending CGs were not nice, so I didn’t capture them.

Good end: At this point the robot Kumas speak of a system jack. Horick and Horikuma are seen changing a female stone statue into sand which Adam calls Mother. He goes bats over this ‘Mother’ and Kyogo using this chance grabs Lucia. Adam saying he loves Lucia, jumps down the clock tower. Lucia being the bimbo she falls reaches to grab Adam and falls, making Kyogo fall with her. Halfway through a strange light appears and they start falling slowly. The sand in world tree’s hourglass has started going upwards and Adam is seen lying there, suggesting that his true love for Lucia saved the world. Kyogo’s on the brink of death here but light from Adam’s body goes into Kyogo’s heart and saves him (ok…. Too convenient a story) Horick then appears in the space of time and wishes them well saying he has to go. They stage the play for kids again and end with a long kiss.

Normal End: ‘Mother’ crumbles by itself and Adam goes bats, holding onto Lucia and jumping off the clock tower with her. Kyogo grabs her and the world tree accepts their proof of love, saving them. Adam turns into sand as Lucia’s light-hourglass turns black, together with the world tree that turned rainbow colour. Kyogo dies, leaving Lucia alone since Horick didn’t return since that day. She’s left with Theo and Horickuma who help around the cafe KokonoKokono.

Bad End: Kyogo decides to jump down to protect her since he thinks that he will soon die anyway. Adam is shocked since he didn’t expect Kyogo to really jump. He starts laughing since Kyogo is now dead yet the World tree didn’t change, meaning Kyogo and Lucia’s love was not accepted. Adam does the whole Yandere thing and tells her he will protect her from now.


Theo (Tio) “Forgetful love”

Theo is the resident innocent shota with a unique character set. While we always have that ‘genius-a-little-strange-but-cute-shota’ Theo has his own dark moments and feels like a timebomb… you never know when he’s going to go off. But his innocence nullifies his pained moments and makes him an endearing character different from all the evil Do.S guys dominating the otome world.

When Lucia goes to call Theo for dinner, he’s in the atelier and asks again if she is his lover. He says it’s because he has a portrait of her and Lucia is shocked, wondering how he could have drawn that in a single day since the paint looks pretty old and dry, not fresh. Theo, Lucia and Horick eat dinner together and Theo gets sleepy right after the meal telling Lucia to sleep with him. Lucia tells him ‘next time’ so he carries the cat off to sleep.

snap003 (2)

Next day Horikuma tells her Theo is missing so she runs up, only to find him playing with birds… He leaves a memo and a piece of bread to tell himself to play with the birds every morning. Even so, he continues drawing something on the wall everyday that even he doesn’t know what it is, and it was hinted in Kyogo’s route that Theo has some power of prophecy. Theo plays the same trick on her everyday since he can’t remember so she pretends to be shocked. He also grabs her hands to teach her to stop time which unexpectedly worked. They walk around the cafe to see everything in freeze-frame, and Theo draws on Horickuma’s face lol.

snap005 (2)

Few days later. She sees Theo’s painting of the kids eating the weird medicine and Theo has collapsed on the floor in pain. Horickuma tells her to let him listen to a music box and he falls asleep. When he wakes up he throws the painting out of the window and it lands on Clive, who demands to see Theo who was then happily stuffing his face with cake. Clive starts to scold him but gets distracted and starts wiping Clive’s mouth instead.. (´∀`; ) Theo apologizes and tries to give him cake but Horickuma comes in and shocks Clive. Theo then gives the painting to Clive and continues drawing and stuffing his face. 

snap004 (2)  

Next day Horick and Maririn has gone off so the two are left together for a few days and they go out to town to play. She spots the sweet pea flower that she always gets and says that recently since the recession she hasn’t got any and that she’s lonely. Seeing this Theo paints her room full of sweet pea but immediately loses his memory afterwards.

They go to town again and Lucia tells him that they’re lovers, causing Theo to hold her hand. They go to the place where Lunar Kirux is stationed and Theo says he hates the place as it’s sinister. A clown gives him a present and in exchange Theo draws a future portrait of him doing magic. At this point the world tree Jugedorasil glows and Lucia realises it’s the same as what Theo had been drawing. Barok hijacks the Kumas to tell the citizens of the world end. Since Theo has no concept of time he isn’t scared and says he has 99 more days to meet with her.


They return home as it starts to rain and Lucia being the bimbotic heroine of otome games is afraid of the thunder and lightning. The clock tower’s bell starts ringing like crazy so Theo who has stripped to a T-shirt is going bats in his room, and Lucia uses her powers to stop time for him. But Chronostacis soon runs out and the bells and thunder continues, leading the both of them hug each other in fear (oh please, spare me such juvenile shiet..) they fall asleep that way and Horickuma comes in with tea for them next morning. They go to make cakes together and waste food by throwing ingredients at each other.


They throw it on Horickuma as well and Kyogo comes in giving them a (-。-; face. He says he’s been busy looking for a man who gave bad medicine (infectious teachers :p) to children and it happens to be the drawing that Clive took previously. They continue making cakes after Kyogo leaves, with Kyogo warning Theo not to do weird stuff. But Theo does, kissing her on the cheek. He confesses his feelings and the heroine does so too but straightaway  Theo loses his memory. Lucia asks Maririn about Theo’s drawings of the future and brings her to a room full of Theo’s prophecy drawings. 12 years ago Theo was drawn into a crack in time during an earthquake and lost the ability to retain memories for long. But the portrait he drew of her was from a few years ago… and despite losing memories daily he has always liked that portrait.

snap008 (2)snap013

One day she’s looking at the paintings when a loud crash sounds in Theo’s room: Adam is there. Theo tries to protect Lucia from Adam but Adam says he’s interested in Theo’s painting, and rips several of them. He takes the portrait of Lucia and runs, hurting Theo. Horickuma’s alarm sounds and Horick bursts into the room, with Adam threatening Theo not to draw anymore paintings regarding him and escapes.  The room with Theo’s prophecy paintings are all gone but he doesn’t seem to mind. At this moment Maririn comes running in with handcuffs on himself and Clive behind him, saying that Maririn is one of the officers in Barok, and that he found their hideout due to Theo’s paintings.


Theo is suspected of being in league with Barok and is about to get taken into custody when Lucia uses her powers and drags Theo away. She spots Kyogo and runs to ask help but Theo gets lost until 1800h, so Lucia freaks out and continues searching for him with Kyogo. She finds him in a backalley  dazed, and he has forgotten everything except her. (Oh the wonderful power of love |( ̄3 ̄)| (The Notebook?!)


Clive and Maririn find them, and Maririn tells them Adam is not part of Barok and is an enemy. Barok was also not the one who attacked the bank and made everyone lose their time. Maririn then says that Barok is protecting Theo from Adam, and also the Bank which will one day destroy the world, since it was foretold in one of Theo’s paintings.

Next day Theo paints another portrait of Lucia and confesses his love, crying once the bell sounds 1800h since he’s going to lose his memories. Once the time hits 1811 he forgets everything, but again remembers only Lucia. He holes up in the room drawing the next morning, and has drawn many prophecy pieces, including a piece of Eva and Adam in front of ‘Mother’. Adam comes to steal the paintings again when they’re having lunch. He burns everything, including those of Theo’s memories of Horick and the others. He breaks Theo’s music box, the only clue to Theo’s birth origins. Horick Maririn and Clive bursts into the room, saying they anticipated Adam’s arrival through Theo’s painting. Adam escapes and Theo grabs him, disappearing though they jumped from the window.


Good End: They can’t find him and the clock tower bells start to sound, and Maririn says that Theo goes crazy when he hears the bells in a thunderstorm, so she uses Chronostasis and goes into the space of time, finding Theo who says he managed to snatch Lucia’s portrait back. She confesses to Theo and he apologizes for always forgetting their memories. They grab each other’s hands and go into the space of time and his memories turn into particles of light, sucked into the world tree that has become a shiny rainbow pony (( *`ω´)) both lose consciousness and are found by Clive and the rest. 

The sand in Jugedorasil has started to go upwards and is still glowing rainbow in colour when the two awake. It appears that Theo remembers everyone and everything. They rush to tell Horick. It appears he has disappeared as usual, leaving a letter and Theo’s music box that has been fixed. They decide to throw a party for Theo, saying that they should make this day his birthday and discover that Clive is a good cook (the Mr.Ace cliche). Theo gets happy when he sees his fixed music box and Clive seems to notice something about it, but doesn’t say anything. After the party Theo says something of a proposal and they kiss while looking at the town.

snap033 snap034

Bad End: Initially, she doesn’t go out to look for Theo after he disappeared, but goes during the storm. Using Chronostasis, she finds him in an alley, but he has forgotten everything including Lucia herself. He gets afraid of even her and backs away. He has lost all emotion since that stormy night, and will leave the cafe to stay at a secret place where Clive has prepared.

Normal End: Theo is unable to get back the portrait but he remembers things and spends time with Lucia and Clive who is still chasing after Adam. But a few days later, the reset of his memories start again and one week to the end of the world, he draws a picture of Jugedorasil turning rainbow and they icha.



Eva/Adam “Predatory love”

His plot is really complex and well done, though the whole ‘I-was-initially-a-nice-guy-but-got-brainwashed-by-my-dad-due-to-my-undying-love-for-you-but-later-became-a-good-guy-again-when-you-said-you-love-me’ PLUS ‘I-have-a-princely-side-of-me-that-I-use-to-make-you-fall-in-love-with-me-but-I-hate-that-part-of-me-and-actually-want-you-to-love-the-evil-me’ PLUS ‘I-was-initially-not-human-but-became-human-by-a-magical-power-and-have-been-stalking-you-and-living-as-a-two-face-in-order-to-save-the-world,-protect-you,-and-make-you-love-me-one-way-or-other’ made Adam/Eva too complex at times. I would have liked his route even more if Eva was Adam’s twin or that Adam only had a short time to live before he turned completely into Eva, something like that.

Initially I suspected Adam and Eva might be twins or something since they appear one after another and even though Eva should have been at the circus he would suddenly appear in front of Lucia, and in the prologue Eva was lying there on the floor while Adam tried to kiss Lucia. But somehow or rather, I am convinced that since Adam is a Chronostacia he is able to freeze time to initiate that change, or at least as a magician, able to create the ‘trick of the eye’ situations.

ANYWAY (・∀・)

After character selection, she sleeps with Horickuma that night and a someone is heard reading a story about a black rabbit waiting for a white rabbit, after which the scene switches to Adam speaking to someone asking about finding the Chronostacia. The voice tells Adam he has to continue being despair and it is his role as the ‘hated child of time’

The story fast-forwards to day 39(before end of the world) and Lucia mentions how there are many cakes unsold today, and that the town is in a state of ‘restlessness’, since everyone is afraid of the coming end, together with Jugedorasil that’s turning blue. Eva suddenly comes to visit and gives her a big bouquet of roses, apologizing for being unable to save her more quickly on that night in the clock tower.


Curious about what trick he used, she uses Chronostasis on him and goes close, looking at all the petals stopped in mid-air. She hears bits and pieces of Eva’s heart in the time stop but quickly moves away once time flow starts again. Eva asks what her favorite flower is and she says it’s sweet pea, to which Eva is shocked. (Yeah, we all know already… ( *`ω´) Just as he’s about to say something important, Kyogo comes in with a herd of dogs as usual. Eva says he wants Lucia to help around the circus for a while as his partner. Kyogo tries to stop her since the circus uses time as an entrance fee, but she uses Chronostacis to hear his heart’s voice. She agrees to help him on her rest days and he leaves a sweet pea flower tucked behind her ears and is midway through seducing her when Kyogo pulls them apart. Horickuma pops out suddenly and teases Kyogo for being jealous. While Kyogo chases Horickuma around Theo comes and says Eva is hiding something, but soon forgets and starts eating cake. She goes back to her room and is reading a book when the usual sweet pea flower appears in her room again. Running to the window she spots a shadow and she uses Chronostasis, and sees a shadow moving but it disappears so she thinks it’s her own imagination. 

On weekend she goes to the circus and Eva comes to greet her, introducing her to the other members. The clown Polta suggests she start helping with backstage first and that he is the one who taught Eva magic. Eva then leaves to meet with Olfieus. Polta introduces her to the beasts of the circus but they’re all afraid of Horickuma who’s glaring at them haha. After chasing away Horickuma, she uses Chronostasis, being afraid of giving meat to the lion  directly and hears the animals’ inner voice too. Olfieus appears and praises Lucia for being able to tame the lion so quickly. He pets the lion like nothing and says he likes animals since they don’t lie. Horick comes into her room at night and tells her not to run from her feelings if she is interested in someone in order to use the light-hourglass properly. The sweet pea flower and the shadow is there again so she uses Chronostasis, but the window can’t be opened, and hears a voice saying ‘don’t go’. She decides to just sleep and someone is reading a story again of the white and black rabbit.

Next time she’s helping in the circus she asks why everyone has the same teardrop mark on their face. Eva says he doesn’t know but likes it anyway since he can cry without actually crying, as their job is to entertain and make customers happy. He tells her to stay for the performance. She suddenly spots Adam at the end and runs away, using Chronostasis but is unable to stop time. Adam appears to stroke her cheek and asks to ‘taste’ her but she slaps him so hard that his mouth bleeds but being the perv he is he gets happy over that. ( ̄◇ ̄;) 


Pushing her to the ground he tries to kiss her but Polta comes and calls for her, causing Adam to melt away into the darkness as he tells her he has been stalking her forever. She tries to hide what happened with Adam from Eva but he tells her to cry if she wants to and hugs her. He tells her to sleep in his arms and before she closes her eyes she sees Horickuma staring at something with a worried face…

When she wakes Horick is there and she tells him about Adam. She also tells Kyogo who has been waiting for her since morning and he tries to stop her. She wants to continue since she has liked circus since young though she doesn’t know why and Kyogo insists to tag along next time. Eva and Lucia bring Kyogo around with him constantly raging about how Eva just nonchalantly holds Lucia’s hand. They eat ice cream together later and Eva just licks the ice cream off her cheek with Kyogo going bats over that.


He lies that he had dropped his handkerchief so he licked her cheek, so Lucia uses Chronostasis to stop time and find that his handkerchief is in his breast pocket. In the time stop she notices him looking at her despite how he should have been looking at Kyogo. Kyogo teases her about how she ran from a puppy when she was younger and Eva questions her memories, so she says that all the memories she has is with Horick and Kyogo. At this Eva appears to look sad, and Polta too seems to want to say something. While returning home with Lucia Kyogo gets called by other townspeople for help. She gets caught in some trouble with a robber who pushes her into the river. She is unable to use Chronostasis a second time in such a short period and is about to fall in when Adam saves her.


He appears to be able to suspend time for a longer period than her but the space is unstable. She feels like she has to speak longer with him but time moves and he disappears. Adam is seen later speaking with a hooded guy who speaks of using the black pills and says that Adam must continue being despair or Lucia will have to pay a high price. 

Day 18. Lucia worries about the business of the shop when Eva comes in and invites her to an ‘important place’ by kneeling on the floor and taking her hand \(//∇//)\ he brings her to a place full of sweet pea flowers and Lucia uses Chronostasis, thinking how nostalgic everything is. She sees Horick and herself and another kid she doesn’t know, all happily talking and laughing.


Chronostasis ends before she can find out who it is. Eva says he’s jealous of her relationship with Kyogo and asks if she will accept him even if he’s not ‘the white Eva of Lunar Kirux’ He leans in to kiss her and Lucia closes her eyes, but suddenly thinking of Adam she pushes him away. (?! She must be a real masochist)

Next time she’s helping at the circus she is finally going to become Eva’s helper on stage, and is wearing bunny ears and a revealing outfit which makes Eva and Kyogo give hilarious reactions. When the final performance is about to start, it’s the one whereby the person gets put into a box and swords are thrust into it. Lucia catches Kyogo’s eye and smiles at him, making Eva unhappy. He calls for Kyogo to come up to the stage and gives him a sword. Eva tells Kyogo to attack him and says that he will dodge it perfectly. Kyogo gets heated up with Eva’s light insults so Lucia uses Chronostasis, to find everything stopped, except Eva who is not anywhere to be seen. When time starts again Eva is seen in front of Kyogo and gets only his blindfold cut. 

After the performance she spots Polta who waves to her telling her to follow and she chases after him. She sees Eva in the mirror house and follows, thinking that Kyogo and Eva are fighting. She gets lost in the mirror house and is frightened. Adam comes and tells her he is the only one who answers her, and asks if she remembers what place is similar to this mirror house. He tells her they have always been together in a ‘quiet world’ and asks Lucia what is he like in her eyes. Eeeing himself in the mirror he breaks it saying he’s ugly, and time stops, with Adam revealing how he can stop time too. He licks the blood from his own hand saying he also has red blood like her.


He swallows red pills and the wound heals immediately and he says it’s his source of Chronostasis. At this moment Kyogo comes looking for her and Adam gets mad with jealousy and tells her not to call his name anymore since he won’t be able to fulfill his mission and kisses her. He forces a blue pill into her mouth with his tongue.


Adam cries, saying that from now onwards ‘He’ and Lucia will love each other and save the world, and tells Lucia not to forget him since Adam was always the one with her, not ‘Him’. Lucia loses consciousness and Adam chokes Kyogo, about to kill him when Horick calls for Lucia in the mirror house. Adam says that Kyogo is lucky to be alive since Kyogo kept interfering with ‘Him’. Adam then disappears. Horickuma comes, showing that the voice was a recording inside the bear and not the real Horick. 

Last day to end of the world: Lucia sees a dream of her childhood where she is playing with a boy she can only see through the hourglass. Horick tells her the sweet pea meadow in her dream is in the ‘space of time’ where only Horick and Lucia lived, and asks if the one she likes is the white Eva or the black Adam. She stops time and runs to the circus but find no one there. She finds a sweet pea flower on the ground and uses Chronostasis to he hear the voice left in the flower. Adam’s voice sounds saying that he knows she will never love him so he’d rather be a pain to her so she will remember him. Kyogo comes and asks her if she came to look for Adam or Eva since he knows that she has realised they’re the same person. They step outside to see Polta and he tells her that only she can stop Eva, since the circus was created by Eva only for her. He says that Eva is trying to take back all time and is heading to the world tree, and tonight will be the final biggest performance of the theatre.


As she chases after Eva with Polta, she sees people on the streets with empty eyes and Polta tells her everyone who has eaten the grey pills becomes like that, and the circus is going around the streets giving the pills. Eva says he can’t protect Lucia from ‘Father’ and a gunshot is heard. Maririn comes, telling her that this man must die whether he is black or white. Polta takes a shot for Eva and as he’s dying he tells Eva that the meaning of the circus having a tear mark is now, and asks for his real name. 

Eva turns cold when Polta dies before hearing his answer. Eva turns into Adam and says Polta, not knowing anything about him being ha Chronostacia had died for nothing. Maririn and Adam face off but Lucia uses Chronostacis and hears Adam’s inner voice saying he can’t save Lucia unless he collects all the sand. She tries to save Maririn but is unable to use Chronostasis due to her fear of Adam. The robot bears start attacking the town people are collecting their time. Horick, Kyogo and Horickuma comes, jacking all the bears, including Horickuma. Maririn and others who’ve lost their time turn to sand and Adam comes. She manages to convince Adam to save the world and they stop time, heading for a place with the female stone statue. Even after returning time to the statue, the countdown still continues and ‘Father’ comes, naming himself as Amil, the keeper of Jugedorasil. He yells at Lucia for lying and pretending to love Adam since the sand in the hourglass is still falling, meaning that their love is not accepted. Amil rages at Adam that his mother Elizabeth died to save the world and Adam being the child of despair should not have asked for love from Lucia, and should have allowed Lucia to love Eva.

Amil tells Lucia there’re 3 ways to save the world, the first being to turn human time into sand and put it into Jugedorasil, but there’s a risk that time will rip like that of 12 years ago (where Theo got sucked into), and there’s not enough time to change the flow now anyway. The second is to have the wielder of the light-hourglass love someone and be accepted by Jugedorasil and the third is for the wielder herself to give her life to the world tree. Adam yells at Amil for not keeping his promise and says for the last 10 years he has been collecting time so that Lucia wouldn’t have to die.

Good End: Lucia says she wouldn’t mind dying to save the world so Amil takes the gun that Adam dropped previously and points it at her, telling her she should’ve chosen Eva.

snap044 snap046

He takes the shot for her with Amil blaming Adam for Elizabeth’s(mother) death. Adam tells his father that Elizabeth had wanted to protect Adam who was the proof of their love so she sacrificed herself, but Amil has always hated Adam for causing him to lose his wife. Amil tries to kill the both of them and at the last second Adam attacks Amil, taking more shots into his body and finally sending Amil into another dimension with the last powers that Elizabeth gave him.


He then collapses half dead and tells Lucia that in the space of time, he had been lonely but Horick suddenly appeared with Elizabeth’s light hourglass together with Lucia. After a long time Lucia and Horick left the eternal space when Adam opened the exit for them so he could grant Lucia’s dream of seeing the circus, and shortly after that Adam gained a real body through Elizabeth’s powers. 59s left to the end of the world, Adam dies, shedding a tear that drops on Lucia’s hourglass and revives him, completely healing his wounds. As they marvel at how their love saved the world (-。-; they kiss in the space of time, full of sweet pea flowers.

snap049 snap050

Adam and Lucia visit the sweet pea meadow below the clock tower before they set out for a trip around the world with the circus. He says the same words to Lucia when he was Eva, asking whether she will accept him as he is and they kiss, unlike the time when as Eva, he hesitated to kiss her since he wanted Lucia to love him and not Eva. They rename the circus to Sol Kirux (Sun Circus) and start on their journey.

Normal end: She loves Eva over Adam though she’s still unsure and convinces Adam to stop attacking the townspeople with a slap (rofl). They go to the secret place under Jugedorasil and the whole drama happens with Amil shooting Lucia and remembering everyone she loves. The ‘mother’ statue crumbles and Amil also disappears. Lucia has turned into the next stone statue with Adam apologizing for not being able to save her and that he will be with her forever until he can save her. 

Bad end: Quite unclear as to what actually happened, but Lucia refuses to give up her life since she trusts in her own feelings for Adam. Amil gives up and light comes out from Elizabeth’s statue, and the scene changes to a field with rabbits where a man and a woman walk towards Jucedorasil. I suppose the world’s reset killed everyone except Adam and Lucia.

Horick’s story will probably bind everything together, but I suspect I will be grossed out throughout his route…. imagine falling in love with an old guy who watched you grow up. And not to mention he always says stuff like ‘My kawaii niece… your smile lights the world…’ and just generally grosses me out. (TдT)


Clive “Revengeful Love”

Lucia has suddenly gotten some backbone in this route and occasionally says something sassy. Her s-s-stammering still i-irritates m-me to no e-end though. 

Horick disappears off to somewhere leaving a note saying he has to look for hallucinatory butterflies. Clive pops into the shop asking if the shop’s rest day means he can’t get any tea. Lucia rushes off to bring him tea and Clive just sits there sipping tea and rattling off how much he knows about tea saying it’s his ‘data’ despite his subordinates stationed outside (⌒-⌒; ) waiting for him. Since he smells something different in the tea and Lucia denies it, he says someday he will definitely find out the secret ingredient. Suddenly he stands up saying it’s time for ‘real business’ and he will do a search on the people living on the upper floors of the cafe. He says there has been information that Horick is a suspect affiliated with Barok. They find nothing except Horick’s weird note. Since she’s the only one left to capture as Theo has locked himself in to draw, Clive orders the soldiers to bring Lucia to the Vanalgand headquarters.  

1 snap003

He presses her for answers since Lucia’s name isn’t in the town’s database and he questions who exactly they are. After a while she is free to go but has to stay over the night at the station so Clive forces her to sleep in the bed while he sleeps on the chair. He has a nightmare so she uses Chronostacis and hears him muttering something about revenge. Next day she goes back to the cafe with everyone relieved. And Horickuma is returned to the cafe as well.

After the end of the workday Clive comes to pick her up saying it’s a date. Σ(゚д゚lll)After explaining, it appears to be an apology for unnecessarily taking her into custody yesterday. Lucia for once says something with backbone and (stammering though) asks him to be more gentle in his invitation. Clive does so, then offering her his arm. This typical thick-headed seriousness is sometimes quite cute. ( *`ω´)

And with all that ridiculous ‘I’m a teensy-weensy and cute dainty girl therefore please walk slower’ and ‘I’m a big cool guy so I’ll caution you about that little bump on the road’ thing going on, he tells her they’re just going to walk around in the sunset to set the mood and finally arrive at Aruvion Castle, where a ball is going on, hosted by Olfieus. (Clive probably has no one else to invite or has lost his mind to invite this little girl to a royal ball and wearing common clothing?!) Olfieus greets them there, revealing that he and Clive were acquaintances since military school. He notices Lucia not dressed up and tells a servant girl to dress her up. Lucia comes out in a white dress and stares at her dumbfounded saying he can’t find any words to praise her since she’s too beautiful.

snap004 snap005

As they enter the party Eva is there too in his circus costume and greets them with a tinge of jealousy. A madam comes to ask Clive to dance with her daughter and Lucia pushes him to do so, watching him dance. Olfieus comes to speak to her saying Clive used to be his roommate and was at first unsociable but later even skipped classes with Olfieus to play. Clive invites her to dance but he tells her the steps too fast so she uses Chronistacis to prepare and hears him praising her outlook in his heart.

After the ball he sends her to the cafe and asks if he can invite her on a date again. Lucia tells him to wear more casual clothing and invite her as just Clive, and not the Clive Neel of Vanalgand. He blushes saying he will do his best and she goes inside, finding that Horick has returned. The next day Clive comes in casual wear inviting her on another date. Lucia tells him to bring her to the library where Clive always spends his free days. He tells her that only information on the world tree doesn’t exist in the library and they talk about their interests to find it the same. Lucia reaches for a book but can’t reach it so he takes it for her. He flips through a new book and says he has a photographic memory, then moves away to the history side. Later she looks for Clive after reading her book and sees him playing the piano. He says he doesn’t know what song he was playing, just that it was nostalgic.

snap006 snap007

As they’re returning from the library Jugedorasil turns blue and Barok hijacks the bears telling them it’s 99 days left. 2 weeks later Kyogo bursts into the shop carrying a hurt puppy saying that there are people smashing shops and hurting random people saying that life is meaningless since the world is going to end anyway. Kyogo says Clive is also taking the lead in calming the unrest.

After closing the shop she goes to buy ingredients and check on Clive but meets Adam leading the unrest on the streets. Since he gets so worked up Lucia tells him off for his rude tone and he says he has gotten too close to Lucia for the mission. As she’s about to ask him about his true motives a car crashes and is about to burst into flames. (Car??!! I get it about the robot bears but isn’t this more of a country story?!) Clive suddenly kneels in pain so she uses Chronostacis to stop time and help Clive away. 

He starts muttering for Lucia to bring him to the library as he’s in so much pain, but gets better once inside, and says it’s the after-effects of being caught in the time crack 12 years ago, along with losing all memories, but in exchange, he gained an ability to never forget anything including sound, smells and feelings of pain. Also due to the time crack he suffered a serious wound on his right hand and started playing piano as a rehabilitation. He goes to play he piano as Lucia gets some water for him. If you listened carefully, Clive always plays the same tune as that on Theo’s music box, and there have been countless hints about their relationship. 

After a few days he comes to apologies for being lame the other day and invites her to his house saying he wants to cook a few dishes for her. He asks about the light-hourglass and its power to stop time so she gives a vague answer. He asks if she can make a dessert and reveals he loves sweet things. He stops to stare at a music box and Lucia uses Chronostacia to hear his heart’s voice, hearing a young boy saying he will give it as a present to a certain someone.


His room seriously looks high class, and as they start preparing the food Lucia says that since he’s so good at cooking the woman who marries it will find it hard. At this Clive says to her that it’s not true, and he will do the main dishes while she does the dessert, splitting the work that way (=´∀`)  When he notices what he just said he covers it up by saying he’s busy with work and doesn’t intend to marry. She gives him a spoonful of cream to try and he blushes.


(What are you two idiots acting like newlyweds for?!!) I would love to see Kyogo raging at their idiocy. He cooks a couple of meat-wine dishes and says it’s his first time cooking for someone. Her glass is about to drop so she uses Chronostacis to pick it up and hears his heart’s voice that he thinks the good is delicious because he’s with her. The doorbell rings and Olfieus comes in, telling Clive that a ‘hallucinatory butterfly’ has appeared at the shop as Clive predicted. (The first time Horick ran away he said something about this too) Olfieus advises Clive not to be so adamant on pursuing ‘it’ but Clive tells him he has no way to stop him. Clive suddenly says the date is on hold and he has to go off somewhere immediately but makes a last stop to drink tea and tells Lucia the smell in the tea that he couldn’t decipher was Lucia’s smell. He says he’s glad that ‘at last’ he could understand what smell it was. Just as Lucia is about to question what he meant by ‘last’. Clive stand up stretching his whip and shouts, saying he knows Horick is there. Vanalgand soldiers rush into the cafe and Clive says that he brought her out knowing that Horick would somehow return in her absence. He says that the multiple times he invited her out was to bait Horick. 

Maririn appears instead and tells him Horick is not around. He grabs Lucia and tells them he will detain her until Horick comes to confess his past sins and ties with Barok. In the station Clive reveals that Horick is his personal enemy and has been pursuing him as the target of ‘revenge’. He says he lost his brother in the time crack 12 years ago when lightning hit his right hand and he let go of his brother’s hand. Entering into Vanalgand to find out things about himself and the man-made time split, he discovered 12 years ago a lab called ‘Time research lab’ was the foundation of the current BANK and the one leading it was a man named the genius ‘Soa’. The time crack came about when Soa created time as an experiment. After the time split Soa disappeared and Clive finally pinned him down as Horick Sol. Clive tells Lucia that she might be a victim of the time split too  since she also has no memories and that Horick might have adopted her only for the sake of easing his guilty conscience since so many were involved in the time split. Clive then tells her that living only for revenge is a punishment for himself in letting go of his brother’s hand. Maririn tells Clive to go to Barok’s headquarters as Horick will explain everything to him.


They arrive at a beautiful mansion after removing the blindfolds and Horick tells them some researchers managed to turn time into sand and angered the god of time. Those researchers are the 12 pulling strings behind the bank and the head is Amil, who caused the time crack by defying the god after losing his wife. Horick tells Clive that his brother is alive but will not tell him who or where as long as Clive is a ‘dog’ of the BANK and in Vanalgand. Horick tries to brainwash Clive into thinking that Vanalgand may have kept him so as to prevent him from knowing the truth or to use him.


Since Clive can’t accept that what he has lived for all these years is wrong, he attacks Horick in anger, but Lucia clings onto him and tells him to stop looking at the wrong side of things. Horick wishes Lucia and Clive well and tells them love will save the world (・_・;) Vanalgand soldiers reach the homebase of Barok and are about to capture Horick when he disappears and Clive stops them from pursuing him. Olfieus comes, beating the soldiers for letting Horick escape and calling them scum, and that they should do whatever he says since he keeps them as dogs. He whispers to Clive that they can finally walk on the same road. It appears that Olfieus had acted like a villian on purpose for Clive’s sake. Those present become independent of Vanalgand and start chasing after the real villians under Clive’s lead.


They break into the bank and Clive requests that Lucia stop time for a while, and uses that time to icha with her (*´艸`*) and is about to kiss her but his spectacles bumps into her so he removes it and tries again.


After that they rush into the meeting board and the 10 elders see Lucia and try to steal her hourglass but Clive threatens that he has slipped time-suppressing pills into their drinks using Lucia’s time-stop. They panic and start fighting for the antidote, revealing that they had hidden the antidote from the citizenss for a long time. Olfieus appears saying he chose to side with Clive and justice over the elders. As Clive demands that time be returned to the citizens, Amil appears on a monitor. After talking alot of rubbish, Lucia tries to use her hourglass but another time crack happens with Amil saying the sand won’t listen to him. The sand in Jugedorasil falls rapidly, dropping from 79 days to 33 then 19 and finally 1 day. Lucia grabs Clive’s hand as he gets sucked into the time crack but he tries to release his hand so she won’t get caught into the time crack as well. At this moment Lucia sees his past memory as his brother leads him into a place with the stone statue of ‘mother’, showing how they got swept up into the tragedy 12 years ago.

Good End: Lucia uses Chronostacis as Clive gets sucked away and manages to save him. Jugedorasil turns rainbow and time starts again, to a thousand years. He is seen playing the piano while Lucia listens and says he feels this tune will one day lead him to his brother. He has also been able to forget things now. In the epilogue she goes to the library with Theo and Horickuma . They stumble upon Clive playing the piano and Theo recognises the tune (urgh, finally we get to the reunion).  Horickuma produces Theo’s music box for Clive to hear and gets them to shake hands. Clive sees the burn on his hand and hugs him and the brothers have a (bl) reunion (;; -ω-).

snap012 snap013

Bad end: Everyone gets sucked into the time warp(crack) Lightning strikes Clive’s hand again but he refuses to let go, so they decide to die together but everything turns rainbow and they end up on the roof of the cafe, with Clive forgetting everything including his name and Lucia.

(I really wanted to see Olfieus’ face zz…. Will it finally be revealed in HorickLolicon‘s route?)

Horick “Sacrificial Love”

This route was boring. Extremely boring. I wanted to quit halfway to play Jyuza2 but I persevered for the sake of Horickuma the insanely cute Horickuma and Adam’s appearances. It appears that Horick’s route begins with Lucia’s love for Horick than the other way round… I question Lucia’s taste in men.Horickuma complains of the mess in Horick’s room after the character selection. At night she can’t sleep and goes to look for Horick. He asks who she thought of when she looked through the hourglass. Since she says it’s him Horick says he will pretend to be her lover to help her prepare for finding her real lover, and tells her to call him Soa instead of uncle. He then gives her a kiss on the forehead and she returns to her room red in the face.
Next day after the cafe closes she goes on the date continually getting red in the face. (Urgh jiijii fetish) they banter around in the cafe as he makes tea for her. They then stop time using Chronostacis and Horick teaches her about the hourglass and its powers. They spend the rest of the day with time stopped and Horick tells her that her memories were sealed by Lucia herself in self-protection. Horick had been locked in the space of time holding the light-hourglass due to his ‘sin’, lonely until Lucia appeared in the space and became the wielder of the light hourglass.(At this moment I was totally hoping that Lucia was the daughter of Elizabeth so that Adam would actually be her brother or something (forbidden romance wahahah) but of course, this is a clean otome game with kind men and rainbow trees, so it will never happen.)Sorry for the hijack there, getting back to the storyline, she suddenly remembers how Kyogo as a child fell from the clock tower trying to protect her. They return to the real world and at night she uses Chronostacis and hears Horick (Soa) speaking with Amil, telling him to help with his plan of the world’s end. Adam’s voice is then later heard in the sweet pea flower, in that he hopes she will remember their time together soon.Next day the floor is wet due to Horick’s failed invention for the pets’ drinking system so they go out to town. He buys her a rose when they go to the pier market and help to get a child’s balloon with Chronostacis and other random events.
Horick also reveals he can move freely in between real time and time stops with his bracelet as he’s a resident of the space of time. As they return home he asks her who is her beloved as the world is left only with 99 days. Lucia tells Horick it’s him but he refuses to believe it, telling her there must be someone else.
When she returns to the cafe Horick disappears so she uses Chronostacis to find him and sees him touching a stained glass of a woman he called Elizabeth. The hourglass shows Lucia a scene from Horick’s childhood where an old woman teaches him the words ‘non mihi non tibi, Sed nobis’ which the robot bears have always been saying. The gramma also gives Soa(Horick) a bracelet and Liz a ring.
Next day they enjoy tea in the cafe together and speak of Horick’s inventions and Barok’s intentions. Horick tells her tomorrow he’ll bring her to his secret base. There he reveals he’s the top of Barok and their aim in stopping Barok. (Everything heard in Clive’s route is repeated here, urgh!)
The next day they sneak into the castle’s ball by stealing someone else’s invitation. And Horick gives her a pretty dress to wear, to which she gets happy and forgives him for randomly dragging her to a ball.
snap005 snap006
Before they get caught by Clive, Lucia stops time and they dance before escaping.
She asks for a lover’s kiss before she sleeps but Horick refuses, saying she must save it for her real lover, and giving her the usual forehead kiss. (Wao Ojiisama, this position-!! (*゚∀゚)) He then talks a little with her before she sleeps. Adam appears to her at night asking if she’s happy and leaves satisfied when she replies she’s happy. Next day while cleaning Horick’s room she discovers his diary in which he confesses he loves Lucia as a woman. Horick sees that she discovered it and he confesses he was one of those who caused the time crack 12 years ago. Having been cursed by the god of time he has a body that would soon disappear which is why he can’t love Lucia. He then melts into the space of time and disappears from her sight.

She uses Chronostacis to chase after him and Horick reveals Elizabeth is his sister and was in love with the elder of the council, Amil before. A thousand years before that, Amil had existed  to watch over the next Chronostacia, as it was the job of every Chronostacia and the lover to watch over the world for a thousand years in a place called Rotanda where they wouldn’t age. But one day an accident occurred and she disappeared for a hundred years, not appearing again. Amil decided to start researching time since the end was near, and the light-hourglass couldn’t be found. Liz(Elizabeth) and Soa(Horick) appeared from nowhere to help him, and Amil fell in love with Liz who looked a lot like the girl he loved.

Since Amil didn’t know Liz was a Chronostacia and loved her, and it was forbidden for anyone who returned time to the world tree once to do it again, Amil and Liz tried hard to find other ways to return time. Horick found the way of having the Chronostacia give her life to the world tree and tried to hide it from Liz but she found out anyway and did so without Amil or Horick noticing, turning into a stone statue. For some reason time didn’t return so the two men became crazy and Amil tried to turn back time so he would love Liz, causing the time crack. Horick retrieved his memory after getting sucked into the time crack and realised that Liz was actually the woman Amil once loved and disappeared for 100 years.When they return to the real world Lucia begs Horick to bring her but he refuses and they’re about to kiss when Horickuma suddenly appears to disturb them ( *`ω´) she chases after Horick with Mini and Seco’s help and Horickuma dies protecting them from the other robot bear Makinas. Horick then releases the Elizabeth system and frees the ill fated lovers, and Amil turns into sand. Adam sees his parents getting freed and gets all teary (ohhh my poor Adam babyyyyy 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。))  Lucia and Soa go to Jugedorasil and pledge their love, but Horick has to melt into the space of time, leaving only his bracelet behind.


One year later, Kyogo invites her to the festival to commemorate the day Jugedorasil started again but she refuses since her precious jii jii disappeared on that day a year ago. She sits at the counter and cries herself to sleep. In the time stop Horick speaks to her and he uses the power of Liz’s ring to return to the real world, making tea for her.

Normal end: Adam gets crazy when he loses everything so he stabs Horick. Horick confines the light hour glass in Jugedorasil together with himself and disappears into time.


Bad End: Amil steals Lucia’s hourglass but Elizabeth breaks it into two. They’re unable to save the world and all lose their memories.

This game was so-so, though I enjoyed Theo and Adam’s route lots, since there were many surprises in their routes. While the system controls were pretty, the theme music was quite disappointing (or maybe it’s because the game I played before this had such good music…), and the omakes was just cast comments….
Also, in the end we never got to see Olfieus’ face – why does he even wear a mask all the time anyway? It was not explained. Where Lucia came from and how she appeared in the time crack was also not explained. How Horick and his sister Liz appeared in the Rotanda was not explained. Where did Liz go during the 100 years and how Horick survived that 100 years without aging was not really explained. I thought Horick’s route would bind everything, but it opened up plotholes in the story instead… pity.
This story focused too much on random details and thus became sub-par, and while the art and colours may draw a crowd, it probably won’t become popular. In the first place, I’m sure even 12 year olds don’t believe in the moony ‘Love will save the world’ shiet anymore. It might have been a better game if the story turned its direction elsewhere.

10 thoughts on “Chronostacia Translations + Review

  1. Just started reading this otoge and finished Kyogos route yesterday… Loves saves the world?? Honestly?! I was shocked modern games still use this trope… I had high expectations for the story but now… At least the game is short and has a lot of cute moments.

    How did you activate the chronostasis?? I didn’t need it for Kyogo but am seriously in a pinch with Tio right now… The description said to use the analog stick, but it won’t work 😦


  2. Just started reading Chronostacia, finished Kyogo yesterday and… is this for real? Love saves the world?? Sometimes this may be okay but not if the whole apogee is build on this, ignoring the whole setting. I’m kinda dissappointed. At least this game is short and has it’s cute moments…

    and how do you activate the chronostasis?? You don’t need it for Kyougo’s good end but now I’m stuck with Tio and it just won’t work! The description said to use the analog stick but no reaction! Help…? O.o


      • this may be an iso problem then… it’s not working at all. Haha, well, then I’ll just need to wait for the package to arrive.

        I agree! The “save the little sick children” part wasn’t bad but it’s horrible to focus the whole route on this! Where is the action? Where are the organisations? Adam, do something more serious than just stealing the role of the demon king! O_O
        And I finished Tio’s normal and bad ends yesterday…. what the hell was that. I thought his route should be sad because if the main theme! What a letdown…


      • I totally understand how cheated you feel about Chronostacia….. If I knew the game was based on ‘Love will save the world’, honestly I would NEVER have gotten it.

        Adam’s route was very good for me, I wonder how you’d like it. He isn’t really the demon king though 😉 As for Tio’s bad ends…. It just turns out to be a ‘oh its a tragedy we never got together and he forgot all our memories’

        Seriously, why did Otomate even sell this story? The editors must not be doing their job.


      • I really really REALLY want to read his route =_= But it won’t make any sence doing this without the good ends. 😦

        It’s a mystery why the otoge companies won’t get rid of bad script writers. Brokkoli keeps the horrible writer of utapri debut and let them write the gay kamiaso, QR is getting worse and worse with every game and Otomate keeps doing the same mistake: cool setting, cool characters but a story with more holes than swiss cheese! There are so many good writers out there and they keep the shitty ones! …but the best thing they ever made was getting the Are you Alice writer into otoge. Tiny x Machinegun was great. And a lot of the otomate games which had a great plot turned out to be the back row games which didn’t even get a lot of exposure… something is definitely going wrong over there.


    • Wow is Are you Alice good? I’ve not played that one! And I didn’t hear of a gay KamiAso… Da hell is that?! UtaPri is shiet but amazingly popular… Let’s just say the general female fandom in Japan is the one with Swiss cheese brains, since they pretty much gobble up any random shiet that the otoge companies sell. And Otomate also makes the major mistake of randomly putting in the popular Seiyuus rather than those that suit the character design which annoys me to no end!!

      Oh what to do ( ̄◇ ̄;)

      Ps: I’m pretty much looking forward to QR’s mermaid story… It might be their best one these years (lol)


      • Are you Alice was a good game but it’s more of a novel, without routes and all that stuff. Just pure following the story.
        Was I meant about the gay kamiaso is that the scenario writer always writes stories like if the heroine doesn’t matter at all. In the case of Utapri, the makers apologized for the horrible game that debut was and said “the heroine wasn’t there! now she’s back and have a better Utapri Allstar! We are very sorry!” …that was funny… but they still kept the writer and they did the same shit with kamiaso…
        And yeah, dat problem with the seiyuus! And they always use the same! Other companies try getting some diversity for the characters but… I hope otomate will change for the better with the new generation on the vita.

        The mermaid story does sound cool but not sure if I want to risk my money and time for it… but I’ll be looking forward to your review ^^


      • I see…. I thought KamiAso was pretty good since the heroine was a bimbo and it didn’t matter if she was there or not :p But I guess companies like Broccoli are too afraid of losing writers that already have made money for them, considering that they’re one of the newer otoge producers.. Hope they improve someday rofl.

        I think I’ll be playing Are you Alice someday on your recommendation! Yup and I really hope Otomate/Rejet starts getting a diversity of Seiyuus or I’ll get really sick of everything all together.

        It’s likely I will play mermaid… I always jump at new concepts :p Thanks and I hope you enjoy Chronostacia! (:


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